Mar 6, 2007

verbal diarrhoea? me??

someone make me shut up! please! i mean, at times, when i think back on HOW much i can talk if i get started, i stun myself. but no, not into silence... into MORE talking! it's a condition that we used to describe as verbal diarrhoea, back when we used to bitch about our boss! never thought i'd be afflicted by it as well! now, i'm not against talking. i love good conversations. but my talking goes on to ranting. and without context. i have this amazing flair to go on & on about anything! if the topic in question is something i truly like, then may the lord bless the people around me. *or u guys, who read this blog, for that matter!* heeheehaahaahaa... *laugh that in the maniacal way that most sleazy bollywood villains do*

and rite now, i feel like ranting. i just got a call from a desi radio station. and while going through the process of what i thought was a content/media job, i lost focus. i don't know if it was listening to the desi voice at the other end *without a firang accent* or just the fact that he made pro-delhi & anti-bbay comments *of course, he didn't know my biases, did he!* that was all i
needed to get started. and we got into a debate on why he thinks delhi's intellectual, unlike b'bay *HIS views, guys, not mine.* during the course of the debate, or rather, what i thought was during the debate, i think HE lost focus! i heard him ask if i'd wanna audition as an RJ with them for a bollywood-based show. uh... i thought i heard wrong. actually, i thought he was making fun of me, now that he thought i was a b'bayite! *technically, i'm not!* so i sed "sure". having worked in a bollywood-related industry, i knew enough to talk for hours on the subject! so, i felt no harm in taking on the challenge! so he gave me situations & sed "present like u're on radio". i still have no clue why i did what i did or how i managed to do it. but yeah, it was fun! more so, coz i didn't really care whether this job went thru or not. so i did my thing. and i have to admit, i liked what i was doing. i was having fun. and as i sed, once i get started, it's hard to shut me up! so we went on for an hour... *that CUD be the longest i've spoken on the phone in a long, long time* with ME giving HIM situations & trivia and choosing songs i'd like to hear. and no, i did NOT choose only T-Series songs *hmph! there goes! i DO believe in quality of content.*

finally, i had to stop coz HE had to leave town for work *at least, that's what he told me!* before
leaving, he told me he'd get back to me with details next week when he got back. that was when it hit me! i hadn't realized that i'd just tried out for a job, and almost got it. i'd never spoken this way to an interviewer. never before had i really not cared whether i get the job or not. i just wanted to have a good, healthy argument. and, of course, win it! there're still a hell lot of technicalities to handle. like visa, relocation, package etc. so i really don't think this would signal the end of my unemployment. but well, was fun! it's good to know that i can find employment if i wish to. that, sed, whether i want it or not is the subject matter of another post!

now, i'm in talk-mode. and it's difficult to shut me up! so i better sign off before this piece exceeds the length of my entire blog!


Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!I think you would make an awesome RJ though:)I would not put down that trait of verbal diarrhoea this simply,afterall if we can talk about anything and everything I think that makes one a well rounded personality:)See I know because I am a fellow sufferer of the same!I won't be surprised if you do get a call back from that guy asking you to consider his offer.

rayshma said...

oh fuzzy, i'd definitely take it if i get it! :)) just that, to get a job is such a complicated process here! it's not just dependant on u getting thru! :( will do a post on similar lines soon...
as for being afflicted by verbal diarrhea? well... we aren't, are we...? ;) as for a rounded personality... if i don't get off my butt, i'm gonna be very well rounded very soon!
hope u've gotten a few rays of sunshine?

upsilamba said...

rayshma --
bloghopped to yours. was reading your post and was wondering if the said desi radio station is Salam Namsate 104.9 FM Dallas?

hope you get through. good luck,gal!

rayshma said...

heyy... hi!
thx for dropping by.. yeah, that's d one! i do hope i get thru too..:))
shall keep u posted!

Orchid said...

Yay! so you are moving to Dallas ?? You do know I live in Dallas right? and what slot was this for? I listen to it between 4.30 and 6....what a small world!

rayshma said...

hehe... not yet, orchid! :)
i guessed u live in dallas... i auditioned for the morng (8-10) and evng (6-8) slots... but i can't relocate at the package they're offering...:(