Apr 8, 2008

first impressions...?

i've been wondering what it is about a person that makes me like them. there sure is something about some people that makes me get along with them from the word "go".
it's not vibes. coz i've noticed this with some of you blog-pals as well. and i don't know how u can get "virtual vibes"! right from the first comment, i know we'll hit it off. and usually, we do.

if i look back on my current good friends, the ones who've been there thru fog and sunshine; ALL of them, have been the ones i 'knew' i'd get along with.
on campus, i knew i liked minal even though we'd never really spoken to each other. then, when we started speaking, we hit it off really well.

same with suruchi. from the moment, we said hi - i knew i'd like this gurl. and this has been the pattern. ALL my existing good friends - i've known that they would get along with me. and try as i might, i can't put a finger on what it is.

that pattern has carried forth to blog-ville as well. i've never met any of you, but can chat up with some of you like there's no tomorrow. Vin was stunned when i told him i'd had an hour-long conversation with preethi. and it wasn't online. given my sheer hatred of telecons, he was seriously shocked! knowing how possessive i am, he's also surprised that galadriel has my blessings to flirt with him, despite me never having met her. his list of surprises can go on... but then we'll wait till he starts a blog for that!

isn't it amazing how we just 'gel' with some... while the others, we need some time to become friends with? it's not that i don't like them or anything... just takes time to bond that well with them.

but i guess there's no need to figure this out as yet!
afterall, as some wise person somewhere once said: "if it aint broke, don't fix it!"


Thinking aloud said...

hey ...and all this while i thought that my inability to hit off with certain people was part of the process of growing old...boy! am i relieved... :)

yep..strange...i too feel invisible vibes...so much so i'm certain that i'm meeting a few in blore...



Galadriel said...

damn, vin knows about my (secret) designs on him?

~nm said...

There with you completely!!

In fact I had written about this and again in this post very thing sometimes last year.

mayG said...

you're so right!

..guess we all come with some in-built sensors that catch these vibes and virtual vibes ;) even i've been amazed at how following a gut feeling always works!

Solitaire said...

You are lucky in that aspect. My first impressions are never the last impressions. Many a times I have liked someone a lot when I meet them but later on, it may even become hard for me to tolerate them!!

La vida Loca said...

Yaa..I know what u mean. But that hasnt always worked for me though

Lena said...

awww... thats exactly how i feel about friends... there are people with whom it just clicks from the very first moment and you know it will be forever so... and it does not matter - online or in real :) :)
Then i had also a vice versa example - i have met one of the closest people i have now in orkut and i refused to add him for some reasons, mainly because i didnt like the display pic... and it took me like 2 weeks of chats to finally add him but now i cant imagine my life without him there :)

Pavi!!!! said...

I know wat ur saying abt "feeling it" with some ppl from the v.beginning and not with others! but unfortunately i can't say with the same confidence that u do that my judgement has been correct all the time.So i try not make 1st impressions.
I actually do feel that with some ppl in blogsphere as well!

n may i ask wat ur first impression of me was?;-) Didn't mean to put u on the spot!

rayshma said...

pavi: there have been times that i've been utterly mistaken. ToM, i can think of 6 such ppl! but i'm really stupid/optimistic that way... it takes a lot more than a few rotten apples, gurl! and i've been more right than wrong... :)
abt u... well, it was chatting with u & CG that made me think of this actually! :)

lena: oh yeah..! :) and that's such a precious feeling...! :)

loca: heyy, it took me almost 10 years to realize this...! :D

solitaire: i'm rather skeptical that way. so i dislike more people instantly than like! :D

mayg: yeah, and the thing is i always used to think that i was being stupid by trusting my gut feeling!

nm: oh kewl! now, me go & readie! :)

galadriel: of course! he's looking fwd to meeting u more than i am! :P

suma: lol!! i wud hope u tend to like more ppl as u grow older! :D i can't possibly dislike any more humans! :D

Orchid said...

couldnt agree more..you either do or you don't, gel that is and you kinda get that from the start and really..u dont need to friends with the whole world anyway..so it works for me :)

Pixie said...

yep! have to agree with you on this as well!
I get the vibes too, but they are more strong for the people i end up "not-liking"!!!

Nirmal's Blog said...

i become friendly very easily but i know where to draw a line.....

but till date no problems so i acn say i m lucky..

nice post yaar..

Swati said...

I call it intutions. read here :


And yes , it goes with blog pals too.

carolinagal said...

**If it aint broke, don't fix it!"**

So true!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Very nicely said..instant chemistry and developing chemistry !!
When it ultimately develops into frienship it is wonderful isnt it ?
But then all need not mature into that too and still make it enjoyable ..

TheKing said...

Thats true. You usually 'know' who you would get along with in first (few) impressions.

But I recently experienced that a person, if I'd gone by the 1st impression, I thought I would never get along with, but became quite a cool friend.

And that also reminds me, how certain of us used to group in ol' days to take cases of the unfavoured ones!

Lavs said...

I have wondered about it too. Especially after some sweet and touching comments and emails which my posts have evoked

Ankur said...

u r right... and it doesnt matter actually how one looks like... wat all matters is the way they think n write.... or may be more...

Friends are something like lightning... u never knw when it strikes!!!

Enjoy every moment of ur frndship...

Aryan said...

YOU had a hour long conversations with preethi..ahhhaa..
I would love to read VIN's blog..