Nov 29, 2007

wanna chat...?

i was going thru my daily morning routine of having coffee, checking mails, checking blog comments, smiling to myself, checking facebook/orkut *simultaneously, yeah!* when suddenly, out of d blue, i heard a "ping". now, i don't usually leave my speakers on... so i WAS startled... and looked around expecting to see an elf apparate. *it's believable when i'm sleepy* and then, there was another "ping"... i was awake by now & about to go and check if i've left the oven on... but then, i saw this tiny pop-up on my gmail window. it sed "'X' says...". now, this was a pretty regular feature. mornings are usually when it's evening in india and my frenz are online. and we chat.
but the issue was : 'X' is not a fren. actually, i don't know WHO X is. or how he happens to be on my gtalk. i thought i shud try speaking to him, and thereby, delve further into this matter.
but X was saying a rather neutral... "hello. long time"
umm... ok. sure! i mean, i seem to have forgotten u... THAT long!

now u've GOT to r'ber that it's early morning. and i don't function very well at that hour of the day. so i buzzed back: "how long?"
and X, surprisingly says... "some time now. u haven't been online recently?"
oh hell.. he tracks my online activity?! he sounds like a stalker! *yeah, yeah... i think i'm worthy of stalking n all!*
the rest of our conversation went like this. i quote:

me: what're u doing on my frenz list?
X: i don't know. i saw u online today. thought i'd check on u.
me: i don't think i know u. nor how u got here.
X: i'm "X" work with monkie, we handle the --- platform for "pineapple"? u don't r'ber me?
*names have, obviously, been changed here!*
i knew ALL of d aforementioned, except X, of course!
me: oh! ok. i have co-ordinated with a few monkies while i worked with hungama. i handled d pineapple, yeah.
but no, i don't recollect u. sorry.

X: oh... tom had told me to co-ordinate with u the other day, r'ber? over the weekend of the krrish press con?

*honestly, it was more like couple of years back rather than "other day". also, there were 3 agencies and approx 30 ppl i had to co-ordinate with for getting that content live. i don't r'ber! but anywez...*

me: but y're u on my gtalk?
X: i had ur id, so i added u.


well, he's blocked & deleted now! also, this wasn't the first time i found someone unknown *unwanted, maybe?* on my gtalk list. has happened a couple of times before. but this time, it made me revisit my entire gtalk list and weed out people i thought were not frenz. *essentially, ppl i cudn't r'ber!* also, have weeded out everybody i haven't chatted with/mailed in a year. oh yeah, if u're not a fren, u will not be on my gtalk, facebook or orkut. simple. also, if any of u have added me "because you had my id", delete me. NOW! or at least, don't try & chat with me d next time u see me online! the whole creepy line of "friends are strangers till they become frenz", or wotever the crap is, doesn't work with me!

p.s.: if you have my id BCOZ i gave it to u, PLZ chat with me! :)

Nov 28, 2007


me: i hate the cold! i hate the thought of going outside or doing anything. wish i cud just hibernate through the winter months. get into a burrow and not step out or do anything till winter's done with! of course, with food. and drink.

V: *looking around at the dark, warm apartment*


and how is THIS any different?

p.s.: edited to add: image found on corbis. explains EXACTLY what i feel like doing :)

Nov 26, 2007

yeh hai meri kahani...

since i'm told that i'm good at doing tags *it's one of the few times i write a decent read* am picking this from preethi.

i was introduced to the concept of blogging quite early. 2002, i think. a much-younger copywriter colleague *who went ahead to transform into a super super junior of mine at MICA* was into bloggin and mailed me his URL to browse. i read thru his space. i liked it, yes. but i didn't pay much attention to it then. i thought this was some kiddie thing! also, i was too absorbed in my "career", back then! *'course i told him he shud keep writing. i'm nice that ways!*

years later, in 2005, minal mailed me her blog URL. she took to blogging as a respite, i guess. from what, i don't know. but she didn't want to tell anyone she blogged. and she was sharing this with me ONLY for feedback! i read one piece, and i got quite hooked. i loved her blog, her writing style... i could relate to everything she was writing about. i thought this was mostly due to the fact that i knew her and could visualize everything clearly! i started making time to read her blog in my extremely chaotic days @ work. it was a kind of a respite to me! whenever i needed a break, i'd login to her space and read.

