Sep 24, 2008

inquisitiveness... u're a process!

now that i'm done with the visa process, i can finally blog this! i HATE all visa processes! the last time was a nightmare with the US visa. this time, a lot better with the U.K.

but i like the UK. i can relate to it. their questions are so desi! i could imagine a pot-bellied indian govt official asking them to me. but of course, they're nice. and really helpful, if u must know. really. unlike what any indian govt official has been to me, so far.

at the beginning of the application, they insist we must submit our original documents. because, to quote them "It is better to explain why you do not have a document than to submit a false document in its place."
so sweet.

after asking me the basic details, we come to the part of children.
do you have any children?
what amazed me was the tone of the questions that would follow if i said YES.
where do these children live?
where are these children now?

uhh... am glad i don't have kids yet!
so i click no, and move on...

will any other children be traveling with you?
hain? WHY would i want OTHER children with me? i like kids n all... but i don't like traveling with them. really.

then, there are three pages asking me to 'fess up if i'm a criminal. i doubt a criminal would cave-in to the nature of the questions, but i guess they need to ask them by security standards.
however, while going through them, i was tempted to say yes when i was asked if i have been involved in anti-social activities in the past. i asked vin... "uhh... is turning up nose at new desi neighbor an anti-social activity?? do they need to know that? will it affect my visa app?" i followed vin's advice and said "no" to the question... if u must ask. so now i presume i'm quite social.

next question:
Have you, ever been a member of, or given support to an organisation that has been concerned in terrorism?
wishful answer: if you grant me a visa, i'm a hungama employee. we regularly terrorize our clients and competitors. we actually take pride in that... but i guess that doesn't count. if u mean national terrorism, then no. corporate? yes! :)
actual answer: NO.

Have you engaged in any other activities that might indicate that you may not be considered a person of good character?
wishful answer: there may be people who think so. but i wouldn't include them in my references, u know. and will someone please define "good character" to me?!
actual answer: NO.

this one had me completely foxed.
what do u intend to do in the UK?
erm... i dunno... travel around. see the place, the people that ruled us for so many years. i've heard it's a beautiful country...

do u have family here? do you intend to visit them?
HAHAHA... i'd love to not visit any family, u know! anywhere!

and then, u come to my favorite part... which made me feel like i'm going through an interrogation by an aunt in dilli or kanpur...
how much do you earn every month?
how much do you spend every month?
how much does your husband earn?
What is the cost to you personally, of your stay there?
How much of your total monthly income is given to your family members and other dependents?
Who will pay for your travel?
Who will pay for your food & acco?

erm... am so glad i knew the answers. and i guess they're correct too.
u know, end of the day... i AM glad i got my visa. i'd have gone through this for nothing otherwise! of course, now i'm also prepared to attend family weddings and give the "sahi jawaab!"

disclaimer: this may not be verbatim, unless said so... this is what i remember. and like most things in this blog, please take this with a pinch of salt.

Sep 23, 2008

not yet leaving on a jet plane...

u know how you have people who year after year do the same things? i think i'm becoming one of them. of course, a lot of the details have changed... so it's not exactly the same. but still.

last year, this time, i was super happy to be home. after a depressing 3 months in dubai. this year, this time... i'm planning to fly off to depressing london.
of course, i don't know WHEN. because in typical cult-fashion, the cult has disowned me shortly after i received my UK visa. now it's upto me to call and check and follow up whether they want me in UK after all. SIGH.
dunno if you r'ber, but i went through the same 'unknowns' last year before the dubai stint happened.

there's something abt the cult... they send me to lovely places in real bad weather. it was dubai in the peak of summer. now it's london in the snowy winters. guess not everyone likes me. but to quote the boss "if you think i don't like you, then you must see what i do to people i really dislike" well, considering he's the desi version of don corleone, we shall not want to see that.

agreed, it's not the best time to go there. but heyy, this isn't a vacation. i'm going for work.

silver lining? dewdrop's there. and i really wanna meet her. Poo's also a couple hours away from london. so i'm hoping we can catch up. and hopefully, it won't be as depressing. going by the recent conversations, it won't be remotely so.

now, if only i knew when i had to leave, i could fix up my acco and get excited about going...

p.s.: since i didn't mention. i'm also excited about kicking ass by being at work. that's my favoritest part of working with the cult. no other place will praise you for being snooty with a client.

Sep 22, 2008

humor in daily life...

we had friends staying with us. they were sitting in the living room watching animal planet. some show abt saving some snow fox or some such cute looking animal. i still don't know which animal. i waltzed in mid-way while an australian wild-life enthusiast played with the creature.
me: awww... SO cute!!! what IS he??
H (friend): *giving me a rather surprised, confused look* umm... u think he's cute?
me: of course!! who wouldn't. i've never seen that before though. WHAT is he?
H: they're referred to as "homo sapiens". this one is a white male. australian, to be precise. there are lots of these around, actually. your neighbor? the one you turned up your nose at last evening? he's also the same specie. though not australian. i'm surprised you hadn't 'noticed' one before. esp since i'm one too.

and that was the joke of the weekend. hmph!
and YES, i can identify humans. it was the fox i was asking about.

Sep 19, 2008

room-mate or not...?

am i missing out on anything by never having had a room-mate?
i mean, sure i've shared the room with poo for 2 months or so... but she's not someone i'd consider a room-mate. i could adopt that gurl and not feel weird!

college was at home.. post grad was single occupancy rooms *thank god for that!* and work was living by myself. i always felt that i wouldn't be able to share a room with anyone coz i need a lot of space.
but was watching will & grace last night *DON'T ask me why!* and wondered what it would have been like had i had roomies...

going by what i've heard my friends say of their roomies... i think most of them in real life are psycho.

anyone has anything nice to share about their roomies? anyone managed to be real close friends with a roomie? or is this another of those 'grass-being-greener' aspect that i can do without...?

