Mar 20, 2007


as we waited for V to come & unlock the car...
S: why don't u get a bigger car?
me: u don't like our car? *it's a nice, red coupe!*
S: it's nice. but u shud get another one.
me: y? we don't need two cars.
S: this one has only 2 doors. u'll need a bigger car if u have to have babies, u know.

well, d only relative left to remind me that i need to think from now so as to have a kid in the next 3 years!

after V unlocks the car, and we're taking our luggage in... i very nicely offer to carry the laptop & my itsy bitsy haversack.
S: y are YOU carrying luggage? that's wot uncle V is supposed to do.

oh dear! wait till u grow up & learn the harsh truth!

on spotting V's sleeping bag in the car
S: where IS uncle V going?
me: DC. why?
S: he wud be staying at a hotel there, rite?
me: yeah?
S: don't they have beds there? why does he need a sleeping bag?

how do i explain to her that "uncle' V can't sleep without it. so we carry that sleeping bag everywhere we go?

A, my other niece, has her b'day in april. but she would also be celebrating it after her grand-parents come over in may. so when V asked her when her b'day was, she happily told him:
"in april. and then in may."

p.s.: S turns 7 in june. A will turn 4 in april. not may.


Fuzzylogic said...

V can't sleep without his sleeping bag even in hotels?I am also wondering about it like S:)
You ought to put up some pics of those two cute chattering kids!
LOL about S reminding you to get a bigger car,the kids these days are so very observant and smart:)
I hope little A enjoys her double birthdays!By the way you seem to have had a fun trip.

Noodlehead said...

hahaha...nice post! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

rayshma said...

no, no, fuzzy! we keep it in d car whenever we're going anywhere! in d hotel, he can sleep without it. at home, it's UNDER our lovely mattress! lol! i know, i shud make him chk out how quirky he is too!
yeah, i had a gr8 trip... days, evngs, nites.. completely busy! :) now, am chilling again!

hi noodlehead!
thx! hope to see u around more often..!

autogato said...

Thanks for stopping by. It looks like you too also face the same weird baby pressure. Grrrrrr..............

Stick with the red coupe. Say to hell with baby pressure!

Orchid said...

:), you back yet...looks like you had fun with the kids. I continue to have loads of problems with the computer and haven't been able to visit blogs :(

rayshma said...

heyy auto,
the pressure never ceases. 1st there's pressure to get married, then have a kid, then have another... i guess it just goes on! i've learnt to ignore it all & do wot suits best! :) hope to c u here more often!

i'm back! was in ur town y'day... was quite a sudden trip... but had awesome desi khaana! lol!
comp probs?! UGH!! hope u fix it up soon. any additions to the footwear collection yet?! :0)