personally, i always wanted to write. since junior college. it was one of the things on my list-to-do-before-i-die. write. i didn't know what i wanted to write. but i did write nice, lucid mails to most of my frenz. whenever i had the time. a few of my close frenz always insisted that i should write; and that i'd be good at it. i usually thought they were just being the good frenz they were & indulging me.

after i got married, quit my job and shifted to the US, i thought "why not!?" so i started this space. i didn't really tell anyone about it coz i didn't understand why anybody would want to read it. i was writing merely coz i loved to. and also - as an afterthought - because someday, i'd like to read all this and laugh at myself! then, i posted the blog URL on my orkut profile. i still don't know why i did that. maybe i wanted suruchi & minal *they were my only frenz on orkut then who read* to read my blog, but was too shy to mail across a URL! *yeah, am silly that ways!* and sure enuf, they'd read and tell me they'd read it... *they still do. sweethearts u both are!* then eventually, vellapanti set in. i started checking out other blogs, liking what i read... commenting when i liked something someone had written. and i realized that this virtual world was indeed very comfy. i haven't looked back since. to the extent of being termed a "geek" in those silly tests i've started loving!

i've made some really kewl frenz here. *dotcomrades, as fuzzy says* and over the one year 3 months that i've been blogging, there have been times that i write ONLY coz i know that you enjoy reading this. why, is something only u can answer.
really. feel like saying thanks to all of u - for reading, appreciating and giving me feedback. i love reading ur comments/mails. so keep them coming! i AM vain, that ways!

Nov 25, 2007

Nov 24, 2007

secrets revealed...

back from a lovely thanksgiving time-out and returning to fuzzy's tag. here it goes... the 22 questions men wanna know answers to. *btw, who ARE these men who need to ask to know!?* fuzzy's done this really well, and all i'm gonna do is be honest. afterall, it's all in the name of enlightenment of some poor souls.

1. How do you feel after a one night stand?
If i gave so much emphasis on "feelings", i wouldn't have a one night stand, eh?!

2. Do you ever get used to wearing a thong?
sure! what is the perceived issue here?

3. Does it hurt?
HURT? why would it hurt..?! what exactly have u tried...?

4. Do you know when you are acting crazy?
yeah. i can see it in ur face. and it makes me enhance the act.

5. Does size really matter?
you'd hate to believe it, but it does. yes!

6. When the bill comes, are you still a feminist?
i'm never a feminist. but if u ask me out, and u decide where to go - u foot the bill!

7. Why do you take so long to get ready?
12.5 mins is NOT long!

8. Do you watch porn, too?
no. somehow, it's not my kinda thing. but u carry on.

9. Will something from Tiffany’s solve everything?
hmm... if it's between u & me, a lot of somethings may. but if it's global warming u're looking to remedy, then it won't.

10. Are guys as big of a mystery to you as you are to us?
LOL! good joke there! *and since u won't get that answer* NO!

11. Why do you sometimes think you look fat?
because i'm wearing three layers of clothing to resist the chill outside!

12. Why are you always late?
this is a weird question. i am not always late. and if i am, it's either my hormones to blame or then, i'm pregnant.

13. Does it bother you when we scratch?

14. Do you wish you could pee standing up?
in winters. when the toilet seat freezes. YES.

15. Why do so many women cut their hair short as soon as they get married?
to vent out against the stylist who refuses to let them cut their hair for at least 3 months before the blastid wedding!

16. How often do you think about sex?
a lot less than u.

17. What do you think of women who sleep with guys on the first date?
poor guy. they don't wanna go on a second date with that man!

