Jul 5, 2007

consistently hungry

when it comes to food, i'm genuinely consistent. i can still r'ber what i like at which restaurant. and the waiters' names at most places too! of course, i shall not name anyone. what if they don't want to associate with me anymore?!

maaji sagar - for a period of 25 days, i called and ordered cheese-chutney sandwich. vibs was on leave, so there wasn't anybody to tell me that they served other food as well.

pronto's - the pollo something pasta, i think it was! *can't r'ber italian!* the guy recognized me even after a break of 8 months *i was in muscat*. when i called him after returning to b'bay, he asked "u were on a long leave. got married?" i never called them after that day! in fact, i shifted jobs! *this was NOT the only reason, trust me!*

crystal - mercifully, i had company this time. my order of paneer bhurji, chapatis and aamras was as consistent as doggie's paneer bhurji, chapati and kheer. if we'd visited them for 2 more days, i think doggie wud've got complimentary kheer for his consistency. *i'm not alone!*

muscat bakery - every afternoon, i used to have d same sandwich and mango juice. the desi uncle saved me a sandwich once when i was running late. he gave me complimentary mango juice the day i was leaving.

kargeen - i ALWAYS had d same pasta. and would think a lot and finalize on the mango juice. always.

vitthal's - sabudana khichadi without dhaniya. and aamras. suruchi kept experimenting till she finalized on her faves. by then, i didn't need to tell them what i wanted. i think they'd start up a dish of khichadi & aamras for me while they waited for suruchi to place her order. *i don't know the waiter's name here!*

barista - now this has locational significance.
::bandra-chocolate brownie with choc sauce. warmed a little. and hot chocolate with hazelnut.
::times house - apple cake with chocolate sauce. and hot chocolate. the guy actually saved us a slice on a particularly busy day. i still feel bad i didn't go and say bye to him on my last day!
::phoenix- mocha pastry. *PLZ remind me wot d exact name was?* slightly warmed. and hot chocolate with hazelnut. i can never forgive this dude. he smiled happily *wonder y HE was so happy* when he saw us walk in one day and announced, before i cud tell him what i wanted, "no mocha pastry today". JERK!

sports bar - the waiter knew where i was from, how many siblings i have, my b'day et al. once, after a p'larly long break *of ONE whole week*, we landed up at sports bar on my b'day to have lunch! while leaving, the manager actually sed "see you soon". i stayed away for a month after that!

home deli - lachcha paratha and butter paneer. 3 parathas. no dhaniya in d sabzi. one mosambi juice. i hadn't realized that i was having this regularly till the guy started recognizing my voice. all i had to say was "R bhaiyya, hungama se bol rahe hain..." and he'd say "yes ma'am. will be there in 15 mins." on days i had to order for more people, i had to call twice. and specify that i wanted more food! even if someone else ordered parathas and paneer, they'd send it without dhaniya. to rayshma. :)

laxmi - always parle g. 4 packets. INR 5 each. later, poo relieved me of this duty. she used to either go down and get them for me or call laxmi & order. it had come to a point that i thought each time i passed laxmi *we had to pass there to get to or from offc* they were pointing at me and saying "parle g gurl"

noodle bar - i ALWAYS thought a lot. and ended up ordering the same wok! i can still r'ber exactly wot i wanted in mine. when i go back to b'bay, i sure wanna have d same wok again!

someday, i hope that i shall be more adventurous in my quest for food. till then, am happy to know that people remember me and my choice of cuisine!


Anand Sarolkar said...

Well..well..well! Consistent indeed.

I can't say the same about me...I always order a different dish at every restaurant.

Orchid said...

oh vow!!....now i am drooling!
have a safe trip girl!

MJS said...

Happy birthday, woman!

L E T A U R E A U said...

Hey Raysh,
Thanks for dropping by. Hows you been? Thanks for the shout too btw. I woke up and posted one up. Everythings great with you I hope.

Pixie said...

Me too consistent about food :-)
very rarely I experiment with different food at a place we go regularly...

Mahogany said...

(sigh) I remember Pronto's. They used to do a spectacular pork salad (or, as we prefered to call it when we ordered, a pig salad).

rayshma said...

u ppl make me hungry!!

upsilamba said...

dammit!! why did I drop by to read about food stuff!

Monsieur K said...

try 'death by chocolate' @ corner house, the next time u are in bangalore :D
have to say tht u are truly amazing - remembering wot all u enjoyed at all these places.
the only thing i can remember is DBC @ CH.
guess i shud try n remember more such stuff, which is the only thing useful :D

Pavi!!!! said...

Now I'm craving food!

n v.v. particularly the DBC @ CH !