Sep 18, 2008

pretty good.

long back, when i'd asked u guys to tell me what i should blog abt... loca had said "blog abt how u came to terms with your looks..."

i didn't blog about it because i was way too embarrassed! :D
first of all, i never really thought i look good. *i mean, have u seen my hair???*
all my life, except my parents and hubby... i think loca and DDD are the only ppl who've called me "pretty". of course, they haven't met me! so pliss to not believe what they say! i don't look beautiful or pretty. but i still have loads of attitude! :D

growing up, i had pretty low confidence. now u've got to r'ber that this ME had a brother who was an all-rounder *studies not included in that* he sang amazingly well. played *and excelled at* soccer, cricket and hockey. got along with everyone. was smart. dressed well. had tonnes of friends. was a terror to most.
i went to a convent. i was generally treated as a snob by my bro. i was a stickler for language, dress, footwear. i matched my belt & handbag with my footwear. i painted my nails. i was rather condescending *i still am. sometimes.*
and the worst thing? NO boy ever flirted with me. or maybe i was too daft to understand that.
but really. which girl goes to 5 years of college without a single boy hitting on her??? well, ME! i did.

it was later. MUCH later. that i figured out why. after one year of post grad actually. when a batchmate pointed it out. first, it was my brother. he used to drop me to college sometimes. and most guys were scared of him. he had friends all over the place, r'ber? so he knew exactly which guy spoke to me! so, guys who were interested stayed away.
secondly, our group had guys like my brother. so other boys - the ones i may have had a crush on - stayed away. FAR away. didn't even smile at me. so i went through 5 years of college without realizing that guys would ever be interested in me!

at MICA, i was too much of a snob. i was too busy cribbing about how i didn't like the place and the food for one year to flirt or do anything else. by the second year, anyone worth being interested in was already sleeping with someone else. and that, kind of put me off.

so it was only after i started working that i realized that i didn't look too bad. but that was it. i did have ppl tell me i was 'hot'.. in fact a junior told me "i'm bragging to my pals that i have a hot, young boss" given that he was a model, it was rather flattering. but that was the closest anyone's ever come to calling me pretty.
even today, when boss offers me an assignment, he follows it up with "pls get a hair cut before you join".

i guess it works well for me. i wouldn't know how to react to compliments anyway!

p.s.: this is not for u guys to tell me i look good. i know i do. it's just an honest admission that i never knew i looked good till a rather old age!
p.s. 1: thanks, Loca, for the topic.

Sep 17, 2008

one in a million

lena awarded me this. and it's been ages ago now. so here it is. i'm really really pleased. and lena - thanks a ton gurl! u're one friend worth so much more than a million dollars! :)
in award tradition, i'm supposed to pass this on. so here it goes:
suma. *see what happens when u motivate me by calling me pretty & young?*


lavs. *for having a baby, managing him through all his troubles and rendering an unflinching account of it. loved the candidness there.*



and every one of u who reads me. who has stood by me. through good times, not-so-good-times, breaks and rantings. you know you deserve it!

**i'm not linking up... have stuff to do! :) pls collect ur awards guys! :)

Sep 15, 2008

heyy... i'm alive!!!

well, it's been so long since i came here. wow! actually, wanted to come here y'day... but i lost the link to my blog. just today, i realized that i've linked it up on orkut... so here i am!

what has been happening? well, in no p'lar order... this:
moving. we've finally moved into our apartment. unpacked almost all the boxes *except the 3 with the books & 1 with some of the footwear.* and all except 3 bags. yes. all 3 bags are filled to the brim with MY stuff. i cannot unpack them yet coz i have to figure out where to put the stuff once it's out. sigh! i should really get to that, u know...

MIL. it's been a relief, as i keep saying. we get along as well as we did when we lived away. and i don't think it's too soon to say we like each other. she's been here a while now, after all. if she wanted to be mean, she'd have tried by now. but no, TOUCHWOOD. i have a nice MIL. there, i've said it!

work. things are moving at a snail's pace. and i'm thoroughly disgusted with that. i like things to move fast... shall do a post on that soon.

HURRICANE! yes. it came, it howled, it rained. Ike left a lot of folks homeless, water-less, power-less. not much damage here. we're all fine, thank u. our phone lines have died, tho. so if any of you tried to call me and couldn't get thru, plz note - I AM ALIVE. and i DO get VMs. *yes, galadriel - that was for u. YOU bitch!*
and yes, to all u nice folks who mailed/scrapped me. thanks. felt really nice to know that if i died one fine day, ppl would notice.
to you morons who call urself my close friends and didn't know i was hurricane hit - u have me to answer to!

blogging. hasn't been happening. neither me visiting nor writing. but then, here i am. trying to blog when i should be thinking of where to put my stuff! i do make feeble attempts at reading ur blogs. but i haven't got down to all of them yet. i will.soon. promise.

thanks for being around... if any of you still are, that is!

Sep 2, 2008

blog BFF

loca awarded me this one! :)
i'm thrilled. so much that i'm stealing net time to post it.

and i pass this on to:
suruchi: blog or otherwise... i can't do without u!
minal: i hope u still read my blog

i know i can count on any of you at any point of time! blogging wouldn't have been the same without you gurls. am sorry if i missed out on a lot of u. am a tad hurried right now... what with stealing internet time & all! :D
see y'all on the 12th now!

muah!! :)

edited to add: also awarding this to dottie. but i don't think i'll ever be able to be on back-slapping terms with her. i am too much in awe of her for that! :D