Jul 15, 2007

my name is...

i'd never known that i had a different or unique name till i left home. till then, there was always one or more namesakes around. it was only later, much later that i took stock of the weird and cliched reactions i garnered when i introduced myself.
here're d top reactions i've got when i told my name to people. and my reactions to their reactions. in orange.
- where's shera? *he committed suicide coz he cudn't deal with cliched statements as this!*
- is that how u spell it? *maybe. maybe not.*
- you must be a muslim. *does that really matter?*
- rayshma brings to mind the image of helen doing a "mehbooba"... a very banjara-dancer name. *wow! thanks! umm... that WAS a compliment, rite?*
- bada exotic name hai. *and aapki language mein exotic is defined as...?!*
- i've a fren called rashmi. *SO???*
- that is what your parents named you or you changed your name? *my parents named me dhanno! i preferred banjara dancer name to that of a ghodi.*
- i'm /we're gonna call you "raysh". *kyon? 'ma' ko bhool gaye?*
- that's a different name. *not really. when i was iin school, each time someone called out my name, at least 3 gurls reverted!*
- initially i thougt it didn't suit you. but well, it does. *OMG! thanks so much! what would i do without your aproval! hmph!*
it's not mandatory to be smart, u know...


Pixie said...

That's funny! :-)
People always react like that when the name is different!

Anonymous said...

LOL ... I was just visualising you actually saying the comments ... very funny ... You should run a voting contest on your comments as well ... seems like you are getting a lot of comments in D*B*I :)

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!it's unbelievable what people come up with when you tell your name here:)By the way howz Dubai treating your my friend?I hope you are enjoying yourself!!

Monsieur K said...

yeah, its easy to say "naam mein kya rakha hai?", or quote the bard while saying "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".
but honestly, even when ppl pronounce your name differently, it feels kind of weird. in the US, ppl would pronounce my name as "Keaton", "KeTaan" n a whole bunch others :D
feels good to be back home where e'one knows the right pronunciation :)

any additions to the list of eateries in Dubai?

MJS said...

Hey don't bother.. if smartness was a pre-requisite, half of them wouldn't have been born!

rayshma said...

mridz - don't u wish smartness WERE a pre-req?! lol!

ketan - yeah, us is even worse for my name! working on dubai eateries.. still settling in... will update soon! :)

fuzzy!! dubai's good... treating me well... just very hectic as yet. wl drop by ur space soon!

anon - y does it feel like i know u? name toh rakh do?

pixie... will drop by ur space soon too! hope u're doing well! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

I didn't know ther was so much associated to ur name!!!

but wat i like best is what CG named u "Ray Ray"......n thats wat i'm gonna call u.