Mar 30, 2007

no english.

me: u kept the nutella bottle in the fridge??
V: NO!
i don't know.
*thinks some more*
*realizing he did...*
me: who keeps nutella in the fridge?! why do u keep everything in the fridge? i hate it! i can't apply COLD nutella to my toast. now i'll have to wait. then my toast will get cold. and by then, i won't feel like eating.
V: what's there to "feel"? u want to eat. or u don't want to eat.
me: but WHY did u keep it in d fridge.
V: it's chocolate!! how am i to know it isn't kept in the fridge?
me: because. it says so. on the bottle. in UPPER case. BOLD. in ENGLISH. see? "DO NOT REFRIGERATE" see..? why don't u read!
V: *more thinking. with a puppy face*
me no going school. so no english reading?

Mar 29, 2007

what's cooking...?

pls note the fact that FOOD is a VERY crucial factor in our lives. we HAVE to have GOOD food. we also get bored of food very quickly.

V: what's for dinner?
me: potato sabzi. from day before. chhole from 2 nights back. and mixed veg from last nite. which do u want for dinner? and which for lunch 2mrw. u get a choice. but i'm not cooking till we finish all this.
V: *going into thinking mode.* hmm...
me: one eyebrow raised, questioning glance.
V: *looking at me, contemplating my reaction to what he'd say...*
... pizza?!
me: *tempted, but not wanting to trash any more cooked food*: NO! that wasn't on the list of options, was it?
V: but it's wednesday.
me: so? we already ate out this week.
V: *panicking. at memory loss or loss of pizza, i don't know*: WHEN? no, we didn't. u're lying!
me: wendy's IS outside, aint it?
V: that was LAST week.
me: no. this week. what d'u want for dinner? i don't have all evening. *yeah, rite! what if movies stop downloading without my constant supervision!*
V: pizza.
me: no pizza.
V: *knowing that his wife aint so rigid abt turning down junk food for anything veggie*
yummy pizza... with cheese... and ham.. and pineapples...with french fries. and chilled beer.
me: no beer. diet coke.

Mar 28, 2007

all or none!

u'd think i'd do something worthwhile with all the free time i now have. like, maybe exercise & get back into shape before it's unattainable, clear up d house, which still looks like a clearance sale unit, or maybe, read up on everything i always wanted to - like all those global gyaan books, learn espanol, which i have to now learn beyond shut up, yes and my name is; clear out the closets or or at least d fridge!

but, clearly i have other interests. that are by far more compelling than d above listed, house-wifely woes!

i choose to spend my day reading blogs, watching PBS *for heavens sake, who does THAT!?*, playing word games/puzzles, checking the status of my torrent downloads every FIVE minutes, writing pieces such as this *or d rest of this blog, for that matter*, mailing V every 20 mins *i don't call & nag. i simply mail* and of course, baking! cakes, cookies, bread - anything that i can get a mix for!

really, i've taken to baking like a fish takes to water. that's a silly proverb, aint it? i mean, how can a fish take to being OUT of water. won't it die??? but i'm digressing again!

i've realized i LOVE baking. and we had chocolate cake TWO times in one week. needless to say, half of the baked output is consumed prior to V reaching home! *so much for i-wanna-be-me-again* also, V aint a big fan of chocolate cake. so, we have two chocolate cakes and one pound cake or pineapple-pecan cake or some such, in ONE measly li'l week! yes, 5 days, 3 cakes. no, u can't count weekends. V cooks on weekends. and he doesn't bake.

also, adorably, there's always ONE slice left behind, which we both refuse to eat. and ultimately, not-so-adorably, i trash it. sin sin sin! wonder how i'll atone for this one! atonement for all the other sins wud need another post. or maybe, another blog? hmm... but coming back to d topic at hand.

why don't we just divide it into half, eat it and live a sin-free existence? because d ungrateful wretches that we are *YES, baking takes effort*, neither likes HALF a slice of cake! so, we'd have to bake another cake, finish this slice and attack d new one! hmm...
and thus, the tale continues...

love is...

stopping by the department parking lot to pluck the dainty, wild flowers that "she" gushed about so much last week, making sure that they remain safe till "he" reaches home via bus with haversack & other paraphernalia and giving them to her like they were no effort at all.

who needs words...?

