Apr 25, 2008

home humor

the random conversations over the past week or so that i couldn't blog. but i said i would. my 'vishesh tippani's' in blue.

seeing me typing furiously at the comp. and smiling to myself...

vin: what's keeping u busy?
me: baby-shower planning hpng. for blog-pals.
vin: who had a baby now?
me: had no... will have. and this'll be a surprise for them. so kewl na?!
vin: baby-shower without baby. hehee...


at the grocery store.
me: u want shampoo?
vin: no.
me: hain? dude, the last time u bought shampoo was almost a year ago, no? how come u're still using it?
vin: bcoz i use ur shampoo! :P

he then runs away gleefully to ice cream isle. while i stand trying to decide between extra conditioning or usual.

in d morng, before he leaves...

me: take ur keys.
vin: y? won't u open the door?
me: i can't see out the darned peep-hole. so i don't open the door.
vin: i'll hoot like this. *standing OUTside the door and hooting like an owl!* then u'll know it's me!

he's very bright no, my man?

me: poo might come over in july.
vin: *with a puppy face* u keep saying x will come, y will come, z will come. nobody actually ends up coming.

how much u gurls break his heart!

vin: tell suruchi to get us disney movie tickets no? *she works at disney*
me: why don't you tell her?
vin: hehe... what if she yells at me?!

oh, boy! can't argue here. even i'm scared of her. :(

me: ur galadriel is going to start a porn blog.
vin: wow! so kewl!!
pauses. thinks.
where will she get the content from...?

he'll get along so well with 'the boss'. sigh! what have i gotten myself into?

ok, folks... see u around... pending tag coming up after suruchi writes me a 250th post. if she doesn't write in by monday, there will be no celebration. :(


Galadriel said...

That's 2 places you've singled me out and influenced Vin's opinion of me. Gah!

rayshma said...

chor ki dadhi mein tinka! :P

Pavi!!!! said...

hahahahahha... too cute u bot are :)
n even my hubby uses my shampoo..but is VERY VERY VERY particular abt his body wash!

yeah...even mine doesnt u'stand Bridal shower n Baby shower ;-)

Porn Blog...hmmmmmm... password protected????
Hi Gladriel..This is Pavi..n Ray Ray thinks im allrite ;-)
(now why am i behaving like a boy ;-) )

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Nice one to relax out in the tensions of the day

~nm said...

:D these are so funny! Especially your vishesh tippani! :D

Mystic Margarita said...

Very funny! R uses my shampoo, too, and I cannot see the peephole, either. So, I hollar from inside, asking whi it is! :) And glad your dad is feeling better. It's wonderful to have you for a friend - will be back to catch up on older posts. Love :)

Lena said...

lol they were cute and funny! Really enjoyed reading this post :)

No celebrations?? Suruchi cant be so mean to cancel our party :( :( :(

Noodlehead said...

lol! you both are real funny!! btw, i'm planning a visit to seattle later this year and i'd love to meet you guys - if it's close enough!

your conversation reminds me of N, who's not here with me....i miss him :((

how's your dad, girl? hope he's better now.

Swati said...

Hehhehe..lol...you are too funny!!

Me! said...

hey this was nice. :)

Suruchi said...

grr! now why vin thinks i will yell at him??bolo bolo? when have i ever yelled at u?kya bataya hai tumne vin ko? ...

lena..surely i can't be mean...her 250th post on its way.

rayshma said...

suruchi: bitch! where's the post, eh?! arre i didn't tell him anything. u leave him scary scraps. u don't side with him. u're MY friend. hehehe... he picked up d vibes from there.

me!- :) welcome!

swati: sheesh! no... not me. just that man i married.

noodlez: seattle's quite away from where i am. but when are u coming down? lemme know... will see if we can meet :) N's in seattle?
dad's better now.. thanks gurl! :)

lena: hehe... she says she's not mean... we shall wait & see if she proves it ;)

rita: gr8 to have u here! :) i'm scared of hollering from inside! :D so i shut up & go into ignore user mode! :D

~nm: glad u cud read the tippani's... i was worried they weren't visible! :D

comps: long time... how've u been?

pavi: u can visit galadriel's blog. check my blog-roll on the page... she's at the relocated one.. it's not private or anything! ;) and i'm not sure my recco wud affect +vely with her... ;)

galadriel: u owe me one for the publicity u get via me! :D

DotMom said...

lol...like the vishes tippani :)
waitinf gor 250th post celebrations

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! 250th celebrations ... hmm waiting on the vishesh tippani on that! ;)

K 3 (monday morn blues, no time to sign in!)

Suma said...

lol...that was hilarious...

and whr's te 250th post? your guest writer's like our politicians....*sorry... suruchi...just saying what must be in rayshma's mind... ;)

Pixie said...


rayshma said...

pix: :)

suma: lol! well, she DID mail it to me y'day... I was being the politician! ;)
and no, i didn't have that in mind for her... knowing how much she has on her plate... i'm just impressed that she's making time to write it! :)

K3: just posted! vishesh tippani will follow in a while... :)

dottie: just posted! :)

P said...

I must say you two are too cute :)