Jul 20, 2012

whose wife is it anyway?

One of my acquaintances (let's say, A) who got married recently, changed his cover pic on FB. Like most newly married couples, his pic is one of him with his wife, hugging, with the beach in the background. He also rather sweetly tagged his wife, Shuchi, in the pic. 

Comments on the pic, about 5 minutes after he uploaded it:
X (obviously, A's friend): Dude, WTF? Isn't your wife on FB?
A: What? She is. She's tagged. Are you drunk?
X: Dude! Your wife!!! Her name's Richa. no??? I remember. I was at the wedding. I have the invite as proof. Who is Shuchi??
Shuchi: X, I changed my name. 
X: WTF is wrong with you people! I almost died here. Anyway, good pic. Phew!