Mar 26, 2007

mutual admiration klub

tho i still maintain i aint a big kid fan. it felt VERY nice to be with kids. surprisingly. a mutual admiration klub has been formed between my nieces and moi. *we even mail each other on our gmail accounts. YES, am almost-7 year old has a gmail id!* basically, for all the things i was last week *never before, never again* :
- the best cake baker *"u're REALLY good at baking cakes"*
- the best puzzle solver
*"u can actually solve the puppy puzzle without help? WOW!"*
- the "word whiz" who cud solve ANY text twist or boggle challenge real quick! *"how come u know SO many words?"*

- kangaroo saver! hahaha! *"do we have to save him? he's rude!" if u haven't played hangaroo yet, u're missing out!*

- the only "adult" who knew the names of cinderella's sisters. *new learning - the story of HOW ella became cinderella*
- someone who could come up with arbit drawing exercises. *even i didn't know i cud do this!*
- someone who knew ALL d spellings and could draw an awesome tree. *that's ALL i can draw, actually*
- an aunt who was young *"you look like u're in college!"*, had lovely hair *FINALLY, someone likes my hair*, knew lots of stuff *arbit answers to profound questions, notwithstanding*. someone, who was basically, fun!

why am i their fan? well, feels good to be adored SO much by someone who's not married to u! alas! this'll last another couple of years. till they grow up & realize the truth!
why do kids grow up?

Mar 21, 2007

of birds & bees

i have a problem.

my patio is being treated like a personal toilet and/or nesting ground. by the birds & the bees respectively. i can't understand.
don't the birds have anywhere else to poop? there're lots of cars parked under the trees out there! *now i hope they don't find OUR car to poop on!*

doesn't this bee need, like, permissions to construct her house here? or is she exempt of it, in lieu of being a citizen? i wouldn't mind if it were a small, inconsequential, harmless bee. but this one? she's HUGE! and the type that stings. *OKAY. i don't know what "type" she is. but i know she cud sting!*
till y'day, there was only one bee who went about her "nest/hive building" activities quietly. we both would observe each other, and go about our businesses. she, outside. me, inside. today, there's another bee! even bigger than d other one! and they're doing extremely objectionable things on my patio!

normally, i love animals. yeah, birds included. but i cannot get to like any creature that treats my patio like it's their personal toilet. and doesn't even clean up after it! also, the thought of watching two bees fornicating on my patio door is so NOT appealing!

how do i tell that stoopid bird that this is MY patio, not HER loo? that she can't be sitting on the railing one minute & poop on my patio the next! that when the crazy-looking creature on the other end is waving with both her hands, she's NOT saying hello to her! she's trying to shoo her away. that is how birds in her country got scared & flew off!? *i also used my cat back home. that always worked!*

with the bee, i don't try. honestly, i'm scared. scared that she might think i'm dangerous & sting me! hehe... i know, she's outside & am inside. but hell, i will go outside some day, rite! and i've seen way too many hindi movies, where snakes take revenge on humans who harmed them et al... how do i know this bee won't do the same?!

maybe i could get V to speak to them. he is, after all, a bird doctor! *okay, okay, animal. but he's specialising in avian something. so bird doctor's fine!* but i wonder if that'd work. i mean, i don't listen to him much myself. should i count on the birds & bees to? well, we'll just wait & watch whether my "bird doctor" can come up with a soultion! or i'm gonna have a very new "birds & bees" story to tell my children, whenever we have them!

Mar 20, 2007


as we waited for V to come & unlock the car...
S: why don't u get a bigger car?
me: u don't like our car? *it's a nice, red coupe!*
S: it's nice. but u shud get another one.
me: y? we don't need two cars.
S: this one has only 2 doors. u'll need a bigger car if u have to have babies, u know.

well, d only relative left to remind me that i need to think from now so as to have a kid in the next 3 years!

after V unlocks the car, and we're taking our luggage in... i very nicely offer to carry the laptop & my itsy bitsy haversack.
S: y are YOU carrying luggage? that's wot uncle V is supposed to do.

oh dear! wait till u grow up & learn the harsh truth!

on spotting V's sleeping bag in the car
S: where IS uncle V going?
me: DC. why?
S: he wud be staying at a hotel there, rite?
me: yeah?
S: don't they have beds there? why does he need a sleeping bag?

how do i explain to her that "uncle' V can't sleep without it. so we carry that sleeping bag everywhere we go?

A, my other niece, has her b'day in april. but she would also be celebrating it after her grand-parents come over in may. so when V asked her when her b'day was, she happily told him:
"in april. and then in may."

p.s.: S turns 7 in june. A will turn 4 in april. not may.

quirk faktor...

like i needed any more confirmation that i WAS quirky! i bet a lot of u would be quirkier!

