Apr 30, 2010


post a wonderful week with a fantastic friend, the blog goes on a break. indefinite, as of now.
hopefully, i shall get back here next month. provided we have our internet connection fixed at the new place by then.
oh yeah, i haven't mentioned it, have i?
we're moving. again.
to a suburb of boston. mid-may. i may not get the time to do a farewell post & all, but i sure will miss this place. weather n all.

somehow, the urge to blog isn't the way it used to be. so maybe, i'll close shop here. or maybe i will be back next month. i don't know as of now.
all of you who have me on mail/FB, do keep in touch.

p.s.: amey, do follow up with dewey on Hema. she has the first part. and she will get the others too. :)

Apr 21, 2010

pwetty cherry on top!

okk... another tag. that i'm doing ONLY coz of the award! and no, she hadn't given this award to me. i liked it. so i well, asked for it! and i stole the image from her blog, in case she said no! *which, she didn't btw!*
pwetty, aint it?

the tag says i'm to write 3 things i like abt myself. and put up a pic i love the most.
part 1 is rather easy. part 2, i'm putting up a pic i like as of now. coz i don't know which pic i love the most.

what i love abt me:
i. i'm genuine. and it's quite evident. i won't ask after you if i don't care. no matter how important you may be to me professionally/relatively. only reason i will care for/about you
is because you matter to me. if i don't like you, i may not be rude to you, but you will know that i'm talking to you because i have to.
ii. i'm a simple, positive, happy person. and i attempt to keep my life that way as well. touchwood.
iii. i am very secure with myself. i wasn't like this always. i have grown over and out of my insecurities. with quite a bit of effort. i understand and appreciate the work it has taken to be me and the people who have made me me. and i realize that i won't let myself stagnate.

this one has been my fave for a while now. hope you like it as well.


vin and i share differing tastes in ice cream flavors. i like only the dark choc types. and while he likes almost all ice creams, he's not so fond of the chocolate ones. *this, of course, doesn't mean he won't eat it.*
y'day post dinner, we were pigging out on a large tub of dark choc ice cream. one that he got ESP for me, apparently.

he was eating it with a rather morose expression on his face. which prompted me to ask "why so serious?"
vin: this is REALLY good, you know? i didn't know i liked it.
me: i know. mast hai na?! but what's with the sad face?
slight pause while he contemplated being honest with me.
vin: you had to 'tell' me i like it. i have no mind of my own!

Apr 16, 2010

when it rains, it pours...

how do you describe...
a friend who has always been there for you.
despite arguments and distances.
despite being pissed off with you.
despite knowing that you're crazy and can go thru drastic mood swings.

a friend who knows HOW to handle those mood swings. and someone who can actually tell random relatives at your wedding to not push you any more.
*my mom told me this recently and it made me SO proud!*
a friend who knows what you would like for lunch even though you may not know it.
a friend who orders that particular thing for you since you tend to forget.
a friend who understands the fascination for dancing in front of a mirror. and the aversion to tequila.
a friend who's so attuned to the deviousness of your mind, that she can be your partner in crime without you telling her of her role in the crime. and pull it off so beautifully.
a friend who is part sister, part care-taker, part best friend!
you don't describe them. coz they're so much more than what words can convey. you try and be there for them. try to be to them, what they've been for you.

p.s.: vibs is visiting me. she will be here next friday. and i'll be seeing her after 2 long years. she's entirely responsible for making me see the bright side of bbay. i'm hoping i can help her see the beautiful side of the US. :)

Apr 10, 2010

news flash!

Her Royal Madness, and partner in crime, DewDropDream is scheduled to visit the kind galadriel and the author. The visit is scheduled for the month of May, 2010.

Sources reveal that planning has been underway for this visit since Dec 2008. However, it is finally official. Local authorities have already been warned of the development and expect two weeks of sheer madness. Anything less will be a punishable offense.

Commenting on this development, DDD, aka Dewey* or 3D* says "Geez, this is happening!!!! After what, a year and half of hawe mein planning?!"

when asked to comment, this is what her hosts had to say.
Galadriel: "Apparently you are talking in Filipino.. And Google is very graciously offering to translate also!"
Vin: "She's going to have to brush her teeth twice a day."

As you can see, the ingredients for madness have already been acquired. For further coverage and absolutely insane updates, please be sure to login to this space.

*nicks reserved for members of the sisterhood ONLY. violators shall be clawed.

Apr 8, 2010


oh yes, i've been tagged again.
the li'l insane, li'l nice celestialrays has tagged me.
and yes, this one took quite some thinking.

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen
this one's difficult. there isn't too much i would "hate" other than the recent yrf/dharma productions fare. lemme try.
i. srk acted, YRF or KJo flicks. exceptions being DDLJ, DTPH and KANK. yes, i liked kank. sue me. *this automatically cuts down almost my entire list.*
ii. dostana. blech.
iii. khushi. yeah, i know. i shouldn't have seen such movies, right? but well. this has the honor of being the only movie i've walked out of. before the interval, that too.
iv. marathi movies from the 90s. esp the so-called comedies. blech. of late, i think there have been some good releases here... not that i've seen all. but i try.
v. mango souffle. i really, really did not get this one. i saw it coz it had atul kulkarni.

5 accessories you can create out of food
just create, not wear, right?
i. finger ring. simple, right?
ii. handbag. cut a cantaloupe in half. clean it out. cut a curved strip of the chhilka *i have no patience to think of the english word for that!* and attach it to the semi-circle with push pins. decorate with oatmeal or cornflakes. there you go. designer handbag ready.
iii. earrings. take one cornflake. attach to push-pin. put pin in ear. repeat with other.
iv. belt. tie banana peels together. sexy yellow belt's ready. how many peels you need depends on your girth, entirely.
v. anklet. carrot peels. strung together. you could substitute cucumber peels for this as well. would match with the finger ring as well.

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

i. Holi celebrations where ppl are playing color. N.E.V.E.R.
ii. at a film shoot. ANY film shoot.
there's no other place that i would avoid with so much passion, actually. i'm okay with being anywhere. depends on my mood, though. and also, the company.

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere
i. those who discriminate. ANY kind of discrimination. race, caste, creed, sexuality... pls learn to live and let live.
ii. those who believe that a woman's "purpose" is to marry and reproduce. or those who believe that life is incomplete without marriage/children etc. you get the drift.
iii. those who think it's their duty to meddle in others' lives. and ask questions. MYOB.
iv. those who have the 'i'm-daft-come-hit-me' look on their faces. they're asking for it, actually.
v. i cannot name the 5th person. and i cannot typecast him/her or describe why i so badly want to hit him/her. sorry. there's only so much honesty this space can take.

5 things you’d do to scare anybody
i would be myself. no 5 things needed. i can be very scary if i wish to be.

there. i'm done. will do an update soon. lots happening at this end! :)