Oct 9, 2006

home, sweet home

me: am missing home.
hubby: hmm...? uh... what?
me: u never listen to me! there's no internet, so i can't talk to anyone who listens to me. i'm feeling SO isolated! what do i do?
hubby: what did u say?
*after yours truly glares at husband, he quickly retrieves *attempts to* lost ground.
no, what did u say before the long sentence...?

me: i'm missing home. *when hubby's a PHD, u don't bother glaring for too long. u just repeat!*
hubby: now?
me: yes. now! i want to go home.
hubby: u're missing home? or u want to go home?
me: i'm missing hme. that's why i want to go home!
hubby: hmm...
me: that's it? that's all u have to say?
hubby: well... what do i say. i thought u ARE at home.

that is enough. to leave me speechless. AND for a big hug!


Pavi!!!! said...

haha..so cute these hubbies are...
But well I'm missing home too! n i find it so hard to make hubby u'stand that yes, i miss my folks but yeah I want to live everyday of my life with him! Sigh!

Mademoiselle P. said...

Hi rayshma,

sorry to be commenting on this post oh-so-late... hehe was going thru ur older posts and this one takes the cake. Tat was sooo sweet.

Keep blogging!