Your Quirk Factor: 89%

You're beyond quirky... You're downright bizarre.
You've lost touch with social norms and what's appropriate. And you're loving every minute of it!

Mar 19, 2007

weird, m i?

i talk to myself. regularly. usually, i argue with myself. not loudly, but there's always voices in my head. my own, don't worry! i also talk to my gadgets. cellphone, laptop, hot-plates *those are the ones we cook on, nothing else, pervs!*, it's transcended to cutlery these days.

i have a selective superiority complex. esp where vocab or the english language is concerned. i choose to believe that i'm a superior mortal who has d birthright of correcting everybody else's english! i, however, coin my own phrases, twist d language to suit me etc.

i am VERY possessive. of everything i think is mine. everything here includes footwear, gadgets, home, carpet, furniture, outfits, cutlery, memories, V.

i can sit idle without doing anything for days. i don't even need to think. i can actually do nothing.

i can watch ANY bollywood movie. multiple times. it's compulsive. i CAN'T turn off a movie mid-way or walk out of a movie. i've seen a lot of movies in the volvo buses that traverse between b'bay & pune. i've seen movies like jaanam samjha karo *13 times!*, dharmatma *at least 7 times*, suryavanshi, bas itna sa khwab hai, deewana *i HATE this one!*, laila *yeah, i actually saw it*. i've also actually seen and liked super flops like lucky, aksar, shabd, HDKG. *ok, maybe twas the company when i saw these movies that made me like them!*

i feel insecure if i don't have at least 3 pairs of footwear with me at any given point of time. i can spend a weekend in one outfit, but i need to change what i wear on my feet.

i always feel like sleeping the moment a flight takes off. but i can never sleep in a moving car! when i'm static, i can sleep anywhere at any time. *touch wood!*

i don't need food while travelling. and i need minimal water. somehow, i just don't feel hungry in transit. if we drive for 10 hours, i can go for 10 hours without food. normally, i need food every 2 hours. and if i don't get it, i get VERY cranky.

i can't eat food that has anything leafy on or in it. esp the dishes garnished with coriander. i also can't eat 'rai' *i don't know what it's called in english.* i remove all d black dots from food everyday prior to eating. salad, of course, is out of question.

i can't walk on one side of the street for long. i then, cross the street and walk a while. never did this in india, coz i don't know how to cross heavily trafficked roads. i tend to freeze in car headlights. like deer on the highway here.

i get bored either too often or never.

i'm very moody. so i may refute any or all of the things i've stated here at a moment when i don't feel so candid.

Mar 13, 2007

blogger break...

taking a break... till Sunday. stay warm, stay safe... and stay healthy...;)

Mar 12, 2007


... i will:

- learn ice skating.
- write my book.
- learn at least 3 non-indian languages. *no, english aint valid*
- travel the world.
- photograph a wild cat *or more* in it's natural habitat. *zoos, do NOT qualify*
- get a job. and hopefully, love it.
- get back to being the same shape i was in till last march. *this should be in the near future. there aint THAT much damage yet!*
- have the courage to want my own kid.
- be able to afford a cottage *not too small, not too big*, kids *not named yet*, a dog *doofus* and a cat *mischa*.
- have read every book that a library can hold.
- be a better person. much better.

yeah, some day i will have done all of this. and then, i'll have a new set of "someday, i will..."

Mar 10, 2007


on a friday evening, when there wasn't anything interesting on the telly, d radio *via internet* played "bin tere sanam". tiz a really quaint song, actually. nobody knew of it *nobody except B, my batch-mate at MICA. he played it EVERYday* till they released it's remix version. then, it was more a taxi/auto-waala song for me. *every auto/cab guy in bbay played it. till of course, himesh came along*

y'day, V happened to break out into an impromptu, unaided, unrequested number when they played this song. that's when realization dawned.

it is very important to marry someone who can be SO entertaining on such unentertaining evenings. also, for all u telly buffs there: it's much, MUCH more entertaining to watch your own idiot, box in the name of dance than watch the idiot box.

p.s.: V, i LOVED it. :)

Mar 9, 2007

of sunlight... and wishes..

