Mar 29, 2007

what's cooking...?

pls note the fact that FOOD is a VERY crucial factor in our lives. we HAVE to have GOOD food. we also get bored of food very quickly.

V: what's for dinner?
me: potato sabzi. from day before. chhole from 2 nights back. and mixed veg from last nite. which do u want for dinner? and which for lunch 2mrw. u get a choice. but i'm not cooking till we finish all this.
V: *going into thinking mode.* hmm...
me: one eyebrow raised, questioning glance.
V: *looking at me, contemplating my reaction to what he'd say...*
... pizza?!
me: *tempted, but not wanting to trash any more cooked food*: NO! that wasn't on the list of options, was it?
V: but it's wednesday.
me: so? we already ate out this week.
V: *panicking. at memory loss or loss of pizza, i don't know*: WHEN? no, we didn't. u're lying!
me: wendy's IS outside, aint it?
V: that was LAST week.
me: no. this week. what d'u want for dinner? i don't have all evening. *yeah, rite! what if movies stop downloading without my constant supervision!*
V: pizza.
me: no pizza.
V: *knowing that his wife aint so rigid abt turning down junk food for anything veggie*
yummy pizza... with cheese... and ham.. and pineapples...with french fries. and chilled beer.
me: no beer. diet coke.

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