Dec 1, 2007


disclaimer: u're not allowed to dissociate with the writer after reading the following.

most of u know that i have a penchant for watching corny, over-hyped, utterly short all kinds of bollywood flicks. thot i'd shortlist the top 5 movies i've had the most fun watching. was rather difficult to shortlist. but that cud be owing to the trait of finding humour where probably none is intended. this list, however, will be restricted to the top 5. ONLY.

criteria for selecti
on: entertainment value ONLY.
i think the follg movies shud charge 23.7% extra as entertainment tax. coz that's the only thing they do. entertain. of course, u have to have a decent SoH and good company to appreciate the "subtle" humour in a non-comic caper.*

1. HDKG: love connects.
allegedly based on a "true story". a laugh-riot from the first dialogue! after all, how many movies do u see that start with an explanation for the base line!? for months after i saw it, i knew all the corny lines from this movie and i could cite them at the most (in)appropriate occasions! i'd have loved to quote d dialogues here, but translating them would kill the implied jokes. i was engaged to V when i saw this movie. i r'ber having quoted the ENTIRE movie to vin on the phone *ISD!* that was prolly one of the rare moments when we've spoken all nite on the phone! poor man still married me.

2. lucky: no time for love!

salman's set of 3 expressions. my fave mithunda and d daftest look on the chick's face. *they must've told her to copy salman or smthng!!* everything from "lucky da dhaba" to mithun's entry *which had mrids whistling in the theatre much to the dismay of an already embarrassed Ashish!* we had a "lucky week" in office after that for a week. where i tried my best to imitate "lucky's" expressions. the closest i got was reaching a kareena kapoor level. i know, i should have tried harder, and would have, but i guess it was asking too much of suruchi! *she'd already viewed d movie with me AND embarrassed her husband thoroughly!*

3. RGV Ki Aag.
LOL! hilarious to a fault! this would have been ranked even if it hadn't tried to rip sholay to threads! maybe, it would have ranked higher in that case. u HAVE to see this movie to know what i mean. it's an absolutely classic unintentional comedy. why would i want you to see this? because "hum bhi gandhi nahi hain" if u've seen it, u'll get that one! if u haven't, watch at ur own risk!

4. Aap Ka Surroor: The Moviee - The Real Love Story.
As a principle and part of 'ex-work ethics', i usually don't mock anything "himesh". but it wudn't be fair deny it the place which it SO fights to deserve in this list. absolutely mindblowingly hilarious! be it hansika motwani's "i-wanna-be-bhumika chawla" expressions, mallika sherawat as an ABA & Himesh-loving lawyer, d sidekick who thinks he's being a comic support by cracking jokes a 6 year old wudn't find funny or our hero himself! seeing this movie made me resolve to see all of T's home prods. they're amazingly funny. i know T has nothing to do with d dialogues, but there's one too many co-incidences for me to believe that anymore!

5. shabd.

imagine seeing sanjay dutt with his "i'm-too-studly-to-be-a-writer" look, aishwarya rai looking like she's in a tanishq ad and zayed khan who looks like he's there for the money! the fact that i saw it back to back with BLACK almost threatened to kill d humour. but shabd prevailed. afterall, it's difficult to ignore "words" when they keep raining all over the screen. on a side note, i really liked d concept of shabd... but that's a different story. i also enjoyed this movie later while watching it with suruchi on the telly... egging ashish that his wife followed movies with extra marital affairs rather religiously! d fact that he doesn't take me seriously really helps him!

and oh yes, there were two other movies which i almost listed; salaam-e-ishq & darling. didn't detail them coz this post is already too long for my liking! if u know of any more movies worthy of this listing, do let me know. if i haven't already seen them, i'll sure catch up on them now.

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RR said...

Please to include Saawariya in this list! :D Sure kicked "ass", har,har!

Anand Sarolkar said...

What a deadly list! I am stunned by your capacity to watch these movies.