V: did u go out of the house today?
me: no.
V: yesterday?
me: no.
V: when was the last time u stepped out?
me: huh? *adopting the ostrich approach. hoping the question isn't repeated.*
V: *obviously not getting the hint!* when was the last time u stepped out of the house?
me: i don't know. when i checked mail. last week?
V: are u mad? don't u get bored? don't u want to see what's outside?
me: i've seen it. been there, done that? *even I know, that's VERY lame!* besides, the net's been working great.
V: but how can u stay INSIDE for a week? u're looking paler. u need some sunlight.
me: it's called "fairer" where we come from. and i don't need sunlight. i'm not a plant!
V: did u at least step out on the patio?
me: yeah. the day it was really warm inside?
*obviously, V has NO idea WHAT i meant by that.*
me: the day i made pasta? i had hot choc on the patio that day.
V: that was 3 days back!
me: wotever. i DID.
V: at least part the blinds?
me: NO! I hate the sun entering the house! besides, it falls rite on that black chair, and i don't want the fabric to fade.
V: lemme get this rite. u don't want the sunlight to fall on the PATIO chair, lest it fade the fabric.
me: right.
V: we can move the chair?
me: why would we do that? then the rays will touch me! what if i evaporate with the rays of the sun? then when u come back in the evng, there'll be no wife here.
*after a BRIEF silence of, like, 3 contemplative seconds*
V: is that like... possible?

*noticing the silence AND d malicious look...*
me: u wish!

Mar 8, 2007

miracle status

open any matrimonial site/column and check for what's reqd from an ideal Indian bride. here's why my current marital status is nothing short of a miracle!

- she should be homely.
where do i begin? i lived alone, away from home for almost 6 years. i had more "boy" frenz than "gurl". my Ts could be mistaken as a 5 year old's dress. *my dad once thot my dress was a scarf. NO, i wasn't wearing it, it was lying around* the last time i wore sleeves was when i had a horrible rash on my arms. the last time i wore a salwar kameez *with sleeves* and it wasn't a wedding was ---- uhh... hell, i haven't!

- should not drink or smoke. *no mention of drugs there, mind u!*
i love my vodka-martini-beers *this could come under not being homely, could it?*

- she should be a good cook.
i couldn't cook. not even the "i make egg" types. i had never used pots & pans to make any meal for anyone. yes, i did go to the kitchen. to get a drink or chocolate. i ordered food from out when i didn't like the food made at my hostel/PGs.

- she should be "nice" *usually means she should get along with the grooms entire family within days of meeting them*
i shall not say anything more about my social skills. or the lack of them.

- should be tall.
even if a guy is way below average, he still wants a girl who's TALL? for what? to look upto??
at 5'3", i aint tall by any standards. but yes, i LOVE my heels!

- fair/beautiful. *WHY these two have to be identical is something i can never understand. but anyhoo, i aint here to kill the market for fair & lovely!*
the first time my now-MIL saw me, i'd JUST returned from a 3-day, all gurls vacation in goa. that meant a hell lot of gallivanting on the beach in skimpy clothes! to say i was dark, would be an understatement! i was a rich cocoa shade, is how i like to describe it. coz i loved that color! i mean, i've never had dark brown skin. it's always a yellowish brown! neither white nor brown types! not to mention the tan *or sun-burn* hid ALL flaws in my skin! but i'm digressing.

i wasn't fair when the grooms parents saw me. another no-no!

- should be good with children *GOSH! i don't believe this one! HOW does one figure out whether a woman is "good" with children?*
i don't dislike children. but i like it when they maintain their distance from me & vice-versa. i can't walk upto unknown children and go coochie-woochie! PLZ!

these are JUST the parents' requirements. i aint even going into what the groom would expect. why don't they just order a superwoman instead? oh, sorry! she wouldn't fit the criteria, would she?

p.s.: a fren's going thru this crap rite now. that reminded me. no, i don't plan to get married again. finding a good guy once was a miracle which should last me this entire life!

Mar 7, 2007

i dream of sleeping...?

when i opened google this morng, my quote for the day said "dream in a pragmatic way".
honestly, i don't know what that means. but it set me thinking on why i never remember my dreams. of course, "never" is used very generically here. i DO sometimes remember vague snippets of what i dreamt of while asleep. but i'm such a sound sleeper, that when i wake up, i feel i slept almost dream-free. and yet, i know that's not true. i believe we all live parallel lives. lives which wake up when we fall asleep in this reality. that's one of the reasons why "sleep" is so very important to me. i wonder what i'm gonna be doing in that parallel life/lives while i wake up the next day, blissfully unaware. i remember snippets sometimes. i remember having been to places i've never seen before. with people i don't know. there're sometimes recollections of familiar faces, places, streets. on rare occasions, i recall places from my past - like my school or my old house or my dog or cat - but these occasions are very rare.
i remember that once, long back, after my cat died, i dreamt for almost an enitre month, that he would come & curl up next to me while i slept. something that he was never allowed to do while we lived together. ma had some rules, which sed "no pets on bed" also, coz if the cat came into bed, the doggie insisted too. and it's really not hygienic to sleep with a german shepherd & a persian/siamese cat, no matter how clean they may be! but for a month after he died, my cat curled up in bed with me and slept. it felt very real, and when i woke every morning, i recalled him purring next to me. it did psych me out a bit. but strangely felt very calm.

