Apr 3, 2008

aww.../ DAMN!!!

suma tagged me here to write 10 things i hate about men.
honestly, i don't really 'hate' anything. nothing that's ToM at least. but suma, being her kind self, allows me to spice it up!
so, instead of generalizing this and writing about things i hate about men & mankind... i shall write about 5 things that really annoy me about d man i live with! and 5 things i really like. yeah, yeah, about living with him.

so off i go
things that make me go "DAMN!!!"
i. the mess: u don't have to be supremely intelligent or get your PhD to keep your clothes back where they came from or dump them in, and i mean, IN the laundry basket. same for keeping the plates in the sink, socks in the laundry basket, toothbrush(es) back in d holder and so on. u get the drift? and pls! don't put the darned wet towel on the bed!

ii. multi-tasking. or the lack of it: why on earth can't u chat with 3 friends, look for jobs on 2 sites, read blogs, comment on blogs, check mail, talk to me, have breakfast, work on assignment, watch t.v. and play boggle simultaneously?

iii. driving: getting mad at me while "teaching" me to drive doesn't help either of us. remember that "understanding" clause that every girl has on her wish-list for a man? time to put it to use. "understand" that i'm bound to do stupid things. if i didn't, i wouldn't still be learning, would i? i'd be a pro. and probably be zooming around instead of writing this. and no, only because i know the theory perfectly, doesn't mean i am good with practicals. u should know - i'm theoretically perfect. at everything!

iv. cooking: i KNOW u cook well. u taught me, r'ber? but i would really appreciate if you restrict this to weekend breakfasts ONLY. clearing up is not my favorite chore. if it were, we'd get a dog.

v. dishes: about that weekend breakfast? u know, it's REALLY not mandatory to use every utensil in the house to make breakfast. just because i like doing dishes doesn't mean i want to wash them all on the weekends!

now, to things that i go "aww..." about.
vi. cooking: i absolutely LOVE the initiative. most men i know think that if their wives are unemployed, they "should" cook. not u! makes me feel proud of u. till i see the mess, at least! :) also, more than anything, i LOVE the way u like anything i cook! i know it can't all be good. but u seem to actually like it. makes me want to cook.

vii. driving: i love the way u don't stereotype women as bad drivers bcoz ur wife is so disinclined towards driving well!

viii. in sickness & in health: maybe i hadn't ever fallen ill coz it's no fun to be ill and alone. it's reassuring that u're there. and u'll take care of me when i'm not feeling well. physically or emotionally.

ix. connectivity: never told u this, but i really appreciate how "free, hi-speed internet" featured so very high on ur list when we were apartment hunting. esp since u knew u weren't going to get to use it.

x. free entertainment: almost all my friends think that YOU get free entertainment. little do they know how entertaining you can be. i'm never bored when u're home. be it conversations, impromptu jigs or ur singing... very appreciated!

there! that's it! now, i shall run & hide and hope V doesn't read any of this! while u out there... go, do the tag if u wish! give it ur own twist... or do the original if u wish.


DotMom said...

I sooooo relate to multitasking... is it really so hard to multitask?

La vida Loca said...

awww so sweet.
I notice that what makes u go aww also annoys u.

yes it is that hard to multi task. :)

Galadriel said...

Jesus! I'm getting fat by just looking at this blog. *For the uninitiated, I'm talking about the CHEESE*.

Thinking aloud said...

awww....your last 5 points were so very sweet...

multitasking? agree with you wholly!!! and how did i forget to write about mess?

u love doing dishes? i hate it..that's one of the things hubby volunteers to do...(*psst..he better!!!)

and a hubby who cooks..u've got a rare species...don't let him get away;)

all in all loved the way you did this...rayshma...

and v sounds like a hell of a guy...(and i meant that in a good way)

now collect your brownie points rom him and have a blast

Solitaire said...

I think I am going to love this one and will be back for more later!! But 1 sounds like me actually!

Swati said...

Hey I noticed the same thing : I notice that what makes u go aww also annoys u.
and i am with you on dishes and multi tasking.

Orchid said...

congrats on becoming an aunt...no plan on becoming a mom!

