Aug 28, 2009

happy happy late late

and i've missed the third b'day for my blog. was on aug 21.

it seems that my personal non-belief in celebrating b'days has translated into reality here. but this space has given me a lot. so this is the least i can do for it. so, happy b'day dear blog. i love you.

and it would probably not mean as much if it weren't for you guys who stop by regularly and comment and/or read. thank you. VERY much. for being there. through good times and bad. coz that's what friends do. real, virtual or both.

here's to new beginnings... cheerz!

p.s.: more on new home later - once i have my own internet connection.

Aug 18, 2009

moving on.

there comes a time in every girl's life when she has to learn the value of holding on and the value of letting go.
the letting go part is really really difficult. but i'm at it.

programming has been irregular of late coz i've been busy. packing, sorting... vacationing! :D
we finally shift on sunday. and i will be internet-less till further notice.

so this here, is kinda sorta an announcement that this space is taking a break. more by default than by choice.

i shall see y'all soon. from a pretty little hamlet - far far away - which shall be known as "home" for future references here.

miss me. coz i'm gonna miss you too.

Aug 10, 2009

biker chic

on the way back home from a lovely weekend at the beach, a group of bikers pass us... conversation, automatically, veers to bikers. and my fascination for the breed.

me: would be SO kewl if you had one of those bikes, no?
vin: for you, you mean?
me: of course! i already have a tattoo, leather boots, jacket and an 'i-give-a-fuck' attitude. i almost qualify for being one of them!
vin: hmm... the pillion seat is called a bitch seat.
you TOTALLY qualify for that!

Aug 4, 2009

too much love is happening

me: u know suruchi has ALREADY bought the cutting glasses i was telling ma to pick for us. WITH the stand!
vin: you had told her also?
me: i didn't tell her! she got it last week only. BEFORE i thought of it!
vin: then why did she buy them?
me: i dunno. telepathy. she thought i'd want them! that is JUST so sweet na!


vin: i'm even MORE scared of her now. this is sweet, but it's so scary!! how did she know!

me: she knew. bas! and i think it's damn sweet!

after abt 5 mins of thoughtful consideration, while i chomp down on pizza, the man makes a puppy face, looks extremely forlorn... and says...

you know... i can never love you that much.