Oct 30, 2006

d times - they're a changing!

sunday - woke up late. had a leisurely b'fast. played boggle, hangaroo... sunday was going the way a perfect weekend shud!
thought of calling home. checked the time. was still only 12.30! hmm... should be around 23.00 at home. okay time to call. called up.. and scared the in-laws! they wondered why i was calling them at mid-nite! mid-nite? must be some confusion. maybe they slept early... never mind.

around evening, i switched on the tube to watch 'the war at home' *which, for inexplicable reasons, i've started liking*. only to find 'the simpsons' starting off. huh? since when did they shift the timings??

went out to shop a bit. and y is the store closing down? there's an hour more till closing time.

that, is when reality struck!

the times have changed! while i slept in bliss, some unseen, unheard of devil went out & changed all the clocks of the world & forgot all about me! so here i am, in this strange land, where everybody has rewound their watches by an hour to live happily in sync with the rest of the world. while i still struggle to figure out "have the times changed?"

Oct 27, 2006

the grey havens

came across something that SO accurately describes what i feel like writing rite now...

still around the corner there may wait
a new road, or a secret gate;
and though I oft have passed them by,
a day will come at last when I
shall take the hidden paths that run
west of the moon, east of the sun

tolkien rocks!
don't know how, but each time i read LOTR, there's a new perspective it lends me...

Oct 20, 2006

to hell with shopping!

i love to believe i'm incredibly efficient. in everything i do. so, recently when i decided to go shopping, i went online, wrote down all the numbers of the dresses in which i was interested, and was ready *mentally, as well* to get them on and off to make the evening brief. *believe it or not. i'm one woman who doesn't take infinite pleasure in loooong shopping trips!*

this is why i decided i'd rather shop in b'bay!

first, the woman at the store seemed confused by the numbers. *i do NOT wish to comment on intellectual innocence in this developed country!*
me: i thought this would help you locate the dresses faster
she stared at me without ANY expression. but i never give up, do i?
me: do these numbers not help you find the dresses?
she : uh, no. cause, like, i'll have to go online & look up the dresses for you.
me: but that's exactly what I did for YOU. to save both of us time.
i give her a wide smile!
she: umm... see, i don't know about the numbers. i have to know what the dresses look like & then look them up in the racks. can you just look through this booklet and find which ones those numbers go to?
me: umm... are u telling me that u arrange the dresses NOT by the numbers allocated to them, but by HOW they look?

i guess that sentence was too long, too confusing or had too many BIG english words in it. all i got was a blank stare in return. no dress. no help.

there were TWO dresses shortlisted.
she: do u, like, want to buy them, like, now?
huh? uh, well, NO! i enjoy ascertaining the levels of daftness in developed countries! *of course, i didn't say that!!*
me: if u find them and they look good on me, i might.
she: like, uh, i'll have to find them

well THIS is a shop. YOU get commission on sales, don't ya? you have to find the dresses and let people try them on. THAT is what results in a sale. or does it work some other way 'round here?? now, i'm confused!
after sighing, shrugging, looking lost, making puppy faces - ALL of which i ignored...
she: ok. i'll do it. it is just, like, going to take awhile. but you can, like, go look at shoes or something?

WHAT? YOU are going to take more of MY time? so that YOU earn a hefty commission? WOW! i wish i had the intellectual innocence to pull that off!

needless to say, i walked out. no dress. no cure for depression.

Oct 19, 2006

DO something!

picture this: it's tuesday, max wednesday. u're working. your friend calls. very excited about something. the question of the hour: "what's the plan for the weekend?"
picture this II: u walk into office on monday morning & ur team members *or others at "work"* ask "so, how was ur weekend. what did u do?"
picture this III: u're unemployed. a happy housewife *if there's anything like that. otherwise, i win the 'pioneer-of-the-term' medal* friends, family, well-wishers; all of them ask u every time you chat: "what did u do? how was the weekend?"

umm... well... i do nothing. and it is the most awesome experience! to me, at least!

why's it perceived to be so important to be doing something. all the time. i mean, how often have u got back from a lazy, idle weekend *a really peaceful one, at that too* and been interrogated by well meaning peers/friends/colleagues...

i used to dread the question "how was ur weekend?" because mine was always AWESOME if i did nothing. i mean, heyy! i LOVE doing nothing! does that make me a lesser mortal? well, if it does, so be it!

my idea of a purrfect weekend is to stay at home, eat good food *pref cooked by sum1 else*, go for a drive or a walk, read a good book with some hot chocolate/coffee and sleep early after having woken up late! hmm... wow! but i'm digressing.

y is it that people think u've had a good weekend, only if u say something like "yeah, kewl. went snorkelling/rafting/camping." or "great. partied till i crashed" or "fun. watched back2back movies, partied, went snorkelling & crashed out"
well, if i had a weekend like that, i'd be SO dead on monday, i'd probably need the week off to recuperate! besides, i wonder, why do people have so many expectations froma weekend?

must be tuff. living upto expectations. eh? i wouldn't know. haven't tried it. but i know one thing. when the grass on the other side doesn't look green, well, THAT is when u shud know NEVER to cross-over!

Oct 9, 2006

home, sweet home

me: am missing home.
hubby: hmm...? uh... what?
me: u never listen to me! there's no internet, so i can't talk to anyone who listens to me. i'm feeling SO isolated! what do i do?
hubby: what did u say?
*after yours truly glares at husband, he quickly retrieves *attempts to* lost ground.
no, what did u say before the long sentence...?

me: i'm missing home. *when hubby's a PHD, u don't bother glaring for too long. u just repeat!*
hubby: now?
me: yes. now! i want to go home.
hubby: u're missing home? or u want to go home?
me: i'm missing hme. that's why i want to go home!
hubby: hmm...
me: that's it? that's all u have to say?
hubby: well... what do i say. i thought u ARE at home.

that is enough. to leave me speechless. AND for a big hug!