Mar 5, 2007


it may be a tad late for this. but i thought, i should lay down certain ground rules/norms for myself & everybody who visits this blog & doesn't tell me they were here. there're certain things i need to say, and thought this was the best forum to say them. so here goes:

- if u drop by, please leave a comment to say u were here. u cud also comment on any of the posts if u wish.
- the thoughts, ideas, emotions expressed here are entirely mine. neither V nor anyone else from my family *who u may know* is responsible or answerable for these. they rarely read the blog. besides, i'm a thinking individual with a mind of my own.
- this is more relevant if u don't know me very well. coz sometimes, the way i write things may be interpreted in different ways. if u wish to clarify my perspective, the best way is to ask me about it.
- more importantly, every thought expressed in this blog is pertaining to that moment. *i usually take abt 10 - 15 mins from draft to publish.* i MAY think differently 5 minutes after i've published the piece.
- this disclaimer is not valid for V & my bro. i'd rather not have u guys comment here! we have better ways of communicating :)
- i'm not a bad person. i don't usually write anything here that i wudn't want any of u to read. so if u do, and if u like/dislike it, lemme know. it gives me perspective. and helps me write better.
- if i know u read the blog *if we've known each other for a while now*, then u cud just mail/mesg me. i love getting feedback.
- i have a 150 words per day deadline for myself. so ANY communication between me & anybody else is liable to be published here. if i don't have a topic for the day, i mite enforce creative licenses & make up pieces. i can't be sued for that!
- i was not aware before today, that i may have global audiences. i shall now try to write in a more global english.
ultimately, there can't be any rules! coz i believe rules have always been made to be broken! hope all of u enjoy this blog & do drop by more frequently.


Orchid said...

this comment is to tell you I was here, like you aksed.
ALos, I am glad your saturday night didn't givu you hyperthermia after all :) The menu looked yummy , even though I am a vegetarian :)

rayshma said...

heyy orchid!
u're way beyond "unknown visitor" by now.. i sometimes visit ur blog before i view mine :0)

Samridh said...

Nice set of rules...btw we have exchanged comments before. Just incase you are wondering who am I, since after reading your rules it seems like someone sued you or something.

rayshma said...

hi samridh,
i do r'ber u! didn't know u still drop by, tho. nice to see u around. hope u've settled in?!
no, i haven't been sued, and hopefully, that aint in the pipeline either...

Samridh said...

Just happen to land on your turf. Good for you that you are still safe...You, Fuzzylogic and Orchid seem to be of the same type though. You know.

rayshma said...

yeah, we do have quite a bit in common... yup.. am still alive n kicking. kinda getting used to being non-gainfully employed!

Samridh said...

non-gainfully employed ?

Fuzzylogic said...

Dropping in and leaving a message to let you know I was here as well:)I am glad to hear your weekend party went on so well and the menu sounded fab:)
By the way just curious what prompted this post?did something happen?and by the way I love the way you write,its spontaneous and fun,don't change it for any global audience:)

rayshma said...

hi fuzzy,
no reason for posting this piece. had nothing else to write abt... so arbitly wrote down... thot it was okay enuf to post, so did it! :))
p.s.: u're invited to drop over anytime for a meal as well :)

plush said...

i came...i read...i said..."way to go girl...even i should get a disclaimer...and try out rjing...."...:)...and now am i am..this is me...(seriosly do u want me to this every 3 hrs...i actually check urs,fuzzy's,orchid's and itw's..oh of course sou's blog more than my official mails and i can be quite a bug with comments..u know...)...

SM said...

I came, I liked, I shall return!

rayshma said...

heyy plush... DO get a disclaimer. i just r'bered that it's always better to be safe than sorry! ;) and wot's stopping u from trying out RJing? it's SO much easier to get a job in india! :(
no, i don't expect u regulars to leave a comment each time u're here. i already know u read. and i frequent ur space! *see, u're listed in "i like reading.."*
but yes, whenever u feel like giving me feedback, go ahead! i love getting it! :0)

hi SM,
thx. for dropping by & letting me know. shall visit ur space soon as i'm thru here! :)

Mademoiselle P. said...

Hi Rayshma,

I am so very thankful to have stumbled upon this very blog post of yours.
Because :
1. I was skeptical of what u wud think if I commented on ur posts which are like dated ages bk.
2. You do not know me... , as a matter of fact ... neither do I know you. But know what, I just loooooooooove the posts that you write. You write so honestly!

Not once have I not liked/ disagreed / hated anything that u said. (it ain't any flattery... just my feedback.)

and let you in on a small secret? I left blogging some time back.. for some stupid reasons... BUT whenever I come back, It shall be entirely becoz of you.. You are my blog guru. :)
Thanks for being my constant inspiration to get bk to blogging and keep writing beautiful stuff.


P.S. : you needn't really accept this comment to be published on your blog. Just wanted u to know this.