Mar 12, 2007


... i will:

- learn ice skating.
- write my book.
- learn at least 3 non-indian languages. *no, english aint valid*
- travel the world.
- photograph a wild cat *or more* in it's natural habitat. *zoos, do NOT qualify*
- get a job. and hopefully, love it.
- get back to being the same shape i was in till last march. *this should be in the near future. there aint THAT much damage yet!*
- have the courage to want my own kid.
- be able to afford a cottage *not too small, not too big*, kids *not named yet*, a dog *doofus* and a cat *mischa*.
- have read every book that a library can hold.
- be a better person. much better.

yeah, some day i will have done all of this. and then, i'll have a new set of "someday, i will..."


Orchid said...

you go girl....atleast you have "a someday list " and that tone of conviction will get you somewhere I am sure :), me I just read blogs!

rayshma said...

u know, i'm darned charged up when i decide on these things. THEN, i realize, i'll have to move my butt to do any of them. and that's where they remain... on nice, pretty lists. hope i get down to actualizing some of these!

well, am off for the week... shall be back by the weekend. will drop by then. stay safe! :)

Fuzzylogic said...

All are doable ones and enjoyable ones though I'm not sure of photographing the wild cat:)atleast not in its natural habitat for me:)Enjoy your break!By the way cat named "Mischa" sounds really good:)

rayshma said...

yup! all do-able! hopefully, i'll get down to doing something abt them too!
thx! now all i have to decide is what type of cat! hehe...