Mar 28, 2007

all or none!

u'd think i'd do something worthwhile with all the free time i now have. like, maybe exercise & get back into shape before it's unattainable, clear up d house, which still looks like a clearance sale unit, or maybe, read up on everything i always wanted to - like all those global gyaan books, learn espanol, which i have to now learn beyond shut up, yes and my name is; clear out the closets or or at least d fridge!

but, clearly i have other interests. that are by far more compelling than d above listed, house-wifely woes!

i choose to spend my day reading blogs, watching PBS *for heavens sake, who does THAT!?*, playing word games/puzzles, checking the status of my torrent downloads every FIVE minutes, writing pieces such as this *or d rest of this blog, for that matter*, mailing V every 20 mins *i don't call & nag. i simply mail* and of course, baking! cakes, cookies, bread - anything that i can get a mix for!

really, i've taken to baking like a fish takes to water. that's a silly proverb, aint it? i mean, how can a fish take to being OUT of water. won't it die??? but i'm digressing again!

i've realized i LOVE baking. and we had chocolate cake TWO times in one week. needless to say, half of the baked output is consumed prior to V reaching home! *so much for i-wanna-be-me-again* also, V aint a big fan of chocolate cake. so, we have two chocolate cakes and one pound cake or pineapple-pecan cake or some such, in ONE measly li'l week! yes, 5 days, 3 cakes. no, u can't count weekends. V cooks on weekends. and he doesn't bake.

also, adorably, there's always ONE slice left behind, which we both refuse to eat. and ultimately, not-so-adorably, i trash it. sin sin sin! wonder how i'll atone for this one! atonement for all the other sins wud need another post. or maybe, another blog? hmm... but coming back to d topic at hand.

why don't we just divide it into half, eat it and live a sin-free existence? because d ungrateful wretches that we are *YES, baking takes effort*, neither likes HALF a slice of cake! so, we'd have to bake another cake, finish this slice and attack d new one! hmm...
and thus, the tale continues...


Fuzzylogic said...

Baking is one thing I can never get right,yes I am bad even with those ready to make mixes.So I leave it all to the pro,in my case aka Hubby,he really is good with baking than me.And also I have the same problem as you,I bake something I proceed to accomodate them into the tummy which right now really is not a good idea:)
But right now I can accomodate a little space for the chocolate cake you mentioned,the ones you keep throwing out:)I live by what Mark Twain said “I deal with temptation by yielding to it”!

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Cool !!! You just have a great knack of weaving words and framing an episode of life into a beautiful "post" [ I wanted to write "story", but then it isnt yet a story :-) ]

Orchid said...

Relax, it's not a sin to enjoy baking and eating cakes...there is always time to work on weight etc, yeah right!! :)

rayshma said...

fuzzzz... my hubby can cook chicken & b'fast. only. :) so i've learnt to do all else!
d slices we throw out.. are thrown out after 3 days. so they're highly inedible. will bake an entire cake for u... and will help ya eat it as well! drop by sometime! :)

sarfraaz - story will happen. all in due course. but it won't be blogged. hehee! and yeah, thx :0)

orch... i keep telling myself that! hehehe! d only sin is when i have to trash that ONE measly slice coz it's gotten 2 hard 2 eat! :(

Noodlehead said...

hey!! i'm good at baking too :) it's about the only kind of cooking i enjoy and am good at! one time, i made chocolate cake and apple cake followed by chocochip cookies and oatmeal cookies....all in one week. thanks to my husband, we didn't have to waste anything. unfortunately, in india we don't have the wide variety of foods available in the US so i can only bake a couple of things :(

DewdropDream said...

Adopt me. I will finish the last slice without complaint and in return I will bake you both nice cheesecakes every single day if you want.