Jan 17, 2007

simply profound...

according to me, alice in wonderland is the most profound books of all times.
i finished reading it in a day. *i wasn't ONLY reading!* and i understood, was fascinated & completely awed by the fact that SO much could be said so simply! for me, it isn't just a fairy tale. it isn't a children's book. it's a book every individual must read. it's a book which lends perspective. which even a non-reader can read and appreciate.

there's a section of literary critics who believed that lewis carroll intended the cheshire cat to be the "god" of wonderland. *i, of course, read it somewhere!* an omniscient and omnipresent character, who appeared and disappeared at will, doing it so frequently that eventually there was nothing left of him but his grin. the cat engaged alice in sometimes amusing, sometimes rather deep conversation, often using a logic *which only he thought was logic* to offer non-solutions to Alice's many questions.
the cheshire cat was also MY favourite character in d book. aside from being a cat *and i DO love cats!* he imparted the most profound wisdom in a truly simple manner.

f.i. when alice's trying to decide which path she must take to proceed & the cat appears;
alice: which of these roads do i follow?
cc: where do u want to go?
a: i don't know.
cc: then it doesn't really matter which way u go.

try applying that to life.
i guess i learnt at a very early age that u don't have to confirm. that u can choose ur own path as long as u know where u're headed. or choose any path & make sure to enjoy the journey and the destination. because it's a choice u made! and alice and the cheshire cat are to be credited *or blamed* for that! i realised that philosophy doesn't entail big words, complex ideas. that life isn't necessarily complicated. that there are no perfect solutions to questions/issues.
that the most important things in life are very simple. and in their simplicity, very profound.


Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

You definitely took a long hibernation since your new year's post :) .. but, yeah, these bundle of posts make up for the loss :D

Very good analogy and even better philosophy. The most difficult problems usually end up with very simple solutions.

rayshma said...

thx sarfraaz!
good to c u back.

Fuzzylogic said...

I simply loved that book as a child and you are right I always felt that book had so much to give.Cheshire cat was cute and more than that I liked the way he would make me think,his words were always pretty philosophical.But he is the only cat I like,otherwise I'm really not into cats:)
You are right,the important things are really simple and not as complicated we make them out to be.Nice post!

Pavi!!!! said...

I'm going to look for the book "alice in wonderland"...have forgotten all abt the story!