Nov 6, 2006

a purrfect day...

8.00 a.m - wake up
9.00 a.m. - get out of bed & get some b'fast. umm.. ideal b'fast wud be a nice cheese omelette, toast & a warm *purrfectly warm - not hot, not cold* mug of good coffee
10.00 a.m. - check mail. have mails from closest friends, hubby, ma. no spam.
after 2 hours of orkutting, mailing, sending cards to pals, et al
12.00 noon - login to boggle :))
play some awesome games! score 100 & reach position 1
AND manage all of this in just abt 2 hours *each game's 3 mins, u do the math!*
14.00 - have lunch. ideal lunch would be butter chicken/paneer, tortillas & cold water. that's it. *i don't ask for much, do i?!*
14.45 - *yes, i eat slow!!* play hangaroo! :))
15.30 - go for a nice, loooonnngggg, hot shower! NOTHING is more relaxing than one of these! try it some day!
17.00 - watch the simpsons!
17.30 - good hot coffee
18.00 - watch everybody loves raymond/that 70's show *depending on what day it is!*
18.30 - hubby's home!!!! :))
19.00 - hubby cooks dinner. *which is yummy, no matter what! helps to marry a guy who can cook!*
20.00 - sit down for dinner. on the patio. table's set. all u have to do is eat!
21.30 - watch t.v. & play boggle with hubby!
23.00 - cuddle up & fall asleep.
the purrfect ending to a purrfect day!

1 comment:

Pavi!!!! said... perfect a day is that! n wat a darlin ur hubby is...comes back frm wrk n cooks every evng for u!!!

Wats hangaroo btw?n does boggle have word games???