Apr 29, 2012

what odds...?!

us stepping out of the theater after watching hunger games. 

vin: we should have seen another movie while we were inside. (since they don't check tickets once inside, and of course, we're aspiring to be cheap!)
me: I'll be hungry by the time the next movie ends. we don't want that, do we?
vin: no no!! we can't do that. you can't be hungry. ever! 
me: hahaha... our very own hunger games... may the odds be ever in your favor.
vin: what odds? there's only one person that dies there. same person. dies again, and again! very unfair. no games at all! 

Apr 21, 2012

need of the hour

every once in a while, i feel this urge. 
the urge to leave everything and run away. 
i've blogged before about how i love running away. escaping. re-inventing myself after said escape. finding the new me. 

it's been 3 years. will be 4 shortly. since i last escaped. 
i got so caught up in life, and routine that i didn't have the time to 'want' to escape. 

now, it's hitting me. like a wave hits the wall at the beach and dies... as foam. i need to escape. i need to run away. 
i need a change. 
i feel claustrophobic. and it has nothing to do with the stress of job hunting. 
i recognize this feeling. it's not stress. 
i'm beginning to feel settled, and it's unsettling me. 
i wish i knew how else to handle it, but i don't. 
some call it wanderlust. some, plain escaping. 
i don't care what it's called. 
i want it. 
i need it.