Apr 1, 2008

irritably indispensable

ever wonder how those really, REALLY irritating people find a niche task/job and then make themselves really good at it. so good that u HAVE to tolerate them in order to get that particular task done?


MJS said...

Looks like someone is reading my mind!
BTW, what's the context?

Solitaire said...

Uh oh! Never been through that. Good luck to you!

Galadriel said...

Ask an oceanographer! :P

Thinking aloud said...

indispensable? i've heard of that..i'm one ;)

but irritably indispensable? u not had a fight with V? have you?...(*ducking away...)

seriously...tho...lemme go back and take a peek into my list of irritating people and match this characterstic with them...(i hav ethis habit of blocking irritants out)

c u soon..:)

rayshma said...

suma: hehee... no, no.. no fight with V! we don't admit *even to each other* that we're indispensable! ;)
i block irritants out too.. but sometimes, in such cases, i need them! :(

galadriel: i didn't mean u. i promise. :P

solitaire: hmm... i shall introduce u to the context here. shortly. :D
actually, i quite like u... so i shall not!

mrids: context can't be mentioned here... will tell u over chat sometime! :)

alice-in-wonder said...

i SO know. But kya karein, such is life. :)