Sep 27, 2007

quirk it up!

fuzzy tagged me to jot down 5 quirks. quirks?? me?? naah! but well, i LOVE doing tags when they're fresh - so here goes! my ToM attempt at listing my quirks. and really, none of them should make u rethink why u're reading this blog.

a. if caught unawares, my first instinct is to claw out. i have clawed many a stunned souls who have ONLY tried to surprise me.

b. while eating pizza, i HAVE to take one bite from the pointy end *of the pizza slice. i don't gnaw at the pizza as a whole* and then eat the crust. only after that, can i eat the rest of the slice. also, as mentioned countlessly before, i can't eat ANYthing that has dhaniya *coriander or even parsley* on it.

c. if i'm bored, hungry, restless, puzzled... i meow. and i'm told i sound very cat-like. this is not intentional - it happens very naturally. like people yawn? i meow.

d. i can't have anybody playing with my hair. or patting it or even touching it. in case someone does, my reaction varies from glaring *THIS can be scary. check with V*, to snapping, to clawing - depending on my mood.

e. i HAVE to store phone numbers according to "organization" or "category" in my cell phone. so I end up with Food - pronto's, HNG - SM, HUTCH - SV, FREN - SS, FMLY - Ma etc. this is compulsive. if i come across a number which is stored without a category, i delete it.

there! now, my turn to look around evilly *picked this from fuzzy as well!* and i tag:
suruchi: wud be nice to know d quirks underlying that docile mask.
mridz - plz limit urself to FIVE only.
pixie - go on... my time to tag thee :) and
plush - PLZ don't sound so depressed. m sure u'll do justice to this tag!
so there - my nominees! and of course, anyone who hasn't been tagged already, is reading this... plz feel free to take it up! and do let me know. so i can come & feel assured. the world needs a few more quirks!

yeh jal amrit hai...

context: we use a water filter at home for filtering water, coz i HATE bottled water. also, coz both of us put together can't r'ber to kep buying water. the filter works fine for us. there's no rocket science involved. u just pour in water, it takes approx 5 mins for the water to filter thru. when i got home, the water filter was the first things i washed, cleaned and refilled!

in the evng:
V: heyy!! WOW! there's water in the filter jug!!!
me: quizzical expression. one eye-brow raised look, usually meaning... "so"
V: u filled it?
me: still confused. does that question merit an answer?!
V: *rather enthu'ly*: whenever i used to come home, i wanted water, and i'd realize that i never r'bered to fill water in the jug, so there was no filtered water for me to drink. then i had to fill water; by then i didn't feel like drinking it.
*1 minute pause till he drinks the water*
feels so good to know there's clean drinking water!

u plz don't go anywhere again, okay?!

p.s.: the title for this piece is "inspired" in bollywood style from some mineral water ad. V didn't actually say that!

Sep 26, 2007

feel the magic... alone!

i've never traveled alone. have always wanted to. having led a protected childhood meant that i couldn't really sneak off on trips by myself. and finding people to go explore places has been a task i haven't always succeeded at. but yes, i have traveled. with like-minded rogues for company. i have traveled a bit. and i intend to continue. but that one trip, i have to make by myself. to prove to me that i CAN. and that one trip would be to Delphi. Greece.

my fascination for greece began at an early age. it began, i think, with my fascination for mythology. when i realized that indians weren't the only ones who had "god" stories. i loved these tales. indian and firang. and have wanted to visit these lands ever since.

i r'ber having read up a lot - those were the pre-google days - and tried to figure out what all I'd like to see in greece. i did get a lot of information on athens and the acropolis and the sacred islands of delos *the birthplace of Apollo & Artemis* and the fact that the remains of Atlantis may still exist at Santorini.

but the one place i'd like, no... love to visit. by myself. is Delphi. Delphi, in ancient times, was considered the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met. the place on earth where man was closest to the gods.

the most fascinating aspect of delphi - the oracle - is what attracts me to it. delphi isn't another place filled with ruins. they say, it's magical. and maybe, the magic still exists.
irrespective whether the oracle of delphi was Apollo's voice or the voice of a spirit, there was SOMEthing... i can't actually think of it as some form of mass-hypnosis... we just don't follow it coz we're born in a time and age that teaches us not to believe it.

at delphi, if at one point of time, "something" spoke to the people. i find it difficult to believe that it just walked away one fine day. spirits don't die. they don't disappear. it must still be there. and it must still speak. maybe, we aren't listening. maybe we're so caught up with our own thoughts, that we can't hear the voice above our own.
and that's y the need to go alone. with an open heart. a backpack. and a camera. and feel the magic that once was delphi. i hope it still exists by the time i manage to get there. i hope to hear what the oracle has to say... who knows... maybe i'll find the answers i'm not looking for even!

p.s.: mahogany's tag, and my recent greek ex-boss further fuel up the desire to visit greece!