18. Would you?
blasphemous question. i am no longer in the running for first dates. sleeping with a hypothetical date is surely out of question?

19. Do you realize every guy wants a girl just like his mom?
no, he doesn't. he wants superwoman. and he knows his mom isn't one.

20. Why does every woman think she can change him?
we all "hope" for a better tomorrow, don't we?

21. Does it matter what car I drive?
no, honey. as long as u drive a car from this century.

22. Do you ever fart?
yes. but the fact that u've never known that, means that it's not something to feel proud of or brag about.

i tag upsi, plush, pixie, galadriel and all u women out there who haven't done this tag yet!

Nov 20, 2007

"spirited" knocking!

it's WAY past halloween. the light outside our apartment has conked off. and i'm mentally unprepared for being spooked.
we were indulging in ideal weekend-nite entertainment. watching a psycho-horror flick with V. LATE, for a change.

it's approx 12.29 AM, and ALMOST the climax. u know the types when the alleged "ghost" reveals itself? with sound effects et al...? the scene where most normal people get spooked?

as is wont, V's extremely sleepy. it's WAY past his usual bed-time, u know? like TWO hours past...?? and he can't sleep without brushing & flossing his teeth. AND he's kinda a scaredy cat, so this is the perfect moment to avoid scary scene and still look like a hero!

in short, i'm watching it by myself. sitting on our "couch for 2" in the purrfectly dark house.

and then, suddenly, as the ghost in d movie's about to appear. there's a KNOCK on our door. umm... KNOCK? OUR DOOR? nobody ever knocks here. not even in broad daylight! and it's 12 something at night!!!
i - being the kewl kat that i am - very nonchalantly IGNORE IT! presuming that V wouldn't have heard it. but then, there's another knock!
this time i decide to not ignore it. i reduce the volume of the movie. by this time, V's out. of the bathroom, i mean! and staring at the door like someone's gonna bust it!

we stare at each other. i pause the movie. and then, we both stare at the door!

by this time, there's ANOTHER knock!

and V having mustered up enough courage, switches on the light & says *in an amazingly unwavering voice* "who's it?"
and a couple of blabbering voices mutter "sorry, really sorry!" and rustle down the stairs!

humans! DRUNK humans! and here we were thinking of supernatural spirits knocking on our door. THIS is what happens when u watch too many bad hindi movies. u believe ghosts would actually "knock" before coming in. huh!

Nov 19, 2007

geeky?? me?!?

i always thought i was one of the "kewler", non-geeky ones who walked this planet.
so what if i like and remember LOTR. *the book AND d movie*
so what if i've read all of tolkien's works. *i believe he's the best!*
so what if i get anxious if i don't check my mail every few hours.
so what if i prefer email/text messaging for communicating.
so what if i still read comics and enjoy animated movies.
so what if i live more in the virtual world rather than the supposed "real" world.
so what if i love reading and can read for days (cross out) hours.
so what if i thought that selling mobile content started from understanding the technology *and d markets! but who asks for that in quizzes?!* it works on.
so what if i still tease V for being geeky! *personally, i think geek guys are rather hot!*

so... it just means this:

71% Geek

go on! try it. come back and tell me if u're geekier!

Nov 14, 2007

bag-load of fear...

i love traveling light. normally, if i'm traveling even for a week, all i need is either a large hand-bag or a haversack-sized carry-on bag. that's mainly coz my clothes don't take up too much space. they're usually anti-crease, so i can stuff them! it's d shampoo/conditioner bottles, d body-wash, photo id's & the footwear which takes up space. which reminds me... i HAVE to go & check out the camileon heels. they're adjustable heels. so u can wear one pair of shoes as almost-flats & then attach the heel & there u are! all set to party in ur stilletoes! so u can save considerable space in ur luggage. but i'm digressing...

i don't know when d fascination for traveling light started. but over a period of time, i've figured out why.

