Mar 4, 2007


i stand corrected!
the weekend, and mostly saturday, went off really well.

it was fun cooking up a proper 3-course meal! i'd never thot i'd say this, but it's true. i did enjoy cooking. maybe, i was in a good mood? or maybe, the fact that V helps cook makes it more of a bonding activity than mere cooking!

was fun to chat about any & everything, tease each other, joke about things we usually fight about, and in the process cook yummy food!

the evening went off quite well too. conversation was easy. we chatted about a range of things, from sports, to flags to different states in the US. i was actually surprised that it didn't seem like an effort. it was, honestly, effortless. and definitely non-superficial!

and i think, i'm opening up to his colleagues. better than i probably had before. it was fun to have them over. i still don't think i'm a very social person. but yeah, i do like having company to share some evenings with! guess next time onwards, i'll be a tad more open-minded to most do's.


Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

I have a feeling that your guests actually read your "saturday night fever" post before they reached your home and tried being more humane to you ... or probably as you said .. it was just that you were in a good socializing mood :-)

P.S : It isnt "anti"-social .. its "non"-social :)

rayshma said...

yeah, it does depend more on my mood. besides, when it's rare, i don't mind having ppl over. as i sed, it's bonding with V that was more fun than the actual entertaining.
i know my english - r'ber i beat u in the vocab test? i just prefer anti-social to non-social.

Kippie® said...

Hello hello... totally bored at work (am jobless) and what better way to entertain myself than read ur blog....:)

I soooo relate to this social thing ding... i am soooo anxi pre event and then ta da... more often than not it goes okay...

only in my case its throwing things fr my office ppl! hehhehe