Nov 17, 2006

silly me!

usually, people grow up. and they stop being silly. that hasn't happened with me, i guess. i still believe:
- that making a smiley face on my morning coffee ensures i have a nice day.
- peterpan is out there somewhere, carrying li'l children away to his neverland.
- alice in wonderland is the most profound philosophical book. ever. *the little prince comes close, though.*
- santa claus exists! and he does grant u your wish if u're good through the year.
- every time u say 'fairies don't exist', a fairy dies. so, HUSH!
- i was a cat in my previous birth. and this is the last of my nine lives.
- there are mermaids, resting in their world, who dream of women existing in a distant world.
- everybody is inherently good. it's just the definition of good & perspectives of right & wrong that make us differ.
- carrying a rosary with me will help me ward off vampires & other evil spirits. *i carry mine everywhere with me. u never know when u bump into one!*
- a silver bullet is the only thing that can kill a werewolf. *i don't have one, though!*
- there IS a happily ever after for everyone. we just have to find it. and recognise it. and do what's required to reach out to it.

and i guess i'll believe all of this, and much more, all my life. i've always been silly!


Ipshita Chowdhury said...


:-) loved this one..especially the one on 'everybody is inherently good..' it being silly or whatever..i have always believed in these 'simple' things in if you do good/be good..good will always happen to you..(may be a little later but surely will) :-)

keep writing! pleasure reading!

svety said...

ditto ditto

rayshma said...

svety, ipshita...
good to know i have company :)

Pavi!!!! said...

i wld call this positive n mabbe youthful thinking..mabbe even a li'l crazzzy thiking....but not silly dear...Im so sorry to tell u..i don't think ur silly!!