for starters, i'm terrified... no PARANOID about airlines losing my luggage! i know there is no basis for this. but heyy, it's paranoia! u can't expect it to be logical, can ya?! i just think that every time i check in my luggage, the airline person looks at me with a gleam in their eyes... with the kind of look that says "there go ur beloved possessions! didn't u learn not to be so possessive of material comforts!?" of course, that is SO not true. but i still think so! and i look positively like an apprehensive kitten while waiting for my luggage at the conveyor belt. more so, if it's taking forever to come!

which brings me to d other aspect. when the bags start rolling out on the conveyor belt, i'm petrified that i won't be able to identify my bag! and i'd let it pass around. and that d airline would then refuse to return my bag to me coz it was unclaimed. and i'd be stuck with no bag. all coz i was stupid! i thought this happened only to me. but last time at the NY airport, i noticed THREE other people. all looking equally worried. and checking tags on every other bag that passed them by. i presumed it was coz they cudn't identify their bags either! of course, i've quickly solved this issue by buying bright orange bags! i haven't seen too many other orange bags, so mine are easy to spot!

also, i don't like to wait. all sorts of things prop up in my head while i'm waiting for my bags to arrive! and it brings out the bitch in me. which, is not nice. at all. all these factors put together means that i simply ensure that i travel really light! after all... if u're scared enuf of something, u'll do everything u can to avoid it. and i do.

Nov 13, 2007

pure hungama!

there are milestones in all our lives. u know, moments/time-spans that change u forever? there have been a few so far for me... clearing my CAT... getting thru the 2 years at MICA... surviving the madness of mumbai *there! i didn't say b'bay!*, d oman experience, joining hungama, getting married & leaving all of that behind me...

though i maintain that MICA did change me a lot. i think hungama, by far, affected me more. i am not yet sure whether all of that "effect" was positive or negative. maybe, as always, it was both.

it was here, that i realized my passion for bollywood. uptil then, i always knew i liked hindi films and cud sit thru them all. but never had i been concerned with how their music fared or whether their stars were saleable! i had favorites based on their actual acting skills instead of saleability! i would've turned up my nose at the suggestion that i might say "i like himesh" *of course, i like him!* or would've called u delusional if you'd said that "Panditji Bataayina Biyaah Kab Hoi" is a super hit movie. and ravi kishen and nagma are stars. or made you rinse ur mouth with toilet disinfectant if you'd suggested that i knew nigar khan's biodata & exactly how many slutty pics of hers were in d database. i would've disowned u if u'd told me that a mere month into the place and i'd be able to quote rakhi sawant *?!* and how she is very "profeshunal" and why!

over a year there, and how the tables had turned! i not only knew all of the above, rakhi sawant's sound bytes became lunch-time conversation! and d latest slutty star-aspirant was known to us on a first-name basis! and there was a time when i didn't need to refer to the database to know what content we had rights to! i knew all 52000 odd albums with song titles & imagery! GOSH!

but it was here that i met the most amazing people! as diverse as could be. as crazy as possible. it was here that i felt normal. normal to be completely me: quirky and insane. i had never worked with so many women before hungama happened. i didn't know it was possible for me to get along with them. but then, i had never worked in a "yellow" office earlier. neither had i followed bollywood data so keenly. i didn't realize when it moved from being a job to a way of life. and i guess that happens to anyone who is dedicated to their job in hungama.
suruchi had first mentioned d likeness to a cult, which i researched *due to ample free time!* and asserted even further!

a lot has changed there since i've left. *realization dawned when i'd gone to office in sept* but the chaos which got us all together & helped us bond, still reigns supreme. and i hope the new bunch there can learn to derive order off it! and i hope, we, who're out of it now... can learn to move on! and not evaluate movies by "ours" and "that's not ours!"

p.s.: no, i wasn't paid to do this by hungama. they don't need d publicity. also, payments and hungama are a topic we shall not get into on a public forum!

Nov 12, 2007

lost. and found.

