Apr 30, 2008

treaky quizzz...!

~nm, lavs, pix, K3 AND galadriel tagged me with this. i usually do tags pronto... which is as soon as reader warns me there's a tag. but well... it's better late than never! and i had valid reasons for this delay :)

- Last Movie You Saw In A Theater:

- What Book Are You Reading:
contemporary issues in Bioethics.

- Favorite Board Game:
scrabble & boggle. *it's a tie.*

- Favorite Magazine:
used to be Reader's Digest.

- Favorite Smells:
wet earth, ocean... coffee, cake/cookie baking, burberry :)

- Favorite Sound:
waves crashing on the shore. raindrops on my window sill...

- Worst Feeling In The World:

- What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake?:
why can't this guy sleep longer!

- Favorite Fast Food Place:
i dunno... is pizza fast food? then, papa john's. otherwise, vitthal's. *at VT, b'bay*

- Future Child's Name:
princess leia &/or frodo! :P *u DO know i'm kidding, right?*

- If I Had A Lot Of Money I'd...:
spend it wisely.

- Do You Drive Fast?
i don't. drive, i mean!

- Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?
umm... vin won't appreciate being called that. so, no.

- Storms-Cool Or Scary?:
depends. if at home, cool. if outside, scary.

- What Was Your First Car?
i've never bought a car. told ya, i spend my money wisely ;)

- Favorite Drink:
Vodka-Sprite, Coffee, Water *depends on the mood*

- If I Had The Time I Would .....:
i have all the time in the world. i do nothing with it.

- Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?
why wud i eat broccoli at all?

- If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice?
i can. i do. and it's currently dark auburn after six months of being bright red.

- Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In:
pune, mumbai, ahmedabad, muscat, dubai, CS.

- Favorite Sports To Watch:
ice skating. don't really watch it anymore tho.

- One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:
~nm: she's genuine.
lavs: too darned enthu :D
pix: simple & straight-forward.
k3: recent acquaintance... so from what i've read so far... good fun! :)
galadriel: just one thing...? this child's after my own heart.

- What's Under Your Bed?
3 BIG bags, 2 storage boxes, one sleeping bag. below that is the carpet. no, there are no monsters. i'm the monster. and i sleep ON the bed. not under it.

- Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?
this is my 9th life. i'm getting moksha after this.

- Morning Person Or Night Owl?
owl. totally.

- Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up?
scrambled. with cheese and mushroom plz.

- Favorite Place To Relax:
that big black comfy chair :)

- Favorite Pie:
don't care for pies. give me that decadent choc fudge cake will ya?

- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
dark chocolate. the darker, the better.

- You pass this tag to :
suruchi. loca.

Of All The People You Tagged, Who's Most Likely To Respond First?
i dunno...
suruchi & i are tag-married. all i have to do is nag/bully her. :D

loca loves tags. so she'll do it too.

there! now that this is out of the way... next post may be on why i asked suruchi to do my 250th for me.


hola! here we are... to clarify... suruchi DID mail me the post y'day... but lazy me didn't format it... so here we go! HAPPY 250 TO THIS SPACE! the rest has been written by suruchi. reasons on why her will be done in a post later...
do i hear the drum-roll...??

It's party time… rayshma’s 250th post! Whoa! So much, she writes! She should write a book instead, what say guys? Instead of doing all those tags…

In the industry where we both worked, we create specials on every occasion. Specials are essentially repackaging of the existing content. For eg,if Kareena Kapoor’s b’day is on the 12th of September; then we package all her content into one and say it's the "Kareena Kapoor B’day Spl"!! Or, if it's a New Year package, it will essentially be – Best of 2008! So,to commemorate rayshma’s 250th post and make it really special, I am going to pull out the best of her posts for all of you to read and enjoy…

This blog has a unique and constant deck placement in my life and plays a very vital role. Whenever I miss talking to her, feel low, need a good friend to bitch about anything, I just login and read it and it helps me! So this post is partly for her and mostly for me, so that I just read what I intend to :) and for all of you, who - I can make out from your comments - do enjoy reading her blog as much as I do.

She is a cat actually, can meow when hungry, getting bored, and feeling lazy/sleepy. So, if you are around and you hear a meow it has to be her. A meow can pop up on your chat window also. She uses her claws also - so beware - and has attitude to match her wits! Read on... this & that for her confessions.

