Mar 19, 2007

weird, m i?

i talk to myself. regularly. usually, i argue with myself. not loudly, but there's always voices in my head. my own, don't worry! i also talk to my gadgets. cellphone, laptop, hot-plates *those are the ones we cook on, nothing else, pervs!*, it's transcended to cutlery these days.

i have a selective superiority complex. esp where vocab or the english language is concerned. i choose to believe that i'm a superior mortal who has d birthright of correcting everybody else's english! i, however, coin my own phrases, twist d language to suit me etc.

i am VERY possessive. of everything i think is mine. everything here includes footwear, gadgets, home, carpet, furniture, outfits, cutlery, memories, V.

i can sit idle without doing anything for days. i don't even need to think. i can actually do nothing.

i can watch ANY bollywood movie. multiple times. it's compulsive. i CAN'T turn off a movie mid-way or walk out of a movie. i've seen a lot of movies in the volvo buses that traverse between b'bay & pune. i've seen movies like jaanam samjha karo *13 times!*, dharmatma *at least 7 times*, suryavanshi, bas itna sa khwab hai, deewana *i HATE this one!*, laila *yeah, i actually saw it*. i've also actually seen and liked super flops like lucky, aksar, shabd, HDKG. *ok, maybe twas the company when i saw these movies that made me like them!*

i feel insecure if i don't have at least 3 pairs of footwear with me at any given point of time. i can spend a weekend in one outfit, but i need to change what i wear on my feet.

i always feel like sleeping the moment a flight takes off. but i can never sleep in a moving car! when i'm static, i can sleep anywhere at any time. *touch wood!*

i don't need food while travelling. and i need minimal water. somehow, i just don't feel hungry in transit. if we drive for 10 hours, i can go for 10 hours without food. normally, i need food every 2 hours. and if i don't get it, i get VERY cranky.

i can't eat food that has anything leafy on or in it. esp the dishes garnished with coriander. i also can't eat 'rai' *i don't know what it's called in english.* i remove all d black dots from food everyday prior to eating. salad, of course, is out of question.

i can't walk on one side of the street for long. i then, cross the street and walk a while. never did this in india, coz i don't know how to cross heavily trafficked roads. i tend to freeze in car headlights. like deer on the highway here.

i get bored either too often or never.

i'm very moody. so i may refute any or all of the things i've stated here at a moment when i don't feel so candid.


plush said...

hehe....u r one of a kind...of the nice kind...hav i told u this earlier...:)...

rayshma said...

hehe... thx plush!

Fuzzylogic said...

You watched "Janam Samja karo" 13 times?You deserve an award just for that:)I hated that movie!I was laughing thinking of you walking on the road,crossing over to the other side and talking to yourself making your own phrases and holding on possessively to your gadget and perhaps a handbag, stopping by to grab a bite on the way as you felt hungry wondering whether you packed those 3 pairs of shoes and whether you forgot that cabin baggage while you slept on the flight and how the flight food had those nasty leaves in them and how you would love to rest your feet and spend the next day doing nothing. Now you can go ahead and candidly deny all that I just said:)
I second plush you are one of a kind but you are one fun person to know:)

rayshma said...

haha.. thanks fuzzy, i hated the movie too! but they played it in d bus. and i HAVE to watch! so, there!
and now, am hungry... so lemme go grab a bite...:D