Saturday noon. V comes home after 2 hours in his precious lab. on a weekend. to me. who greets him with a sad face.
V: *defensively* i'm on time! *d time he'd sed he'd be back*
me: i can't find my white sandals. *with a VERY sad face*
V: huh? *can't believe it's not about him!*
me: I CAN'T FIND MY WHITE SANDALS! *thinking it was volume that got d reaction*
V: why?
*can there be a dafter question?!*
me: *too sad to realize above-mentioned truth* i don't know.
waiting for sympathetic sounds. none coming.
me: come. help me find them.
V: realizing there's no way out walks with me into my closet.
me: *pointing in the mess of multiple footwear, clothes, shoe-bags, jewelery box, empty bags etc...* see? no white sandals.
V: ollay. see!! *points to beige sandals* that one!?
*me follows finger excitedly till i realize what he's pointing at*
V: *identifying d glare he's getting* umm... OFF-white?
me: THAT is beige! the WHITE ones. the strappy white ones?! they're not here!
V: *noticing the state of the closet* must be here somewhere!
me: NO! it is NOT!
V: let's check again tomorrow, okay? with a fresh mind?

after a couple of mails. and scraps. i get a reply. from suruchi. to my on-the-verge-of-tears question of "have i left my white sandals at ur place?" she replies with a "YES. u HAVE." *i quote her there!*

i KNEW i was glad to have her in my life! this just cements it further! at least i can now hope to have them back by d summer when i can actually wear them!

Nov 8, 2007

cheap thrillz...

there are few things i enjoy more in life than harassing what are known as "poor, innocent souls". *the poor there does NOT refer to financial status, plz!* these creatures are categorized into "case-takeable" by my and my esteemed group of close frenz! *and they'd know what i mean if they were reading this!* sometimes, V also falls under this category. i honestly derive tremendous pleasure from "taking his case" as i put it. but that's done coz of lack of adequate human contact these days!

everyone's like this, rite? i think it's human to try & find humor where u can. so what if it's at the expense of ur clients, bosses, colleagues or even juniors. i have avoided harassing people who report into me. but it's difficult! maybe, that was one of the reasons they had to go through 6 resources in d span of a year to find me one good resource! *2 of those were really bright & survived!* but most often, people i torment have no idea that they're being tormented. it's just me. and a few frenz. getting cheap thrills!

picture this:
u're a month old in the organization. u were supposed to send in a status report on monday morng. it's thursday noon, u're chatting arbitly with ur colleague. who sits to ur left. and your boss walks up to you and asks you with a puppy face "will you plz mail me the report?"
i looked at him, cocked an eyebrow and said "do i have to?" *d tone there prolly meant i won't*
flustered boss doesn't know how to explain that he also reports to people who will ask him abt that report. *THIS is why he's case takeable, if u haven't got it yet!*"please. whenever u have time today *i'm CHATTING?!* it will take only 5 minutes. i will be asked questions otherwise. please?"
by this time, i was truly amused!
"i'll think about it. rite now, i don't feel like doing it."
and, he ACTLY walked off!!! see? he had NO idea i had already mailed d report to his boss.
geez! i quit the job soon after. would've become a purrfect bitch otherwise. but yes, in his defense, he was a VERY nice human being. still is, i guess. and he prolly deserves better, more docile co-workers!

