May 5, 2008

|| P A U S E ||

it's amazing how life can suddenly change tracks.
how when all's going well things suddenly nose-dive.

i'm leaving for india tomorrow. will have rather limited access to mails while i am gone. i should be back home after a month or so.

so, yes. all's not well. but it will be. eventually.
and i'll come back here when it is.
u guys take care. and be good.

May 2, 2008

non-stick generation

my aunt was here last week. and we were gossiping about some of my frenz she knew when i was in college. now, most of those were dating each other back then. eventually, they broke up, dated other people... and then married someone completely different. not all. but most of the ones i'm still in touch with.

so my answer to most of my aunt's "did X marry Y?" or "are F & G still together?" were... "umm... NO".

at the end of this quiz session... my aunt's words of wisdom:
"your entire generation is non-stick! everything from ur cooking pots to ur relationships. you people are just too scared to let anything stick. wonder what has gone wrong where...!"

my take on this...? my cooking pots may be non-stick. but r'ships... well, i intend to stick with this one!