Mar 26, 2007

mutual admiration klub

tho i still maintain i aint a big kid fan. it felt VERY nice to be with kids. surprisingly. a mutual admiration klub has been formed between my nieces and moi. *we even mail each other on our gmail accounts. YES, am almost-7 year old has a gmail id!* basically, for all the things i was last week *never before, never again* :
- the best cake baker *"u're REALLY good at baking cakes"*
- the best puzzle solver
*"u can actually solve the puppy puzzle without help? WOW!"*
- the "word whiz" who cud solve ANY text twist or boggle challenge real quick! *"how come u know SO many words?"*

- kangaroo saver! hahaha! *"do we have to save him? he's rude!" if u haven't played hangaroo yet, u're missing out!*

- the only "adult" who knew the names of cinderella's sisters. *new learning - the story of HOW ella became cinderella*
- someone who could come up with arbit drawing exercises. *even i didn't know i cud do this!*
- someone who knew ALL d spellings and could draw an awesome tree. *that's ALL i can draw, actually*
- an aunt who was young *"you look like u're in college!"*, had lovely hair *FINALLY, someone likes my hair*, knew lots of stuff *arbit answers to profound questions, notwithstanding*. someone, who was basically, fun!

why am i their fan? well, feels good to be adored SO much by someone who's not married to u! alas! this'll last another couple of years. till they grow up & realize the truth!
why do kids grow up?


Orchid said...

You go Rayshma!!..I am sure even kids wouldn't say that bat me..atleast my own doesn't..he says " I am bored of you mommy"...I swear!

rayshma said...

hey orchie,
i guess that's like "2 much of a good thing".. they like me only coz am there for a few days max!
besides, u're the "mommy"... u're in a league of ur own!

Fuzzylogic said...

I can pretty much see why they adore you:)I used to have a bunch of young cousins who for a while did think I'm all-wonderful and fun until ofcourse they grew up and went ahead to professional courses. I had the same question then,why did they have to grow up so fast,I did enjoy the fan following until it lasted,so enjoy yours until it lasts:)

rayshma said...

true fuzz! will try & mk d most of it while it lasts...!