A firm believer in Alice In Wonderland, Mermaids, Santa, Peter Pan, Fairies, Vampires and happily ever after endings… I don’t
really think she is silly
You should keep on believing and the Dream that you wish for will come true…

She is a drama queen & does nautanki almost everyday! She will make puppy faces in front of the boss pleading innocence, will ask dumb questions to the clients to prove ignorance, will change the topic very smartly when she is sure of being trapped.

On this occasion, i bestow the title of Drama Queen upon her!

We both freak out on Bollywood, and can change any of the mushy bland Bollywood movies into a comedy on which only both of us can laugh endlessly! We enjoyed HDKG soo much that both of us keep reiterating the movie dialogues till day!

I do sing songs (I have a very bad voice) and this BITCH used to disown me every time I used to start singing and used to look or start walking in a different direction! She was scared someone would consider us beggars and give us a penny! huh! I still insist on singing...

A complete foodie, she taught me how to love food and enjoy it; which did help me put on kilos, but no regrets... I have started enjoying food! She can eat food she likes in like a few secs and the one she doesn't like, she can munch on it for ages! She has an aversion for everything that looks green and esp has dhaniya *coriander* on it! But if you give her chicken, cheese, parathas they will vanish in no time!

Loads of people ask me *they consider me to be her local guardian & I think I should know all about her!* on why she is named rayshma! For all those queries, the answer is as she aptly describes here

We both are a purrfect team when have to pull someone down, be wicked & have a blast! We drove AM, who used to sit next to us completely mad! Oz, our dear train companion - we actually made her believe that a Mumbai local train stops at Santacruz for a longer duration cause they change the driver at that station. As my hubby says, "Suruchi not working on a particular day is more troublesome than suruchi & rayshma talking"

On the wickedness, couldn't have missed this one.

I am happy *more than her mom* that V married her and she is happy with him! Was really scared of all the weird & quirky people that surrounded her. Would always think 'what if she gets married to one of those M** & N** types!!'

Love her for her love of books! She can spend hours & hours reading/selecting books. And I like the way she sums up her readings...

This post is to her and to this space which makes me miss her a little less!

Apr 25, 2008

home humor

the random conversations over the past week or so that i couldn't blog. but i said i would. my 'vishesh tippani's' in blue.

seeing me typing furiously at the comp. and smiling to myself...

vin: what's keeping u busy?
me: baby-shower planning hpng. for blog-pals.
vin: who had a baby now?
me: had no... will have. and this'll be a surprise for them. so kewl na?!
vin: baby-shower without baby. hehee...


at the grocery store.
me: u want shampoo?
vin: no.
me: hain? dude, the last time u bought shampoo was almost a year ago, no? how come u're still using it?
vin: bcoz i use ur shampoo! :P

he then runs away gleefully to ice cream isle. while i stand trying to decide between extra conditioning or usual.

in d morng, before he leaves...

me: take ur keys.
vin: y? won't u open the door?
me: i can't see out the darned peep-hole. so i don't open the door.
vin: i'll hoot like this. *standing OUTside the door and hooting like an owl!* then u'll know it's me!

he's very bright no, my man?

me: poo might come over in july.
vin: *with a puppy face* u keep saying x will come, y will come, z will come. nobody actually ends up coming.

how much u gurls break his heart!

vin: tell suruchi to get us disney movie tickets no? *she works at disney*
me: why don't you tell her?
vin: hehe... what if she yells at me?!

oh, boy! can't argue here. even i'm scared of her. :(

me: ur galadriel is going to start a porn blog.
vin: wow! so kewl!!
pauses. thinks.
where will she get the content from...?

he'll get along so well with 'the boss'. sigh! what have i gotten myself into?

ok, folks... see u around... pending tag coming up after suruchi writes me a 250th post. if she doesn't write in by monday, there will be no celebration. :(

Apr 24, 2008

Riddle-me-Ree, Who can she be?

Greetings wonderful MTBs!!!
and good work to all of you!
For having solved the riddle before
I give you all this clue.

The letter " E "

Write it down, add it on...
And let’s move on to the next little song.

They may share the same home but no skeleton is she
Sweep your mind clear of cobwebs and tell me, who can she be?”

Solve it and you get your lead
Misguess, and you lose your speed
Solve it slow but solve it now
And before you go, take a little bow

Go to 'Comments' and leave me a clue
Tell me which blog you are off to.
Good luck! Good luck! Be on your way.
You have your work, cut out for the day!

