Dec 28, 2011


SO much has happened since i last stopped by here. (discounting, 3Ds birthday post, of course. )
so much has happened around me. to me. to my friends.
i didn't realize that 2011s as good as over.

i have one semester left of school. then what, i don't know.
i haven't been home since 2008. yeah. i don't know when i'll be back next.
friends that i live & die for have had kids, but haven't changed (thank heavens for that!). everybody's going through life... with its ups & downs. and i can't really 'be there-be there' for them.
i miss them. and i know they miss me. but there's precious little that can be done about it. so we all suck it up and continue. living.

the year's not been bad, now that i think of it.
i started working on-campus. i became financially independent (almost) again.
i met some amazing people. realized that every individual has the potential in them to be good. not all realize it. not all want to be good. but those who do, are worth the time & effort you can spare them. i don't know how long i'll know these people, but I'm learning to separate the gems from the riff-raff.

i didn't have time to think about whether i'm happy. and i guess that's why i've been mostly happy.

i don't think a lot of people come here anymore. which is fair, considering that i haven't been reading most blogs i used to. but i didn't want to let this space die. it's given me some wonderful friends. and i will always owe them to this space. and i can't let something that special die an abandoned death! so, i promise... i shall be here more often in 2012. i shall try and write rubbish and entertain the few that stop by. and i shall try and write sense, so that i can retain my own insanity.

Dec 27, 2011

happy birthday!

i know i've neglected this space for way too long.
but here i am. again. by special request.
on a very special day.
to wish someone super special, a fantastic birthday!!!

so, dear dewdropdreams... dewdette...3D... whatever it is that this virtual world calls you - wish you a magical birthday! and a super fantastic 2012. i really do wish i get to see you soon.
coz i miss you.
more than i miss this space.
more than i miss having time for myself.
more, maybe, than i miss bombay.
coz if you're here, it'll be home.

love you, child. now, and always! have fun! :)

p.s.: and to anybody else who stops by... wish you a fantastic 2012. i promise, i'll come by here more often. pucca promise, that! :)