besides that, i recall a time when i had dreamt that i was a cat. and when i woke up, i no longer knew whether i was a human who had a dream that she was a cat, or a cat who was dreaming that she was human.

besides these, in abt 3 minutes after i wake up, i forget everything t
hat happened in my sleep. it's like this "human factor" erases everything i experienced in my parallel life! and i'm left with a clean slate to face the day. it's a safely guarded secret - what i see in my dreams - even from me. and the lesser i know, the more curious i become. it could be as uninteresting as me sleeping in my dreams. and knowing my fondness for sleeping, that sure can't be ruled out as an option!

i have, at times, entertained the thought that maybe i don't dream that much. and hence, don't remember. but i don't want to believe it.

somehow, the thought of leading a parallel life or more is infinitely more exciting than a dreamless sleep!

Mar 6, 2007

verbal diarrhoea? me??

someone make me shut up! please! i mean, at times, when i think back on HOW much i can talk if i get started, i stun myself. but no, not into silence... into MORE talking! it's a condition that we used to describe as verbal diarrhoea, back when we used to bitch about our boss! never thought i'd be afflicted by it as well! now, i'm not against talking. i love good conversations. but my talking goes on to ranting. and without context. i have this amazing flair to go on & on about anything! if the topic in question is something i truly like, then may the lord bless the people around me. *or u guys, who read this blog, for that matter!* heeheehaahaahaa... *laugh that in the maniacal way that most sleazy bollywood villains do*

and rite now, i feel like ranting. i just got a call from a desi radio station. and while going through the process of what i thought was a content/media job, i lost focus. i don't know if it was listening to the desi voice at the other end *without a firang accent* or just the fact that he made pro-delhi & anti-bbay comments *of course, he didn't know my biases, did he!* that was all i
needed to get started. and we got into a debate on why he thinks delhi's intellectual, unlike b'bay *HIS views, guys, not mine.* during the course of the debate, or rather, what i thought was during the debate, i think HE lost focus! i heard him ask if i'd wanna audition as an RJ with them for a bollywood-based show. uh... i thought i heard wrong. actually, i thought he was making fun of me, now that he thought i was a b'bayite! *technically, i'm not!* so i sed "sure". having worked in a bollywood-related industry, i knew enough to talk for hours on the subject! so, i felt no harm in taking on the challenge! so he gave me situations & sed "present like u're on radio". i still have no clue why i did what i did or how i managed to do it. but yeah, it was fun! more so, coz i didn't really care whether this job went thru or not. so i did my thing. and i have to admit, i liked what i was doing. i was having fun. and as i sed, once i get started, it's hard to shut me up! so we went on for an hour... *that CUD be the longest i've spoken on the phone in a long, long time* with ME giving HIM situations & trivia and choosing songs i'd like to hear. and no, i did NOT choose only T-Series songs *hmph! there goes! i DO believe in quality of content.*

finally, i had to stop coz HE had to leave town for work *at least, that's what he told me!* before
leaving, he told me he'd get back to me with details next week when he got back. that was when it hit me! i hadn't realized that i'd just tried out for a job, and almost got it. i'd never spoken this way to an interviewer. never before had i really not cared whether i get the job or not. i just wanted to have a good, healthy argument. and, of course, win it! there're still a hell lot of technicalities to handle. like visa, relocation, package etc. so i really don't think this would signal the end of my unemployment. but well, was fun! it's good to know that i can find employment if i wish to. that, sed, whether i want it or not is the subject matter of another post!

now, i'm in talk-mode. and it's difficult to shut me up! so i better sign off before this piece exceeds the length of my entire blog!