mr. teddy. another of my indirect bosses on an assignment.
now, mr. teddy is an amazingly adorable human being. *he's firang and doesn't speak hindi. so his team either abuses him openly or teaches him hindi abuses. i'm FAR better*. but he is VERY case takeable. to my credit, i never tortured him in front of his juniors, seniors or even in front of my team! this was d one exception.
was my second day in office. i was d only person from my team in d offc. mr teddy thought i looked a little lost. this, despite the fact that i'd already worked with 4 of his 5 team members! *i wasn't socialising openly coz i was already chatting online with them!* so he sent a meeting invite to his team to introduce them to me & vice versa. now, of course, his team is also formed of evil creatures like me. so they immediately set off taunting mr. teddy and bitching abt how unnecessary the whole meeting was. with me!
i, personally thought it was very thoughtful, so i accepted the meeting invite. *okay, okay! i knew his team had rejected d invite and wanted to see how mr. teddy would react* and mr teddy being his own sweet self had no idea how to tell this new, young, sweet girl yeah, yeah, he thot i was all that! am a good actor* that nobody else had accepted the invite! at the annointed hour, i put on my daftest face & walked across to mr teddy, smiled and said "we have a meeting?" mr. teddy was all flustered. his face was turning red *i realized later, this is a routine occurence* tried looking to his team sitting around him for support... but they were busy trying not to laugh. so mr. teddy smiles, and sez "yeah. but. these guys are busy... let's do it when ur team's in, eh?"
i cocked an eyebrow at him and gave him one of my puppy faces and said "are u implying that i'm not busy? wow! anyways. let me know whenever ur team has time to meet me." and i looked very upset. *yeah, i sed i can be an excellent actor!*
mr teddy felt really bad for me and took it upon himself to reprimand each of his team members later, individually, for having been rude. sorry, guys!
after this incident, however, i was ALWAYS extremely civil to mr. teddy. more than his team was! and he never got to know that i wasn't genuinely upset that day either. he still thinks i'm a good, sweet gurl.

see? there's no harm in a li'l bit of humour, is there. it doesn't make u a bad person. and of course, u aren't guilty if ur crime can't be proved! and these cheap thrills kind of make at least those days less drab!

Nov 7, 2007

feel at home...!

i don't celebrate all indian festivals with aplomb. my folks tried to instill in me a wanting to celebrate most major fests... but somehow, i cudn't relate to any of them. except for the food associated with them, that is! but diwali? it's like maggi hot and sweet tomato chilly sauce. it's different.

diwali has a lot of vivid memories in my head. as long back as i r'ber, we've celebrated diwali. now i don't say "we" as in the human race or the indian race or anything like that. "we" pertains to my family. my mom, my dad, my bro, my dogs and my cat(s). the latter depending on which years i am referring to.

diwali, to me, is associated with the cleaning up of the entire house. preening and pruning the garden, which usually my mom did for months before the actual day! d shopping... which was done weeks before when our diwali holidays for school began! *this was when i still enjoyed shopping* the rising early in the morning on diwali day. *i've never woken up that early except on diwali! but yeah, it felt good only on diwali day.* the dressing up and watching my bro & dad light crackers outside... huddling up inside the house with my beloved pets cause we hated the loud noise-making firecrackers... lighting diyas on the steps leading to the house.. in d garden... in all the windows... while my cat looked on. in awe, i guess. coz that was the only time he saw me do anything constructive around the house!
decorating the window sill with streams of marigold & lilies...with the entire flower basket on the ledge along with me, and the cat; who, obviously fascinated, would insist on lying down on the flowers. *not a good idea if ur cat is 7 odd kgs heavy!* the dog, jealous that she could not climb up on the ledge while the cat could, would keep looking at us... and refuse to let d cat near me once i was down from the ledge... of lighting sparklers and watching them fascinated... of watching ma draw the rangoli and trying in vain to not let the cat step on it...

later, as we grew older and moved out of home, diwali was the only time that we, as a family came together. all four of us. so it became extra special. we went out of town after laxmi pooja and returned after 3-4 days... that's as much leave as we got! we didn't have the dogs anymore, so that was one concern off our minds. *our dogs didn't eat in our absence, so kennels were out of the picture* i remember the trips to alibaug, to the konkan coast, exploring the beauty of the non-touristy villages, the virgin beaches, the simple, non-commercialized folks... they all, somehow, are associated with diwali in my head!
the weather's usually really adorable at this time of the year. neither too cold, nor too warm. just right! for lovely, long drives... evenings at the beach... or just sitting around and talking to each other...

this will be my second diwali away from home. last year didn't feel so bad coz we were at my cousin's place. maasi was here. and it felt almost like home. this year's a little different. my folks and bro are together... and i feel kind of left out of the whole thing. so it's now reduced to chatting with frenz back home, telling them how much i miss home and garner some sympathy! lol!
now it's more like upto me to make it feel like diwali for both of us. so, off i go to clear and clean the mess of an apartment... light up the tea-lights and candles, and place the beeyootiful flowers that the mad man i married got me without a reason! again! yeah, now that i think of it, it does feel like home!

p.s.: wish all of u a very very rockin' diwali!

