Jul 15, 2010


been a while i wanted to do a picture post. but i can't post pics of dewey. and i don't post pics of vin/me. and i wanted to do a pic post only with a living being.

also, i was stalking a squirrel this morning.
yes, i really do have very important things to be doing. which is why, i was indulging in this. and well, since it can't sue me for pictures taken without permission, here goes.

it did cross my mind as to ho
w big this thing was... esp given that it only eats berries and such.
hmm... i wonder how big a cat would have to be to make this its dinner...

Jul 12, 2010

of names. and changing them.

while doing the stereotype tag, i realized i'd forgotten to list down the fact that i haven't changed my surname after i got married. i thought about adding it there, and then didn't.
because i didn't retain my surname so i could go against a stereotype. i didn't do it to rebel. i didn't retain my name coz i'm a feminist. and not because i was leaving everything else behind anyway. in fact, i hadn't even thought about it.
i just didn't. the fact that i didn't have the time to change it when i got married was proven by the fact that nobody thought about it. and now... four years later... it kind of feels futile. now, i realize that i am not sure if i'm okay with changing my surname.

it doesn't mean that i'm not comfortable with adopting the new family.. i have done that, already. i don't need a document to prove it. it's in the conduct.

i don't get the big deal about it.
i have no qualms about admitting that tomorrow, if and when we have a kid, it'll use vin's surname. not mine. like i use my dad's.
because a name is something the parents give you. it is an integral aspect of your identity. apart from a good upbringing, it's the only thing they give you, that remains with you. forever. getting married doesn't mean that you "leave" your family or your identity. not to me, at least.

and most importantly... and this is also the reason i'm not comfortable changing my name, today... it's the only thing i have of my dad's.

i don't see the need to use vin's surname. i have him. with me. every step of the way.
the name is my way of me knowing that my dad is there. with me. every step of the way.
should i give up that feeling just for the sake of not being labelled? not worth it, i think.

Jul 6, 2010

how typical!

having done the anti-stereotype tag... i think i needed to list ways in which i do fit the stereotype.

so here goes:

:: i totally suck at math. yes, i have got better with time, but it's something that takes a lot of effort from me.
:: i LOVE my heels. there's no low-day that a good pair of heels can't fix.
:: i am not ambitious. i don't care if i'm doing a job or earning as much/more than my partner. as long as i'm happy, i don't give a damn.
:: i don't drive. when i did, i could totally understand why men say women make bad drivers. i was the kind that would be proof towards that crap.
:: i love good gossip. i don't spread it around, but i love to be clued-in.
:: i totally love chocolates. dark, but chocolate.
:: i'm an efficient cook. that means, that i can manage to cook a meal that's a little more than edible in less than an hour. that includes clean-up time.
:: i believe that a woman can never have enough of handbags, footwear or jewelry.
:: i do notice shades of colors that men wouldn't be able to name.
:: i prefer a good book to the television. even if the book is chick-lit. in fact, i love chick-lit.
:: i used to follow SATC. i did like it.

Jul 2, 2010


while i'm on a tag-stealing spree... i stole this tag off pixie's...

it's been doing the rounds... and it requires you to list traits of yours that don't fit your gender stereotype.

so, here's my list of sins.
- i don't do fancy romantic dinners very well. i prefer the bar, diner environment more. i love chilling over a beer. and i think diner breakfasts are the best.
- i do not like mush. i hate roses. i hate red heart-shaped merchandise even more. the concept of fancy romantic proposals make me go blech. i do not get "hints". neither do i give them. if i want to say something, i will. and 'nothing' actually means nothing.
- i'm very comfortable in jeans/trousers. i never wore skirt-suits to work. it was always trousers.
- i am quite fond of remote controlled toy cars. and planes. in fact, i love them. i vehemently dislike dolls. barbies included.
- i love telecom. i do understand the technology. what i don't know, i learn it quick. i found it fascinating to decipher how to determine which server had better specifications. or the apps that would work best with droid.
- i was good at programming before i quit it.
- i wouldn't mind spending a day (or more) at home playing video games.
- i don't know how to be 'coy' or ladylike. if i find something funny, i laugh out loud. quite loud.
- i do not get manicures/pedicures, facials or body massages. i don't like them. in fact, i detest salons and go ONLY for the most basic things.
- i do not spend hours getting dressed. it takes me 15 mins to be completely dressed. i also shop real quick.
- i am not weight conscious. i have never dieted in my life. and would rather die than diet. i love eating.