TheKing said...

So honest n all..!

Btw, u still hiding? :-)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

So True,So real but still men will continue to be what they were for centuries..lol..no not a chauvenist here...

rayshma said...

comps: absolutely! and no complaints either... i'd rather my guy be unkempt than run off to the salon for a facial! ;)

king: hehe.. i can run, but i can't hide! ;)

orch: thanks gurl... and no, no plans of mommyhood yet! :D

swati: i know... what to do! if he had a blog, he'd probably write about how mentally unstable i am! ;)

solitaire: i thought i was messy too... but he's worse. so i can happily claim higher ground.. ;)

- u've become immune to the mess! :D
- no, i'd rather do the dishes myself. i like that. also, if he does the dishes, i'm not happy with the 'quality of work'... ;)
- trust me, aint letting him go anywhere! :D
and now that we've clarified the last line there... i'd rather get a brownie than the points... ;)hehehe

galadriel: u don't like cheese, eh? then SHOO!!! :P
btw, this was a tag. u know what that means! :P

loca: wow! finally, someone else who can't multi-task... good to know V's not the only one! :D
and yeah, i'm quite confused that way! :D

dotmom: acc to loca & vin, it is. i can't do only one thing at a time, tho... but then, i've never made a good research subject. unless u want warped data!

Pavi!!!! said...

OMG Rayshma! That cld be me talking! Really...i relate to every single "damn" point u made.But the throwing arnd things has kinda come down in the last yr..touchwood!
Driving,cooking,dishes - YES YES YES!

I relate with all the Aww points as well..except driving!I'm totallllly mad at him n he at me, when the learning is in process!

Prats said...

You have weighed your position at home really well and set out on this....Now your hubby will never be bale to frown behind your back..smart woman.

But whatever said....this was a great way of doing the tag...
Many seems like i'm whining here :)
You're lucky with the cooking happening...when you're really not in the mood, it does help to put up your feet and get pampered...the dishes can be done on the weekend.. :D


nice post

Solitaire said...

he really does not stereotype women? That's a WOW!!!

Mahogany said...

Of course we multi-task! Every man I know is capable of juggling up to 2 thoughts in his head, as long as one of them is sport. (Trust me, women think men always think about sex, but men know that sports comes first.)

rayshma said...

mahog: LOL! good to know that! with Vin, the 'sports' cud be replaced by research, i guess! :0) but what happens when there's more than two thoughts, eh?

solitaire: yeah, amazing na?! even my bro stereotypes...

harekrishnaji: thanks!

prats: hehe.. poor guy anyway couldn't frown behind my back... i have eyes in the back, u see... ;)
oh yeah, i love the weekend b'fasts..! :D dishes, me quite likes... :)

pavi: LOL!! i guess we're at an identical stage in our marriages... hehehe... no, we both are mad at each other too.. .and that's why it amazes me that he still doesn't think "women can't make good drivers" he's very persistently trying to make me a part of the 'people who drive well' group :(

Jaswandi said...

came after many days on ur blog...
i love the freshness and ur style of writing!! "sahich"

Sutta said...

Inter-esting! :)

Thinking aloud said...

heh..heh..am i impressed by my
unintentional intelligent typo error...:D

go put it into practice ...;)

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey good one...
for 1-5: men will be men..

for 6-10: still women loves them..lols

mayG said...


wow he helps around the kitchen hehe.. mine's never heard of choreplay.. nothings sexier than hubby helping out with chores nahi?

K 3 said...

Thanks for stopping by. COOL BLOG!

Be back later!

rayshma said...

k3: lol! i'm still so embarrassed that i can barely say welcome aboard! :D

mayg: choreplay!!! :D ROFL!!!! :))
but i SO agree with you... honestly, nothing's sexier than a hubby who helps with chores! :D

nirmal: it's a love-hate r'ship. :)

suma: lol! i think that was quite intentional.. and now u're trying to cover up... ;)

sutta: thank u. welcome aboard.

jaswandi: thanks! :)

Just Like That said...

:-D was just getting acquainted with my collector! You're sooo funny :-D. will be back to read more