Sep 19, 2006

kat kallz

just read something which made me think...... i'm becoming increasingly like garfield!

garfield on being fat: we get heavier as we get older as we have more information in our heads. So i am intelligent, not fat. as my head could not hold anymore, it is starting to fill up the rest. thats my story and i am sticking to it.
well... how true... am on my way there! think i cud adopt the story?

garfield: the only thing active abt me is my imagination
me too! me too!!

garfield: I've reached the pinnacle of laziness and gluttony...

garfield: good morning is a contradiction
truer words were seldom spoken

garfield: cats are poetry in motion, dogs are gibberish in neutral
dogs follow orders, cats merely take the message & say they'll get back to u.

garfield: we cats didnt invent the nap, we merely perfected it
purrfection, here i come!

garfield: i love lasagna
i love ANYthing with cheese

i hope i don't start resembling the way he looks, though. jim davis might need royalties from me too, then!

1 comment:

Pavi!!!! said...

Hope things are gettin better wit u...Decided to visit ur old posts...coz im missing u so much. Starting wit the ones that Suruchi had highlighted

haha...this one is so funny!Ur a cattty gurl indeed! n hey i agree with good mornining being an oxymoron!