May 27, 2009


was tagged a long time back by pixie to list down 9 of my most vivid and special memories... i'm doing only the special part today... the ones i r'ber vividly are too random to put down as memories. the mushy nature is due to being alone at home... it tends to make me all senty and nostalgic!  
so, in no particular order... these are my tag-of-the-month moments: 

- walking down marine drive while it drizzled. u haven't lived if you haven't done this. it's just SO special. 
- reaching home from school to an excited dog who'd ALWAYS be happy to see me. no matter what my day had been like.  
- suruchi's house. all the evngs spent there... chatting, bitching, cribbing, whining... mostly, bitching... there was a comfort in knowing she was 10 mins away. and i really really miss that.  
- going off on drives on sundays with the family. EVERY sunday. all four of us. not knowing that this won't last forever. and soon we'd have to make plans just so 4 of us could be under the same roof together. sigh. 
- the 4 days i spent at minal's in 2004, when i was SO unsure of where i was headed in life. 
- galadriel visiting me on my bday last year. she was the first blog-pal i was to meet... and i was quite unsure how i'd live up to my virtual image. i am still amazed by how comfortable we all were with each other! 
- dad calling and telling me that i'd got through to mica. i made him read it out to me. i was afraid he mis-read NOT accepted, as accepted!
- feeling intimidated by the brightness of people who worked with me at c2w. not knowing whether i deserved to be there... with them... in the same room. *this was way back when i wasn't as smart-assed abt myself!*
- saying goodbye to dewey at the bus-stop. she was leaving for india the next day... and i'd be gone from london by the time she got back. *i'm not good with good-byes*
- landing for the first time in the US. and thinking that vin wouldn't be there to pick me up coz he'd acquired cold feet and wanted to back-out! yeah, i REALLY thought he wouldn't turn up and i'd have to figure out a way to go back. i was more relieved than happy to see him there. 

i realized i've already crossed the limit of nine. but i don't think memories is something that can be limited by quantities. which, again, is the reason i blog. to r'ber things... such that i don't need to limit them. and there's a dozen more i'd like to add here... but then again, some are much too private and much too special to be shared. so, for blog & tag purposes... this should do for now! 
see y'all soon. 

May 20, 2009

i've got "royal" mail... :)

r'ber how ecstatic i get on receiving surprise gifts in my mail? well, click here if u're really interested!

so, today...there was a surprise in my mailbox. there was a key. not to a corvette or a house... but to the bigger mailbox, which holds "packages". dewey had been rather persistently asking me if i'd checked my POST - since monday. so, obviously... i knew she'd sent me something! and i've been eagerly anticipating this "post" since then.

i reached into the mailbox and picked out this large red flashy box with "royal mail" stamped on it. dunno about you, but i have never got "royal mail" before! heck, i barely ever get ANYthing addressed to me other than flying miles statements!

so i rushed back home with th
e huge box, cut it open... and dropped all the straw on the carpet *yeah, i know*... and out came this gorge box..
at first glance, i thought the mad child had sent me ice cream!!! it sure looked like a yum ice cream tub with the awesomest li'l kitties on it... and she HAS been talking of sending me cheesecake... the box also had a sticker which said "NOT a TOY"; i quickly removed the sticker and trashed it along with the straw.

once i'd done that, i
opened it, rather carefully wondering if this was ice-cream or cheesecake or jewelery...

and out came a kitty mug with a delightfu
l red tassel!! and it's filled with cookies! :D i HAVE promised to save at least one cookie for vin... as per her instructions. but we shall see.

and now, while the bitch watches wolverine, i sit here alone and miss her! how i'd have LOVED it if she'd hand-delivered this!
i solemnly swear that i will not ever let anyone else even touch this mug! other than you - when u come over! do make that soon.
now let me go clean the carpet and drink coffee in my new mug! ^_^

May 19, 2009

follow thy own beat

rather late in the night... after a hectic 3 days. vin's really sleepy.. and after being sleepy for the entire day, i'm finally awake.

vin: PLEASE sleep! i've to get up early tomorrow.

me: but i's no being sleepy. wake upppp!!!
vin: ENTIRE day u were sleepy and crabby. pls sleep now. or at least let me sleep.
me: but now i'm NOT! and if i'm awake and u're here, i HAVE to talk.
vin: read something boring. u'll feel sleepy.
me: no, i'll go have coffee
vin: NOO!!! coffee's a stimulant. u'll be awake longer!
me: but i want to be stimulated into sleeping. so it should do that, no? NO?

