Dec 28, 2009

bonne année

every time i step out, i feel somewhat like what the kids in narnia must've felt when they stepped out that wardrobe the first time.

yeah, i'm still not over it.

but well, had a lovely xmas. with egg-nog, awesome food and wonderful gifts! only thing missing was friends. but i'm sure next christmas, that will be taken care of too. *smiles mysteriously*

will try and be more regular with blogging in 2010. can't promise, but will definitely try. there is a lot going on that can count as bloggable... but more on that, later. when the time is right. and no, that doesn't mean i'm pregnant. *yes, this was for YOU! don't mail me/call me abt it!*

so... here's wishing you all have a wonderful 2010. happy new year, folks. and don't give up on me just as yet.

Dec 10, 2009

thoughts for the week.

as always, since there's too much brain freeze for a proper piece... a quick update... lest you think i'm dead and gone... wanted to do mini posts on each. but, then again, one post should suffice.
:: made my first snowman. ever. not for this season. yeah, i know.

:: realized what it feels to be 'dependent'. in more ways than one.

:: some ppl need to know that not everything is to be told to/discussed with everyone. irrespective of how close you may be. there are some things that shouldn't be asked. they will be told, if they need to be. if they're not, it doesn't concern you, in any way.

:: there's this constant 'need' by ppl to be competitive, to be the 'best'. a need, that is not understood by me. i can understand wanting to better yourself, not wanting to be better than someone else. that is where i lose the track. i revel in being average. i 'want' to be average. normal. okay. maybe that's the problem with me.

:: i believe every person enters our lives - unintentionally, most of the time - with an objective. once that objective is accomplished, they move out of our lives. if we're still in each others' lives... we have a greater objective to achieve.

:: if we were to consider our blogs as brands... are we, then, to blog only keeping in mind the blog's core identity? for instance, if 'inane' is the forte of this space, am i not to blog abt anything that may make sense?