Mar 30, 2007

no english.

me: u kept the nutella bottle in the fridge??
V: NO!
i don't know.
*thinks some more*
*realizing he did...*
me: who keeps nutella in the fridge?! why do u keep everything in the fridge? i hate it! i can't apply COLD nutella to my toast. now i'll have to wait. then my toast will get cold. and by then, i won't feel like eating.
V: what's there to "feel"? u want to eat. or u don't want to eat.
me: but WHY did u keep it in d fridge.
V: it's chocolate!! how am i to know it isn't kept in the fridge?
me: because. it says so. on the bottle. in UPPER case. BOLD. in ENGLISH. see? "DO NOT REFRIGERATE" see..? why don't u read!
V: *more thinking. with a puppy face*
me no going school. so no english reading?


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Orchid said...

Smae comment for the above post applies here :)

who_is_john_galt? said...
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who_is_john_galt? said...

Cute !
So similar to so many conversations i had with my BF.


rayshma said...

tag completed...:)

orch... me nods in agreement!

yes! we have company!!