Apr 22, 2008


a quick update:
:: dad's a lot better now. at least he's gone home. and provided he continues behaving like an obedient adult, he'll be fine soon. :0)
:: suruchi hasn't succumbed to any of ur bullying. she still hasn't written a piece for me. so i'm still sulking.
:: my aunt is with me for a week. *she also has my goodie bag, courtesy my mom. YAY!* this means, no blogging this week. also, we're celebrating with lots of good food & gossip at our place this week. so if any of you wish to drop in - for food or gossip - u're invited! the gossip MAY be shared with you later as well.
:: sunday was my niece's *cousin's daughter's* happy bud-day party. with ponies et al. awesome fun. not to mention, amazing food. umm... no, i didn't ride on the ponies.
:: conversation with V has been most amusing in the past coupla days. will post it later.
:: the next post will NOT be a part of the 250 posts.

this quick update was just to tell u guys "thank you." i really REALLY appreciated the concern. feels good to know that u guys miss me! :) i've not been reading ur blogs of late. will catch up with all of you next week onwards. take care y'all!

Apr 16, 2008

see u all in a while.

couple of things that're keeping me preoccupied.
a. dad's not well. as in really not well. too long a story to get into why & what... besides, i don't want to recount anything. not even in my head. but i hope that he feels better soon. being a daddy's gurl, it's getting kinda difficult for me to focus on any one thing and/or write anything at this point of time. all of u who believe in that entity called god, pls do pray for him?
p.s.: am okay. have just spoken home, so feeling worse than i feel for the rest of the day.

b. suruchi's supposed to guest-write a piece for my 250th post. and she's not getting down to it. despite my attempts at bullying her. this is post # 247. reason why she's supposed to write is bcoz i am highly incapable of celebrating my own blog's 1st year, 100th post or anything else. i don't even really celebrate my own bday. so, as with everything else, i leave this upto her. now, all of u can nag her *she does read this blog!* to write in. okay?

so there's two things u need to do for me. u will be thanked *and maybe blessed* for point a only, though.

Apr 14, 2008

same-same, but different

i wanted to use this title since i saw b'bay to bangkok.. dunno why. just another idiotic thing that stuck in my head! :D

some people influence ur life. in ways that they don't know. something like that seems to have happened with me and suruchi's hubby, ashish. neither of us knew that he'd influenced me in any way! not till i decided whom to marry at least. THEN, we realized how like him Vin was. and suruchi and i got a brand new topic to bitch about.

here's why we think our once extremely marriageable husbands *no, they're not available now!* are mele-mein-bichde-hue bhai!

:: they're both born in april. *it's ashish's happy bud-day today... wish him y'all!*
:: both needed a tutorial to scrap on orkut. they still rely on their wives' to upload/change pics there.
:: both don't see the big deal about getting married. they can't understand commitment phobia. *from men, or women.*
:: neither knows how to upload songs on a shuffle/iPod. :D
:: they do NOT speak while eating. they believe that food must be focussed upon. *yeah, rule out candle-lit dinners!*
:: they can't multi-task. hmm... eating while talking is also multi-tasking, u see.
:: they both have receding hairlines. *they blame it on their wives. but i have proof that vin had a receding hairline prior to marrying me!*
:: they both aspire to have long, flowing, rock-star tresses.
:: their alter-ego is that of a rock-star. yeah, reality hits home very frequently when u have wives like us! :D
:: they indulge their wives. not because they have to, but coz they like to. *that's what we like to believe!*
:: they are romantics at heart, but have no clue how this sentiment can be conveyed to us. actually, they don't see the need for conveying. it's there. that should be enough, no? NO!
:: they don't flirt or ogle at other women. they don't comprehend when any woman flirts with them. they report incidents back home to the respective wife who THEN tells them that maybe the woman was hitting on them! then, of course we login and bitch about them! LOL!
:: they can't understand how we could earn a living by selling mobile content.
:: they don't understand the affinity to the cult. *mine's better in this case. he has cured me of the bonding to a large extent!*
:: they were both extremely patient even during the weddings. i would have slapped the next person who came up for a pic while i was starving!! i'm sure suruchi would have too! :D
:: they believe that suruchi & me talking regularly can only lead to trouble! :D *vin's actually scared of suruchi!*
:: they wake up at unearthly hours like 7a.m. even on holidays and/or weekends!!!! while their wives can sleep till noon, if allowed. sigh!
:: they think their wives are VERY tech savvy! LOL!!!
:: they give in to persistent nagging about seeing really bad hindi movies. and sit thru the movie - comments & all - and actually smile at the end of it! *yeah, it's more out of relief that the movie's over*
:: their wives love dancing, while they insist they have two left feet!
:: that song from the old raj kapoor movie, sangam: "main kya karu ram, mujhe buddha mil gaya" would be a perfect fit for them both! :D

it's uncanny how alike they are! suruchi, if i've missed out on things, leave a comment, i'll add it here...
all said & done, putting up with us can be a task at times. here's a toast to the fact that you both understand that you really can't do anything about it now! :)

