Mar 2, 2007

saturday night fever

V's colleagues are coming over on saturday nite. and i'm not exactly thrilled about it. they're a weird bunch. not weird in a negative sense, just weird. i don't dislike them *not all of them, at least!* actually, i do get along with them. it's just that i have nothing in common with any of them. *i DO like one of his colleague's wife, tho. she's fren material!* and i anticipate a long evening of me trying to be nice *u know what happens to me in a "social" situation!* and them trying to be nice to me.

ybe they think i'm weird. and maybe, i am. i let them do all the talking, while i stare at a framed pic & try to hypnotize it! not coz i don't like them, or coz i think i can bring the pic to life, but because if i start talking, i won't shut up. and i really don't think they'll follow or relate to what i would be speaking. there're times when even i don't relate to what i'm speaking. but well, once i get started, it's SO tuff to shut me up!

what's worse, i have to clean up the apartment. heck! that's one thing i absolutely detest! why can't those CDs just be lying there in the corner... they're neatly piled up! but well, i'll have to make the house child-proof *yeah, one of them has a kid, in d age where kids love to pick up everything lying around, break it or ask questions abt it* so clean-up, i shall. it used to be a trick of ours, actually. whenever we felt the house was in a mess, we'd call over friends for dinner! and then, our house would be spic n span for at least 2 weeks!

maybe, i'm just becoming more and more anti-social! or maybe, because i don't wanna listen to a bunch of PhD grads who either discuss their work *which, i honestly am not interested in* or crib about their boss. at times they make me wanna say "get out into the real world. it's not nice, either! u'll realise that ur boss aint all bad. there cud and are worse. i've worked with a few that cud make UR boss seem like a tame puppy!" but of course, i'm nice. so i don't say it!
it's not that i don't like calling people over. i do. but in smaller groups. i'm better at one-on-one interaction vis-a-vis community dealings. i'm just NOT a herd person! but this was imperative. we haven't had a housewarming yet *i know it's too late*, one of his colleague's leaving, another wants to have indian food etc etc... and V thot he'd reduce our "efforts" to one weekend and call everyone over the same day. that, actually, i have to admit, IS a good idea! now, i just have to be nice for a day, and i can go back to being myself once they leave! on a brief second thought, i'll actually miss his colleague who's leaving. she's a nice gurl. one of the few i get along with & like.

all i hope now, is that i tide over the saturday night fever, unscathed.


Orchid said...

poor you! I know how that feels..had a few of those myself when i landed in this country 8 yrs ago..over the years, I have weeded out a lot of aquaintences and now I call only friends over...more fun that way....neway what's cooking ? and maybe you can get a mischief picture of that kid for your blog :)..see that's an idea you can busy yourself behind the camera and won't have to talk to anybody..pretend to click away!!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Been there,done that is all I can say.I almost had a deja vu experience when you mentioned how to use the trick of calling people so we can finally clean the house LOL!that's the story of my house too.I have a couple of hubby's collegue's wives whom I have absolutely nothing in common with,one is a perfect house wife as perfect as they come the Martha Stewart type and one more who is way too hyper even for me.It's hard making fake conversations cause it's just not me but we have to manage it sometime whenever we meet or have them over.I am a mean mom,many a times I have used the kid as an alibi for escaping out of the meetings earlier and get away from the forced conversations.
I do like having lot many other people over but these 2 I can't get along at all.I can understand your predicament,I am also not a herd person at all.Grit your teeth and sail through the evening:)I hope this evening will turn out better than the previous ones for you!

rayshma said...

orchid -
glad to have company!! but, in hindsight, it wasn't that bad! :) and yeah, the kid behaved himself! i'll just wait to visit my cousin & tk pics of my nieces..:))
menu was aloo tikki & fried fish for starters, butter chicken, pepper stir fry, and mutter paneer and walnut-pineapple cake for desert! no chapatis, tortilla rock! and V made the rice :)) how was ur b'fast? i still want those idlis!!

fuzzy -
my house is SO clean! i cud actly invite any1 over rite now! lol!! evng was quite good, actly... had fun! cooking with V, as well as eating what we'd cooked! his colleague's wife is quite my type. thank d stars for that!
i think that's the first pro u've told me abt having a kid! lol!!!