Mar 10, 2007


on a friday evening, when there wasn't anything interesting on the telly, d radio *via internet* played "bin tere sanam". tiz a really quaint song, actually. nobody knew of it *nobody except B, my batch-mate at MICA. he played it EVERYday* till they released it's remix version. then, it was more a taxi/auto-waala song for me. *every auto/cab guy in bbay played it. till of course, himesh came along*

y'day, V happened to break out into an impromptu, unaided, unrequested number when they played this song. that's when realization dawned.

it is very important to marry someone who can be SO entertaining on such unentertaining evenings. also, for all u telly buffs there: it's much, MUCH more entertaining to watch your own idiot, box in the name of dance than watch the idiot box.

p.s.: V, i LOVED it. :)


Orchid said...

:) so you didn't dance :)

Fuzzylogic said...

I remember that song the original one I mean,I heard that song first time in some musical show and simply loved it.And I totally agree its much fun when you live with an entertaining person,I have one as such here as well,who sings so bad and can't take few decent steps to save his life.I hope you let V know how much you appreciate that talent:)

rayshma said...

hi orchid,
no, i didn't dance. i was the audience this time! :))

hi fuzzy!
i DID let V know how much i loved it! :)) considering that he's married me for "entertainment", i guess the feeling wud be mutual! lol!!