Sep 19, 2007

d homecoming...

i notice, as i enter...
- a different colored carpet.

- a differently directioned apartment. *yes, we've changed apartments*
- boxes. everywhere. *he hasn't unpacked*
- the kitchen. apparently clean. *MUCH cleaner than i expected it, so no complaints*
- empty closets. packed bags.
- newly brought-in bags. *by me.* to be unpacked as well.
- no pretty patio view anymore. just brick walls. and green, natural trees.
- blank walls.
- pretty, really pretty flowers, a bottle of wine and my fave dark choc. standing out in the "boxed" decor. telling me that someone's been waiting for me.
- yellow-colored post-its. everywhere. on every item that belongs to us. is used by me. with personal messages. for me. from mine.

i realize now what i've missed all this while. feels good to be pampered. feels good to know u're loved. feels good to be back with someone who'll love you the way you are for the rest of your life.

am home. finally. this is, where i belong.

Sep 14, 2007

yourz admirably...

picking up pixie's tag. here're things i admire in people. and since i adore the number 9, there will be 9 of these as well!
- the ability to know what they believe in. it's quite irrespective whether they stand up for it or not. most often, if they know what they believe in, they DO stand up for it as well.
- the ability to manage a serious r'ship or marriage with work. hope it was clear that i meant "manage well", and not just manage.
- the ability or attitude to carry off fluorescent green footwear with formals at work. even admire men who have long hair and wear junk jewelery and can carry it off. *i know only a few who can carry this off*
- those who're good with numbers. the mathematical types. *this is due to the fact that i suck at maths! :D*
- i admire people who give their 100% to any and everything they do. it's difficult. in today's scenario, finding genuine dedication towards what we do has become a virtue.
- admire people who have the cheek to follow their heart and do exactly what they want to do. irrespective whether it pays them or not.
- the quality in some people to make others feel responsible for every little action of theirs. i think it's called "good leadership skills", but not sure of it.
- honesty. the unadulterated, non-rude types. it's such a rare virtue today, that i absolutely admire it when i notice it in people.
- the ability to know that nobody is indispensable. and yet treat everybody with the respect they deserve for being individuals. dispensable or indispensable.

Sep 11, 2007

cult status

ever been a part of a cult? not the weirdly dressed, distinctive, in-ur-face cults. the subtle, you'll-never-know-they-exist cults? i have. actually, i still am. for someone who has never confirmed to anything or anyone, it's a drastic realization. to be a part of a cult. to be so involved in it that i forget friends, family, even myself at times! and i have no explanations. not even to myself. i didn't realize when i got into this. and i cannot say when i'll move out. i thought i'd moved on... but then, as is wont with cults, you can't move out till the cult wants you out! *or maybe, till the head honcho wants you out/has nothing more to gain out of you*

as per wikipedia, Cult inexactly refers to a cohesive social group devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding culture considers outside the mainstream, with a notably positive or negative popular perception.
Cults are groups that often exploit members psychologically and/or financially, typically by making members comply with leadership's demands through certain types of psychological manipulation, popularly called mind control, and through the inculcation of deep-seated anxious dependency on the group and its leaders. the focus tends to be on the specific tactics of conversion, the negative impact on individual members, and the difficulty in leaving once indoctrination has occurred.
Studies of religious, political, and other cults have identified a number of key steps in this type of coercive persuasion:
a. People are put in physically or emotionally distressing situations;
b. their problems are reduced to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized;
c. they receive unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from the leader;
d. they get a new identity based on the group;
e. they are subject to entrapment and their access to information is severely controlled.
An important factor is coercive persuasion
which suppresses the ability of people to reason, think critically, and make choices in their own best interest.

cults are not only negative, as perceived from these wikipedia definitions. they have a lot of positives as well. i have tried walking out of the cult. and have realized that i cannot be as happy outside it as inside it. even today, given better opportunities in life, i still "like" being a part of the cult. if asked by a third party outside of the cult, i cannot think of any negatives. NONE, whatsoever. no matter what wikipedia has to say. no matter what my head & heart say. no matter how logically you explain it to me. no matter how logically i try to think of it. whether i like it or not, i have achieved "cult status" in a way that may not be easy to explain. not to you, not to me.

p.s.: for detailed info on how/why i think i am part of a cult, pls visit: