Jan 25, 2010

break it!

due to inexplicable *as yet* and unavoidable circumstances, i'm off this space till march 8, 2010.
i may pop in once a while... but since i'm not going to even check mails, that can't be guaranteed.
will try and catch up with all the blogs i frequent, once i'm back. didn't want to leave without a notification... so here it is. for those of you who bother reading me/leave comments. love y'all. and i'll see you all soon. here, of course. *pavi & G - i will call you soon! :)*

till then... stay safe and stay happy.

Jan 18, 2010

photos... phinally.

by public demand, here are pictures from the guest house, where we were put up for a couple of days till they set our apartment right.

the view from the dining room - that's the sun attempting to set, not rise!

the frozen lake...
and my fave pic... :)
the rest will be mailed to you (if i have your id, and if you want them) once i upload them on picasa.

Jan 13, 2010

learnings in the adirondacks!

learning 1: in the winter, never EVER switch off the heat in your house if you're going to be away. more so, if you're away for over a day! or 5 days, in our case.*you knew it?! GOOODD for you!*

learning 2: always... and i mean, always, KNOW where the mains are located. not just for electricity, for water as well.

learning 3: when you get back after a couple of days to a frozen house, do NOT yank up the heat! yes, even though you may be freezing. even though the faucets are frozen and there is not a drop of water in the house! do NOT yank up the heat. you may risk - like we did - a pipe bursting, and the entire apartment getting flooded in approx 15 mins.

learning 4: the trudeau maintenance guys totally rock!! they were prompt, came up rather late in the night... managed to find us a place to stay at that hour (in a city that sleeps around 7). M even managed to drive up to the guest house at way past 10 to make sure we had groceries, our sheets were clean and we were okay. AND she was really sweet about it. i don't think anyone anywhere else would do as much, as promptly, for tenants! that too, with a smile. i guess they really are nicer folks around here.

so well, here i am. at the trudeau guest house. using the free wi-fi and blogging. second thing in the morng. first, of course, i took pictures of the gorgeous steiner cottage and the marvelous view from here - the frozen lake! :)
yeah, a tiring day, a 5 hour drive, a flooded apartment... fades away in my memory when i wake up to a view like this!
but i do hope i can go back home soon!