May 8, 2009

'catch' me if you can?

when i'm traveling or away for a while, i often tend to forget to call vin. it's not that i don't miss him. it's just that i don't like the phone much. and even if i call, it's cursory and to-the-point. i prefer telling him in person. 

he's been my opposite, so far, where it comes to calling. if he had a one-stop flight, he'd even call from the stop and let me know he had a good/bad flight and he was hopping onto the next. and of course, i would tease him and call him a little boy.. but well, that's another topic! 

but then, everything changes. this time when he's off. i've been nagging him every couple hours. while he has made his absence rather conspicuous by the lack of phone calls! even when i'd called, i got replies in monosyllables or single sentences.  
later, five phone calls later, he called...  
vin: just got to the hotel. it's... 
me: what took u SO long, eh?! 
vin: eh? it's 2.30? how long should it take?
me: oh. different timezone... 
vin: yeah.. lissen, if the net's not working, u can use dial-up, okay?  
me: net's fine. i'll be okay. 
vin: okay... talk to u later, then. bye. 

okay bye???
that is all i get for calling?! 
sigh! i now know how it feels to be on the other side of the coin. 
i'm not so irked by the lack of calls... as i said, i am not much of a call person myself. what bothers me is the fact that HE was the one who believed in calling. and now, i've gone ahead and affected his programming.  
oh geez! i'm contagious...! 
wonder what he'll catch next! 

May 5, 2009

a year. so soon?

time flies, they say.
it's been a year. already. 

a year since i got that dreaded call from my brother. a day before i was to leave for india, asking if i wanted them to wait till i reached, or was it okay to pull the plug.
it seemed straight out of a movie. except it wasn't. it wasn't happening to someone far away... someone fictional.. it was happening to the most important man in my life. and all i could do was pull myself together and sound strong. think what would be best, not for me... but for him. and i like to think that is what i did. 

i reached a day too late. 
it offended me when people said "but you were prepared for it. so it's not that bad". it is always THAT bad. you can NEVER be prepared for it. yes, it's not sudden. but does suddenness make things more drastic? does anticipation numb the feeling? i know it doesn't. but i didn't snap. i knew they meant well. all i said... and still say.. is 'it was the best for him'. 

it doesn't surprise me when people tell me i'm a lot like my dad. 
i have his attitude, his sarcasm... his disbelief in religion or god... his 'disapproving twitch of the eye' that worked better than a 1000 words. even his sense of humour. and i have his ability to do anything i can for those i love. of course, i am a lot more selective, self-absorbed than he ever would have been. but that, i attribute to the generation gap. 
i could never understand how he could be there for people who had so blatantly let him down. i wish he hadn't. they didn't deserve it. they didn't deserve him. but he didn't question that. 
i spoke to him a day before. when he told me "ur mom's overacting, as always. i'm fine. you don't need to come." we spoke for a while, he joked... we laughed and i told him to take care and let me know if he felt that there was even a "slight" need for me to come down. even "just". benefits of unemployment, i joked. 

i met with one of their *mom and dad's* childhood friends last week. she was visiting her son here and was to leave a couple days after we met. when i spoke to mom y'day, she told me that aunty had said that mom had every reason to be proud of me. i was a lot like my dad. i had his spirit, to live and enjoy life.
that was, and probably will be the nicest thing anyone has said about me behind my back. 
i do hope i can continue being like him. 

it's been a year. and daddy's little girl sure has grown up.

p.s.: this was in my drafts. couldn't post it on the 5th. so, am back-dating and publishing it.

May 1, 2009

not too good...?

in order to ground myself... and i need to do this from time to time... i'm gonna be listing my negative traits. also, these are some of the things i'd like to change... so documenting it. and i will see how much of this i manage to change and by when.
so effectively, this post may be boring for quite a few.. but then, it's my blog... and as a wise human said "boredom is under-rated"

:: i detest people taking leave from work. it's something i don't understand. i never denied annyone leave, but couldn't do it myself. i do not let vin take leave. we plan whatever we need to / want to do over long weekends or weekends. am i happy i married a workaholic!
:: i can be, and usually am, very sarcastic to people who are intellectually challenged. i try not to.. but it happens.. like, automatically? of course, there's no fun in it, coz the sarcasm is lost. but it's an entertaining process/conversation. at the end of it, they usually think i'm a wonderful person.. i get entertained. win-win situation. but deep down, i know it's mean.
:: i bite my nails. i claw out the skin off my feet and sometimes fingers. yeah, i know.
:: i have a set of 4 expressions. unless you know me well... or i like you. but for all other purposes, i will only exhibit four expressions. one of them is indifference. makes ppl believe i'm getting bored when i'm not.
:: i procrastinate. BIG time.
:: i do not completely understand categories/definitions etc. i would like to. really like to. but there seems to be a defect in my programming that prevents me from this comprehension.
:: i tend to forget most of my negative traits rather quickly!

apart from this, i'm pretty much purrfect!
yeah, i know... that should be one of the points too, eh?