Oct 15, 2007

d joy of glowing

i MUST specify, JPS, referred here as "J", is a straight, single, non-metro-sexual male fren of mine. this behaviour can only be attributed to his overt confidence and lack of interest in his own "beauty". LOL!

R: how was d weekend?
J: oh awesome. had gone for a haircut.
knowing his ability to turn the most normal activity into an event, i'm not VERY surprised at this admission.waiting for details... waiting... can't wait any longer. so i ask:
R: and how did THAT make your weekend great?
J: arre, i had only gone for a haircut. he didn't only give me a haircut. he added value to it also.
completely mindfucked by now. value addition via hair cut?

J: he told me i should do some more things and it will really suit me.
R: *trying to not laugh* WHAT things, J?
J: i'm not sure. but it was very relaxing.
R: WHAT? LOL! what "relaxing things" did he do to u? *laughing by myself at this point of time*
J: wait. i'll tell u. i have the receipt.
R: *WOW!* go on...
J: ok. he did
a. 1 bleach
b. 1 face massage
c. 1 facial

d. 1 chemical massage
e. 1 haircut
i don't know when he did 'd', though. *confused emoticon*
R: WOW! someone's becoming a metro-sexual.
J: arre no. i don't know. he said it was proper for me. i said whatever. but u know, he used some orange liquid on my face. it looked damn nice, but was very cool. and now i've got a cold.
R: LOL! *he meant the liquid was cold, btw*
J: also, my face is glowing somewhat. it looks funny.
R: price of metro-sexuality, my fren. go for a pedicure next.
J: no, thank u. i like d way i look. tell me one thing. this will go away, no?
R: wait n watch, my fren. wait n watch!

disclaimer: J, if you happen to read this, PLZ don't disown me! u know i like u, but i HAD to post this!


Ricky said...

Oh God, looks like my worst nightmare...kidding :D

Anand Sarolkar said...

One helluva crazy post!!!

p.s.- who needs enemies if there friends like you. ;-)

Fuzzylogic said...

Has J disowned you yet?:)LOL!

rayshma said...

fuzzy - J belongs to that "elitist" group of my frenz who don't come by this space. and i'm counting on common frenz to not fwd this to him... lol!

anand - in a way, very true. with me around, they don't need frenz, foes, mutual support, critics.. i do all of that! and even blog abt it... lol!

ricky - kindly elucidate. which part was d nitemare: u getting "beauty treatment", u telling a fren abt it, u telling a fren who later blogs about it, or ur face glowing...?

Pixie said...

Hope over to my blog and collect your award dear! :-)

rayshma said...

thx pixie! :) award collected and being displayed... YIPPIE! :)

upsilamba said...

its been so long since I have done any of those.

awwww. lucky J.

Btw, I read JPS as GPS. I always confuse my Js with Gs. and vice versa.

rayshma said...

i know! me too... actually, i've never had a chemical wotever that he had! wot is it, eh?
how and why do u manage to mix up J & G?? u need to know them.. there'll be no confusion! lol!

Pavi!!!! said...

LOL @ metro-sexual men!

In collegewe had a friend "s" who told us that he was busy meeting sum1 else when all of us planned to go for a movie. n sumhow we cancelled our plans and i decided to accompy my frend to the saloon...Whn we go there, who do we see.."s", with some facial mask n feet soaked in water n all that jazz..We were in splits n of crse got some priceless pics to show in college the next day. LOL!!!!