Mar 9, 2007

of sunlight... and wishes..

V: did u go out of the house today?
me: no.
V: yesterday?
me: no.
V: when was the last time u stepped out?
me: huh? *adopting the ostrich approach. hoping the question isn't repeated.*
V: *obviously not getting the hint!* when was the last time u stepped out of the house?
me: i don't know. when i checked mail. last week?
V: are u mad? don't u get bored? don't u want to see what's outside?
me: i've seen it. been there, done that? *even I know, that's VERY lame!* besides, the net's been working great.
V: but how can u stay INSIDE for a week? u're looking paler. u need some sunlight.
me: it's called "fairer" where we come from. and i don't need sunlight. i'm not a plant!
V: did u at least step out on the patio?
me: yeah. the day it was really warm inside?
*obviously, V has NO idea WHAT i meant by that.*
me: the day i made pasta? i had hot choc on the patio that day.
V: that was 3 days back!
me: wotever. i DID.
V: at least part the blinds?
me: NO! I hate the sun entering the house! besides, it falls rite on that black chair, and i don't want the fabric to fade.
V: lemme get this rite. u don't want the sunlight to fall on the PATIO chair, lest it fade the fabric.
me: right.
V: we can move the chair?
me: why would we do that? then the rays will touch me! what if i evaporate with the rays of the sun? then when u come back in the evng, there'll be no wife here.
*after a BRIEF silence of, like, 3 contemplative seconds*
V: is that like... possible?

*noticing the silence AND d malicious look...*
me: u wish!


Fuzzylogic said...

"what if I evaporate with the rays of the sun"-LOL!I can relate,there were times when I just didn't feel like going out at all for days in row,my hubby kept saying I obey Newton's first law of motion "An object at rest continues to stay in the state of rest unless acted upon by another force" In my case the force had to be pretty strong enough:)

SM said...

a woman after my own heart. If I didn't have Ananya, I would never venture out either-have internet and phone, will order. home deliver zindabad. But Ananya should socialize u see, hence out we go.
Erm..not able to find online version of boggle on yahoo games. Help??

rayshma said...

heyy fuzzy! got some sunshine yet? hehee! i know. i DID go out onto the patio for b'fast this morng tho :)) food, is d one force, that can drive me to move my butt!

there u go, another negative abt having a baby! hehehe.. kidding!
here're 2 links for boggle online :)the second one is a tad slow at times... but works. had them bookmarked. i'm currently playing word mojo on yahoo. hehe!


Orchid said...

oH god, not you too....I didn't think there would be anyone else quite like me...on total self imposed house arrest :) well there's a whole species of us I guess :)

rayshma said...

before doing this post, there was only one other person i knew who'd love self house arrest! now, there's all of u! feels good to have company.. :)