**edited to add ashish's comment. my comments on the comment in italics.

Hey i want to add my comment here...since i am the person being talked about ...and some things should be clarified for ppl who are going to read this blog:

1. I don't own ipod, never did, nor someone close to me ever did (i move among the non tech, non cool guys and gals) so its incorrect to assume at this point of time that i wont know how to upload a song. *that was just an example. do u know how to set customized RBTs, eh? mobile toh u have, rite?! :P excuses!*
2. I dont focus on food....i pray to it. i have had so many terrifying experiences when food is concerned that a good meal is worth praying to (before we have any smart comments on this, Suruchi cooks good food) *candle-light dinners are supposed to be romantic, u know! u shud relax. and TALK to ur wife! WHILE eating.*
3. Our wives are solely to blame on our receding hairline. No matter what Reshma says...and Vin will agree. *i have photographic evidence that this is not true. at least for vin. shall wait for suruchi to comment on urs!*
4. Suruchi not working on a particular day is more troublesome than suruchi and reshma talking *LOL! completely agree!*

Suruchi's comments. the last one's a classic. *
1.Neither of them understand Bong...we do :)
2.On receding hair line...even i have evidences and eye witnesses to prove my innocence.
3.On I-pod,ashu will look at it ,turn it around and say...isme song kaha se upload karte hai..LOL!

i think i should send this to vin... :0)

Apr 8, 2008

first impressions...?

i've been wondering what it is about a person that makes me like them. there sure is something about some people that makes me get along with them from the word "go".
it's not vibes. coz i've noticed this with some of you blog-pals as well. and i don't know how u can get "virtual vibes"! right from the first comment, i know we'll hit it off. and usually, we do.

if i look back on my current good friends, the ones who've been there thru fog and sunshine; ALL of them, have been the ones i 'knew' i'd get along with.
on campus, i knew i liked minal even though we'd never really spoken to each other. then, when we started speaking, we hit it off really well.

same with suruchi. from the moment, we said hi - i knew i'd like this gurl. and this has been the pattern. ALL my existing good friends - i've known that they would get along with me. and try as i might, i can't put a finger on what it is.

that pattern has carried forth to blog-ville as well. i've never met any of you, but can chat up with some of you like there's no tomorrow. Vin was stunned when i told him i'd had an hour-long conversation with preethi. and it wasn't online. given my sheer hatred of telecons, he was seriously shocked! knowing how possessive i am, he's also surprised that galadriel has my blessings to flirt with him, despite me never having met her. his list of surprises can go on... but then we'll wait till he starts a blog for that!

isn't it amazing how we just 'gel' with some... while the others, we need some time to become friends with? it's not that i don't like them or anything... just takes time to bond that well with them.

but i guess there's no need to figure this out as yet!
afterall, as some wise person somewhere once said: "if it aint broke, don't fix it!"

Apr 7, 2008

head or heart...?

some things happening to some people around me recently, have made me think... how sacred is the bond of "engagement?"
what happens if someone gets engaged to one person and a few months later realizes that he/she is in love with someone else?
is it legitimate for the engaged person to go ahead with the one they "think" they are in "love" with? or should he/she stand by the commitment they've already made?

strange as it may sound, such scenarios do exist. and they seem to be becoming rather common-place of late. or maybe, people're just a lot more public about their private lives now.

wotever the case, when i spoke to V, he seemed to believe that an "engagement" is not very different from a marriage. it's a decision u make. to be together. and as an adult, u are responsible to stand by your own decision and face the consequences. whether u like them or not.

initially, i agreed with him. but after i thought about it - i am, however, in two minds on this one.

i agree that it is a commitment. but i'm not sure what the person who's engaged & then fallen for someone else should do.
as for now, i think he/she has two choices:
a. stick to the commitment they've already made.
b. follow the heart. but first, pls be sure that this is THE one!

there are a lot of trains of thought regarding this one. i've often heard the "u can't trust someone who's going for the better option". bcoz someday, there is going to be a better version of you? and the person can always move on from you to the better version?
well, yeah. understand.
but, does it really make sense to spend the rest of your life with someone you are not in love with?

are relationships really this complicated or do we make them to be so?
i'm really happy i didn't have to take any such decisions! coz honestly, i have no clue what i'd have done!

