Apr 22, 2008


a quick update:
:: dad's a lot better now. at least he's gone home. and provided he continues behaving like an obedient adult, he'll be fine soon. :0)
:: suruchi hasn't succumbed to any of ur bullying. she still hasn't written a piece for me. so i'm still sulking.
:: my aunt is with me for a week. *she also has my goodie bag, courtesy my mom. YAY!* this means, no blogging this week. also, we're celebrating with lots of good food & gossip at our place this week. so if any of you wish to drop in - for food or gossip - u're invited! the gossip MAY be shared with you later as well.
:: sunday was my niece's *cousin's daughter's* happy bud-day party. with ponies et al. awesome fun. not to mention, amazing food. umm... no, i didn't ride on the ponies.
:: conversation with V has been most amusing in the past coupla days. will post it later.
:: the next post will NOT be a part of the 250 posts.

this quick update was just to tell u guys "thank you." i really REALLY appreciated the concern. feels good to know that u guys miss me! :) i've not been reading ur blogs of late. will catch up with all of you next week onwards. take care y'all!


Pavi!!!! said...

Yayeeeeee Ray Ray...good to gt an update from u!

Glad dad is alrite.

U hv relatives at home n goodies frm India.. im so J of u!

U have a blast n come back soon :)

Galadriel said...

see, i don't understand why people think we're all jobless, waiting for them to post updates on their lives.

of course, i'm kidding. actually, so glad your dad is better and that your aunt is here, see, i told you things always turn around!

and ignore that bit about the joblessness, it was said only because we really are jobless and waiting for your next post. :D

Lena said...

i am glad to hear he is better now :)
Enjoy your time and be back to us soon :)

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Cool .. good to hear that your dad is back home. You make sure he takes good care of himself.

And yeah, it certainly is a very welcome pit-stop :-) .. Eagerly waiting for more updates.

Suma said...

now keep hounding your dad and make sure he listens to you...like i said be4...there's nothing like emotional blackmail to get your way this time....

enjoy yourself!!! :)

Swati said...

Good to know dad is better. Yeah I missed you. And so I Tagged you ..now you will write :).

karmickids said...

Finally an update. Take care girl. And chin up.

DotMom said...

such a relief your dad's doing better. wanted to email you about it.. glad you did the update. And if I send you my mailing address, will you share your goodies with me?

rayshma said...

dotmom: given ur cooking skills, i really don't think u'd be interested in the edible goodies! :D it's like manna from heaven for us! :0)
the rest... yeah, sure! will share with u! :)

kiran: thanks :) yes, nothing makes me happier than good food & healthy parents! :)

swati: wowie! another tag! will get to them next week. pucca! :)

suma: yeah. and EB has always been my fave. i'm quite good at it actually ;)

sarfraaz: thankee :) how's life been with u?

lena: aye aye ma'm. just a few days more. :D

galadriel: do my 250th post if u're so jobless. :P
and umm... WHY are YOU giving explanations, eh? being "nice"?

pavi: hehe... come over! :D

alice-in-wonder said...

I iz glad your dad is better now.
And looks like you're having fun (and promising to post all about it later :D )

Pixie said...

Good.. good! :)
good to know your dad is alright! :-)

Tagged you by the way! :-)

~nm said...

Are you not checking your emails?

Glad to know your dad's better!!

plush said...

:)..yay welcome bac raysh...n yep..a woohoo for ur pa frm here...ask him to take it cool!