Am going a bit back in time but Amithabh's Lal Badshah, and a list of Mithun's movies can be included Chandal, Dalal, Military Raj..and there are many more. Watch then if you can :) And yes Sunny's Himmat is also hilarious!

rayshma said...

anand: all these movies were slickly-made, big budget, touted/hyped to be the next big thing! :D
most of the movies u've mentioned, except lal badshah, were comparatively low budget flicks... lal badshah was touted as amitabh's comeback flick or wotever... but d trailers gave it away! :D
p.s.: i like mithun....;) refer: lucky, where we whistled & clapped for him.

rr: i cudn't follow saawariya... LOL! i shall have to see it again...;)

Monsieur K said...

amongst these, i have watched Shabd - and yeah, i did like the concept - and also loved the songs :)

in my list, i would include "kahi pyaar na ho jaaye" :D
seen tht one? especially the song "saawariya rey o saawariya" in which salman, rani, jackie, mohnish behl and wots-her-name - all of them are dancing on stage. absolutely hilarious :D

Preethi said...

havent seen any of this :P but guessing from the tone.. maybe i shud eh??!! I watched chakde and loved it.. but have been quite out of touch with hindi movies.. only yday was thinking of aa ab laut chalen and pyar kiya tho darna kya... olddd... :P but i recall sitting in the theater with my face in my hands...
btw visited your orkut profile.. but cudnt do much there... try looking for my blog and you will come up with my profile.

Orchid said...

inanely bollywood indeed! so, did my story prompt this post?? :)
part dos is up!

rayshma said...

orch: oh no!! urz is a GOOD story! r'ber i'd told u.. was doing a "crazy flicks marathon"? THIS post is a result of!

preethi: found ya, scrapped ya, and added ya! hope tiz ok?! u watch "good" b'wud flicks. only ones ican recco rite now wud be bhool bhulaiyya and jab we met. filmy, but nice. :)

ketan: oh yes!! how cud i forget that! d 'whats-her-name' is kashmira shah! HILARIOUS flick! lol!! and heyy, all of these movies *except Aag* have commercially successful soundtracks! ;)

plush said...

vokkey! now i know what to watch when am "workin frm home"....heehee...

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!I suggest "Jhoom barabar Jhoom" " Ekalavya" "Shakala boom boom" and "Ta ra rum pum" to the list as well:)See I too manage to do my bit to the betterment of badly made flicks:)RGV Ki Aag was soo bad I couldn't even sit through it but PC Man declared it as his utmost duty as a Mallu to support any hindi movie starring Mohanlal and watched it through and through:)

Born a Libran said...

How about adding Jhoom Barabar Jhoom to the list along with Bluffmaster, Laaga Chunari Mei Daag, Kyun! Ho Gaya Na, .....
the list is endless...

Watched them all except Laaga Chunari Mei Daag and watched all the movies in your list too :) I actually thought RGV ki aag was ridiculed more than it deserved...

rayshma said...

libran: hi! u're bang on with jhoom barabar! skipped that!
bluffmaster, i thought was intentionally funny, and LCMD was more boring than funny *to me*... hence omitted! :D
Aag... dunno... as a movie, maybe it was over-ridiculed... but when it's promoted as RGVs tribute to sholay... expectation tend to run high; it's bound to be prone to more criticism than necessary! also, it's individual perspective, i guess...

fuzz: yeah, forgot abt jhoom barabar! :D i haven't seen shaka laka... will sure make it a point to catch it! :D

Pixie said...

Ok, first question - you watched "RGV Ki Aag"? I'm impressed! LOL ;-)

Anand Sarolkar said...

Since the girl and I know each other for last 2 years almost we plan to skip the engagement part:)Getting married in July next year.

So you will have to wait for the pics;)

MJS said...

SAWARIYA will top the list anyday!!!!!!!

Suruchi said...

hmm...u have missed v imp point here...all these movie are on T(hungama)..and u still wouldn't consider blogging (read give importance)non T (non hungama) movies! Aag is the only one to fit the bill of non hungama movie...but guess i know why it featured in ur list here ;) hehehe..miss u babes!

rayshma said...

suruchi: i knew u'd be the only one to get that point. so deleted it after writing it. also, u knew y Aag is featured.. hehehe...!
p.s.: r'ber that HDKG poster? LOL!

mrids: i didn't "enjoy" saawariya as much as i enjoyed these flicks. so no, doesn't top the list.

anand: kewl! congrats again! :)
do post thy love story someday.. :)
wud've tagged u if i'd known earlier!

pix: thankee thankee... hehehe!! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

OH my God RayRay!!!! u saw these movies...i mean u realllllllllly did? I'm not believivng it!!!!

thank god this is not the 1st post of urs that i'm reading as well as the i can't disassociate myself after having read so much of u!!