Apr 3, 2008

aww.../ DAMN!!!

suma tagged me here to write 10 things i hate about men.
honestly, i don't really 'hate' anything. nothing that's ToM at least. but suma, being her kind self, allows me to spice it up!
so, instead of generalizing this and writing about things i hate about men & mankind... i shall write about 5 things that really annoy me about d man i live with! and 5 things i really like. yeah, yeah, about living with him.

so off i go
things that make me go "DAMN!!!"
i. the mess: u don't have to be supremely intelligent or get your PhD to keep your clothes back where they came from or dump them in, and i mean, IN the laundry basket. same for keeping the plates in the sink, socks in the laundry basket, toothbrush(es) back in d holder and so on. u get the drift? and pls! don't put the darned wet towel on the bed!

ii. multi-tasking. or the lack of it: why on earth can't u chat with 3 friends, look for jobs on 2 sites, read blogs, comment on blogs, check mail, talk to me, have breakfast, work on assignment, watch t.v. and play boggle simultaneously?

iii. driving: getting mad at me while "teaching" me to drive doesn't help either of us. remember that "understanding" clause that every girl has on her wish-list for a man? time to put it to use. "understand" that i'm bound to do stupid things. if i didn't, i wouldn't still be learning, would i? i'd be a pro. and probably be zooming around instead of writing this. and no, only because i know the theory perfectly, doesn't mean i am good with practicals. u should know - i'm theoretically perfect. at everything!

iv. cooking: i KNOW u cook well. u taught me, r'ber? but i would really appreciate if you restrict this to weekend breakfasts ONLY. clearing up is not my favorite chore. if it were, we'd get a dog.

v. dishes: about that weekend breakfast? u know, it's REALLY not mandatory to use every utensil in the house to make breakfast. just because i like doing dishes doesn't mean i want to wash them all on the weekends!

now, to things that i go "aww..." about.
vi. cooking: i absolutely LOVE the initiative. most men i know think that if their wives are unemployed, they "should" cook. not u! makes me feel proud of u. till i see the mess, at least! :) also, more than anything, i LOVE the way u like anything i cook! i know it can't all be good. but u seem to actually like it. makes me want to cook.

vii. driving: i love the way u don't stereotype women as bad drivers bcoz ur wife is so disinclined towards driving well!

viii. in sickness & in health: maybe i hadn't ever fallen ill coz it's no fun to be ill and alone. it's reassuring that u're there. and u'll take care of me when i'm not feeling well. physically or emotionally.

ix. connectivity: never told u this, but i really appreciate how "free, hi-speed internet" featured so very high on ur list when we were apartment hunting. esp since u knew u weren't going to get to use it.

x. free entertainment: almost all my friends think that YOU get free entertainment. little do they know how entertaining you can be. i'm never bored when u're home. be it conversations, impromptu jigs or ur singing... very appreciated!

there! that's it! now, i shall run & hide and hope V doesn't read any of this! while u out there... go, do the tag if u wish! give it ur own twist... or do the original if u wish.

Apr 2, 2008

me, the aunt!

i got a brand new niece! bro is finally, a dad!

and i must say, i'm a convert. i always used to believe that babies are not really the most beautiful things to look at. esp when they're new-born and stuff? i used to hate people insisting i look at their baby's pics and say "aww so cute" etc etc... bcoz i didn't necessarily think that way. i liked them more when they were around 3-4 months... or older. then they look cute, yes!
but this one? i dunno if it's coz i'm related to her.. but she's actually cute. already.

the funniest conversation took place between me & bro this morng.
me: congratsss!!!!
bro: hehe.. thanks man! it's so kewl.
me: yeah, i can imagine.
bro: i'd called u about an hour after she was born.
me: yeah. it was 3 in the morng. i was sleeping. saw ur mesg just now!
bro: u get a mesg when i call??
me: *hain??* umm... u texted? i got that mesg.
bro: oh yeah.
me: M's fine? no complications, or anything?
bro: oh yeah. both baby & she are fine.
me: aww. wish i cud see her.
bro: check the pics na?! she's not like ugly or bald or anything u know. she's actually quite cute!


he's going to kill me when he reads this. but i'm presuming he's going to be too busy to read this blog for a while now. *don't any of u DARE mail this to him!*

and no, i'm not putting up her pic here. her cuteness is not up for discussion! :P

Apr 1, 2008

irritably indispensable

ever wonder how those really, REALLY irritating people find a niche task/job and then make themselves really good at it. so good that u HAVE to tolerate them in order to get that particular task done?