Feb 20, 2009


this space is taking a break.
because the author *heyy... that's what blogger calls me!* needs to find a "real" life as opposed to the virtual.

also, lack of real life leads to nothing interesting to say virtually.

i wouldn't have normally done an "official" announcement of non-blogging... but i think i owe it. to this space. to all of you who think it's worth your time to read it and comment. even those of you who don't comment... thanks for reading.
does mean a lot to me that someone out there would want to read what i write...

i will get back here. for sure.
this space has given me too much to abandon it. this is just a sabbatical.

and yes... all is well with me. i just have nothing to blog about. and i don't want to do tags or fill up this space for the sake of it anymore. have done enough of that in the past two years.

those of you who have my id/are on my FB/orkut - mail me if you wish! or leave me comments. i sure do read them/reply.

prashanti - thanks for the award, darling! appreciate it. i've done that tag already... willl fish up the link and let u know :)

hope to see y'all here soon! and yes, i MAY change the template while on a sabbatical! :D

Feb 6, 2009

tag of the month

pick six, says pix...
so here i am.. .

what i had to do: 
go to the 6th folder in my pics folder.. 
pick the 6th pic.
tell u a story abt it. 

6th folder in my pics.. was "oman"
6th pic there was this. 

this is the fort at barka *a beautiful little village just outside muscat - i think it was an hour's drive away*... made completely with mud.  it's hundreds of years old *this means that i've forgotten how old it is and don't feel like googling!* and in perfectly good condition. it is not, however, open to the public anymore. *i'm guessing THAT is why it's in such impeccable condition.* 
behind it are natural hot water springs. and a valley with little mud houses with absolutely gorgeous colorful doors! the valley had corpses of headless goats. to appease the evil spirits, so they *the spirits* would not devour the cattle or goats owned by the people living there.

brought back memories... this pic. been a while since i saw these pics. remembered how much i'd loved the place... and the warmth of the locals! 

i tag dewdrop, purnima and galadriel... to pick one pic from their albums...and tell us the story behind it. 

Feb 5, 2009

i want my mommy!

over a period of time, this blog has lost the essence of why it was started.
the main reason this space was created was so i could confess.
not just those confessions that would entertain or amuse. but those that i refused to accept while i was in my senses.. or those that i'd never tell anyone to their faces.

coming to the point -
i still hanker for parental acceptance.
there. i've said it. publicly.

almost all my life, i made it very clear that my mom's opinions or decisions about me were not applicable to me. that i didn't care what anyone else thought. i would do exactly what i thought was right for me.
but even then, deep in my heart, i always wanted my mom to understand why i was doing what i was. of course, i was too egoistic to explain or say that to her. but i wanted her to know i cared. while putting on an act of not caring one little bit!
yeah, i never said i was an easy kid.

a lot of water has passed under the bridge from the days of "i'm not asking u, i'm telling you" and "i've already done it. look!" to "yeah, sure! i'll marry him!" today, she even understands that i do love her and will continue to, no matter what! but that's a different topic.

NOW...after all these years... i STILL need her to approve of what i do. to say nice things to me, though she may not understand or mean it! i refuse to stop being the little girl who knew that her mom would still make her fave dinner. despite the fact that she had stomped off into her room and slammed the door shut!
which is why when she tells me how unhappy she is about me "wasting my life" *translated to not working*, or how she believes i should have kids now. i get defensive and yell at her!

this morning, we had a rather heated discussion on how she thinks i should have children. after a few minutes of trying to keep my peace, i told her
"talk to vin. he's more tolerant. will hear you out. and he will say something u would like to hear"
ma: why should i talk to him?! i will talk to you only!
me: i presume that you want me to have kids with him... no?

at this point, she kind of lost her cool and told me to do as i pleased. like i always had. and that she's giving up on me. *i heard this EVERY week when i refused to get married bcoz she wanted me to. i actually missed that line.*
and then, i spent the better half of the morning sulking.
and being nasty to whoever tried to ping me on chat. and then, ultimately realized... no matter how old i am... i'm still gonna need ma to approve of what i do!

now that i'm done with the rant... lemme go burn dinner!

Feb 1, 2009

nuggets of vin-dom

uttered in the past week. by the other half, of course.

how and why he always wanted to get married:
"i wanted to get married when i was in 3rd standard.
i thought if i get married, i won't have to study."
*this from someone doing his PhD... 2 years post marriage!!!*

on DDDs gtalk mesg of "eh kabootar, khau kya terko?"
"she should cut an album...
title it the eh kabootar series..."
*and then he went on to elaborate songs, customising them to fit the album. more on this here on her space.*

"we won't pay galadriel for singing. we won't tell her we're recording.
we'll requeshht her to sing for us... and discreetly record while she's singing.
that way, we won't have to pay her!
hee hee."
*AND, they think i won't tell her!*

on waking me up at 6.00 am every morng and finding me rather slow & grumpy. while he's rather alive and alert!
"this suits us perfectly. our IQs are at an equal.
and u don't have comebacks for everything i say!"

to his mom who asked him to stop troubling me:
"what other work do i have to do?"

on a suggestion from dewdrop that we call our dog "item"
"then what do we call her?"

on galadriel's suggestion that we call our dog "matar paneer"
"erm... what if we accidentally eat him someday?"

on him preferring dewdrop over suruchi as his moral support:
"i know suruchi would be more on my side if ever the need were to arise.
but i can't be scared of my moral support no?"
*i think dewdrop and he are hiding the fact that they're related*

on mail:
"i'll get late today... say 6/6.30?"
*he comes home EVERYDAY after 7. and this was late...?*

this sunday - when he dodged me around the chair saying "kabaddi kabaddi..." touched me and ran to the other corner saying "i got the entire team out... by myself!"
me: you DO know i can blog this, eh?
vin: you won't. if you do, then everybody will know you're not the only mad person here!
*well well... :D*