Mar 5, 2007


it may be a tad late for this. but i thought, i should lay down certain ground rules/norms for myself & everybody who visits this blog & doesn't tell me they were here. there're certain things i need to say, and thought this was the best forum to say them. so here goes:

- if u drop by, please leave a comment to say u were here. u cud also comment on any of the posts if u wish.
- the thoughts, ideas, emotions expressed here are entirely mine. neither V nor anyone else from my family *who u may know* is responsible or answerable for these. they rarely read the blog. besides, i'm a thinking individual with a mind of my own.
- this is more relevant if u don't know me very well. coz sometimes, the way i write things may be interpreted in different ways. if u wish to clarify my perspective, the best way is to ask me about it.
- more importantly, every thought expressed in this blog is pertaining to that moment. *i usually take abt 10 - 15 mins from draft to publish.* i MAY think differently 5 minutes after i've published the piece.
- this disclaimer is not valid for V & my bro. i'd rather not have u guys comment here! we have better ways of communicating :)
- i'm not a bad person. i don't usually write anything here that i wudn't want any of u to read. so if u do, and if u like/dislike it, lemme know. it gives me perspective. and helps me write better.
- if i know u read the blog *if we've known each other for a while now*, then u cud just mail/mesg me. i love getting feedback.
- i have a 150 words per day deadline for myself. so ANY communication between me & anybody else is liable to be published here. if i don't have a topic for the day, i mite enforce creative licenses & make up pieces. i can't be sued for that!
- i was not aware before today, that i may have global audiences. i shall now try to write in a more global english.
ultimately, there can't be any rules! coz i believe rules have always been made to be broken! hope all of u enjoy this blog & do drop by more frequently.

Mar 4, 2007


i stand corrected!
the weekend, and mostly saturday, went off really well.

it was fun cooking up a proper 3-course meal! i'd never thot i'd say this, but it's true. i did enjoy cooking. maybe, i was in a good mood? or maybe, the fact that V helps cook makes it more of a bonding activity than mere cooking!

was fun to chat about any & everything, tease each other, joke about things we usually fight about, and in the process cook yummy food!

the evening went off quite well too. conversation was easy. we chatted about a range of things, from sports, to flags to different states in the US. i was actually surprised that it didn't seem like an effort. it was, honestly, effortless. and definitely non-superficial!

and i think, i'm opening up to his colleagues. better than i probably had before. it was fun to have them over. i still don't think i'm a very social person. but yeah, i do like having company to share some evenings with! guess next time onwards, i'll be a tad more open-minded to most do's.

Mar 2, 2007

saturday night fever

V's colleagues are coming over on saturday nite. and i'm not exactly thrilled about it. they're a weird bunch. not weird in a negative sense, just weird. i don't dislike them *not all of them, at least!* actually, i do get along with them. it's just that i have nothing in common with any of them. *i DO like one of his colleague's wife, tho. she's fren material!* and i anticipate a long evening of me trying to be nice *u know what happens to me in a "social" situation!* and them trying to be nice to me.

ybe they think i'm weird. and maybe, i am. i let them do all the talking, while i stare at a framed pic & try to hypnotize it! not coz i don't like them, or coz i think i can bring the pic to life, but because if i start talking, i won't shut up. and i really don't think they'll follow or relate to what i would be speaking. there're times when even i don't relate to what i'm speaking. but well, once i get started, it's SO tuff to shut me up!

what's worse, i have to clean up the apartment. heck! that's one thing i absolutely detest! why can't those CDs just be lying there in the corner... they're neatly piled up! but well, i'll have to make the house child-proof *yeah, one of them has a kid, in d age where kids love to pick up everything lying around, break it or ask questions abt it* so clean-up, i shall. it used to be a trick of ours, actually. whenever we felt the house was in a mess, we'd call over friends for dinner! and then, our house would be spic n span for at least 2 weeks!

maybe, i'm just becoming more and more anti-social! or maybe, because i don't wanna listen to a bunch of PhD grads who either discuss their work *which, i honestly am not interested in* or crib about their boss. at times they make me wanna say "get out into the real world. it's not nice, either! u'll realise that ur boss aint all bad. there cud and are worse. i've worked with a few that cud make UR boss seem like a tame puppy!" but of course, i'm nice. so i don't say it!
it's not that i don't like calling people over. i do. but in smaller groups. i'm better at one-on-one interaction vis-a-vis community dealings. i'm just NOT a herd person! but this was imperative. we haven't had a housewarming yet *i know it's too late*, one of his colleague's leaving, another wants to have indian food etc etc... and V thot he'd reduce our "efforts" to one weekend and call everyone over the same day. that, actually, i have to admit, IS a good idea! now, i just have to be nice for a day, and i can go back to being myself once they leave! on a brief second thought, i'll actually miss his colleague who's leaving. she's a nice gurl. one of the few i get along with & like.

all i hope now, is that i tide over the saturday night fever, unscathed.