Apr 2, 2008

me, the aunt!

i got a brand new niece! bro is finally, a dad!

and i must say, i'm a convert. i always used to believe that babies are not really the most beautiful things to look at. esp when they're new-born and stuff? i used to hate people insisting i look at their baby's pics and say "aww so cute" etc etc... bcoz i didn't necessarily think that way. i liked them more when they were around 3-4 months... or older. then they look cute, yes!
but this one? i dunno if it's coz i'm related to her.. but she's actually cute. already.

the funniest conversation took place between me & bro this morng.
me: congratsss!!!!
bro: hehe.. thanks man! it's so kewl.
me: yeah, i can imagine.
bro: i'd called u about an hour after she was born.
me: yeah. it was 3 in the morng. i was sleeping. saw ur mesg just now!
bro: u get a mesg when i call??
me: *hain??* umm... u texted? i got that mesg.
bro: oh yeah.
me: M's fine? no complications, or anything?
bro: oh yeah. both baby & she are fine.
me: aww. wish i cud see her.
bro: check the pics na?! she's not like ugly or bald or anything u know. she's actually quite cute!


he's going to kill me when he reads this. but i'm presuming he's going to be too busy to read this blog for a while now. *don't any of u DARE mail this to him!*

and no, i'm not putting up her pic here. her cuteness is not up for discussion! :P


Pavi!!!! said...

Awwww..How sweeet! Congrats to u..now that u'll be an aunt.
n God Bless the Li'l one!

alice-in-wonder said...

Congrats, aatyabai ;) :)

Thinking aloud said...

awww cho chweet...congrats... brand new aunt...wait till u hold her...you'll be a total convert...;)

Thinking aloud said...

oh btw...i tagged you..;)...just hoping u have not done it...

La vida Loca said...

soo happy for u

mayG said...

hey congrats! :D

lol @ she's not like ugly or bald or anything u know. she's actually quite cute!


Prats said...

Hey congrats!!! The feeling of being an aunt to a lil kiddo, one your own is a grand feeling.
I understand yuor feelings about new kids....many have them, that doesn't mean you're bad....
And yes....all babies are cute...
Thats me...I love babies...
Hope u have a great auntydom

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!! aunty :p .. that last line in your conversation was very cute :)

Lena said...

congos congos!!
so you now are a brand new aunt? ;)
have fun... babies are really cute but then they are cuter when they stop being babies and start walking, talking and what not!! :D

~nm said...

Congratulations Bua!!

Your conversation with your bro is way too funny!! Its obvious he was too into donning the new fatherhood cap and thus a little conked out :D

And hey..pls pls..one pic of the baby! I so love to see the little babies! Just one chhotu sa photo..

Swati said...

hehehhe..funny ...but you know its the same with everyone...during such times we forget what to talk and what to tell :)

I aggree that new borns are not that cute always ..except when they are too close to you :)

Congrats !!

Lavs said...

Congratulations. Normal delivery???I want the details..email me please...that way my nervousness will reduce:-0

DotMom said...

Congrats! Now you can go and buy the cutest girl outfits there are and be the doting doting aunt who horrible spoils her. :)

Galadriel said...

aww...i want pictures!

carolinagal said...

Awww...Congrats RayRAy!!
You are auntie RayRay now ;)

carolinagal said...

And yes, I'd like to see pictures too!! Lets make a deal, I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;)
....(I'm talking about nieces/nephews pictures here heehee)

TheKing said...

Now we'll call u 'hello Rayshmaaunty' and you'll reply ' aunty mat kaho naa'?