Nov 6, 2007

7 B'days and a Wish

november's THE b'day month! either there are too many people born in this month, or it's just something to do with me & scorpios.
so here's my ONE WISH for each of u. i'm not mentioning acquaintances here... just people who mean or have meant something to me at some point of time in this life.
let's start from today *coz i've already wished d 3 ppl who were born before today*
Nov 6.
AAH: ex-colleague, good person.
i wish u find d weirdest boxers in d world! four per day of the year, so that someday, u can sell them in the antiques roadshow!

Minal: it's winter and she's currently hibernating. but she'll be back. for u, my dearest fren, i wish u get that wish, which is hidden in d deepest, darkest corner of ur heart. that, which u're scared to voice. that, which will bring u everything u have ever wished for. really, really wish this for u, babes. and yes, do stay the same. u mean a helluva lot to me. i wish we cud throw u another surprise party at my place like we did years ago @ champa 23! someday, we will.

Nov 9: Dr. Mo. "the boss".
i wish u make more time for urself and ur family. the rest... u know what u want and how to get it. so i won't wish for it!

Nov 13: JPS
i wish u can sort out ur head and be happy. genuinely, i do. i wish u have a fantastic year ahead of u. and oh yeah! may u have multiple sets of multi-colored twins! HEE HEE!

Nov 17: Ren.
i wish u find d patience and d strength to adapt and get things to adapt for you.

Nov 18: PT. good fren, better person.
i wish u find the answers to all the questions. and of course, wish u happiness. always!

Nov 22: GPS!
i only wish there were more people like u. and somehow, they were my frenz too. inshallah!

hope u all have wonderful b'days!

Nov 2, 2007

look for books...

trishna had tagged me to write abt my fave indian author books a couple of months ago. i hope i'm not too late with it!

i love reading. but i must say, i was biased. i thought indian authors lacked the depth, the fantasizing that made me like reading. and then, i went thru this indian author phase, which lasted almost 3 years! after reading anita desai, preethi nair, kiran desai, tarun tejpal, jhumpa lahiri and a host of others, i realized i DO like indian authors. besides the ramayana, which is an all-time fave, these are d FIVE titles that make it tops.

book title: beyond indigo
author: preethi nair.
her '100 shades of white' is definitely more popular. but this one's a treasure. a simple, kind-of-chick-lit tale. i can relate really, really well to Nina, the protagonist. when i first read it, it was like someone had written about me. and i could SO relate to the writing style. if i ever write a book, it'll be like this!

book title: black friday
author: S. Hussain Zaidi
this book has been researched for 4 years. and is completely factual *or at least as close to facts as can be* extremely detailed, it highlights the conspiracy and the investigation that ensued vis-a-vis the march '93 blasts in mumbai.
i did like anurag kashyap's effort on the movie as well.

book title: queen of dreams
author: chitra bannerjee divakaruni
i like her style. have read all that she's had published. this book is my favorite. it transports me to a different reality. simple language and very lucid. absolutely delightful read.

book title: maximum city
author: suketu mehta
very hyped, so i won't say much. a view of mumbai from the eyes of an Indian who's used to living abroad. very nicely captured. there're moments in this book which set it apart from all others in its league.

book title: girl alone
author: rupa gulab
all time favorite chick-lit. her sense of humour rocks! an awesome blend of wit, non-mushy romance and saucy tips on surviving alone in a big bad (?) city. an absolutely wonderful coffee shop or travel read.

i'd like to tag galadriel & ketan to take up this tag, though it is open for anyone who hasn't already done it.