Mar 2, 2008

X's matrimonial quest...

a very good fren of mine is meeting this gurl on sunday. for matrimonial purposes. he was feeling nervous and thought i'd help him. i tried. really, i did.
excerpts of our gtalk conversation... X, of course, refers to my friend. he said i could reproduce the conversation provided i don't name him.

X: where do we go?
me: must be something around there, no? how can i tell u from here!?
X: there's a children's garden.
me: huh?
yeah, sure... go there... and run around the trees and sing songs also.
X: while we are there, we can discuss how many children we want also.
me: yeah, rite! also tell her this is what u do every weekend. then she'll want to marry u then & there.
X: what all will they ask me? u ask me now only.
me: can u cook?
X: yeah.
me: *evidently not knowing what to ask* can u sing?
X: yeah.
me: *hain? he can!?* achcha...?? toh gaana practice karke jaana! *eng translation: practice ur singing before u go.*
X: arre? NO! i am a car singer. i can only sing in the car. i will say i can't sing.
me: don't worry. u're quite marriage-material. u're also quite domesticated.
X: no, i am not.
me: ok... let's do a pop-quiz! *i'm so bright, eh!*
answer the following in yes or no.
a. u like partying every other night?
b. u get so sozzled on ur partying binges that u sometimes can't r'ber what or who u did d previous nite?
c. u would happily exchange ur car for a hot, sexy bike? *umm...I would do this*
X: no, to all. and i love my car. it makes much more sense than any bike. what all you ask!
me: there! see?
X: but i'm not domestic. i don't like to be at home.
me: ?? then where do u like being? *he's usually either at work, or home or in between*
X: outside.

long pause. while i wait for an explanation.

me: huh?
X: i like being OUTSIDE.

oh, well!
me: achcha listen... all sed & done, don't forget to get her number before leaving, okay?
X: number nahi dii toh?
*eng translation: what if she doesn't give it to me?*

if they do end up marrying each other, i'm gonna rag him for life with this!

p.s.: name shall be changed next week. no time for more today. keep them suggestions coming...:)


Solitaire said...

You know I just thought of an idea! Just like they have those sites which prepare you for job interviews, they should start a site where they prepare you for these meetings!!

alice-in-wonder said...

Heheh..poor fellow.

Oye..cheating! YOu say name change next week and then u go change it already. hmmphh.

What is to be the meaning btw? I is knowing only Indian languages.

Galadriel said...

Are you sure your friend is a HE? :P

Nice name, btw!

plush said...

hmm..why is everyone tryin to get married!n does it really work like this..all the q n a stuff?

Pavi!!!! said...

haha @ the conversation... so many of my frends too have this Q for me..what to talk , how to decide etc etc etc

Tagged..check my blog for details!

La vida Loca said...


Anand Sarolkar said...

U shld name your blog: "Rayshma ka Hungama"

~nm said...

Hahaha..what a counseling session!

Do write an update post on how the meeting went with your friend and the prospective bride :)

Swati said...

haha..that was so funny...:)
truly a marriage material :)

Aryan said...

you are so so funny..I am telling..I just couldn't stop laughing reading the conversation..
Aryan's mom

Lena said...

lolz, that was fun to read! loved it.. hope it went well still with him and her :D

you were not great help though :P

Ekta said...


rayshma said...

ekta: :) yeah, i have amusing frenz! :D welcome here... :)

lena: oh well, i tried.. shall check on how it went now! :D

aryan's mom: it's not me... it's my frenz! :D

swati: hehehe... hai na?! tell him this! :D

nm: shall do! :D provided he agrees to continue talking to me after all this blog exposure...;)

anand: i would've considered that a couple of months ago. but i'm now allergic to everything "hungama". i may do a post on why soon.

loca: hehee :D

pavi: do u have answers for them? i think i end up confusing them further! :D
TAG! wowie!! coming over asap!

plush: i think it's societal pressure, babes. marriage is a gamble, like life. wotever the process, there's never a guarantee. u have to work quite hard at making it work, u know...

galadriel: talk of blowing ur own trumpet, eh!? :P will do a post soon.
and YES, X is a he. why do u ask such q's? ;)

alice: hehehe.. sorry sorry...
arre didn't have time to explain or to edit... but liked name... will explain shortly..

solitaire: love d concept.... really :) u shud copyright it & monetize it... seriously.

Solitaire said...

How do I do that? Got no idea about what goes on in those meetings!

Thinking aloud said...

ha..ha...poor guy, he had to come to you for help? :-P

MAYG said...


I'm itching to find out what happened next... do keep us updated on any developments :D

TheKing said...

Whoz this poor soul who you tried to "help"? Actually, doesn't look like the "way" you can help sometimes..

This post will make me very conscious the next time I chat with u! :D

rayshma said...

mr king: u don't trust me at all! i'm very good at this, u know? :D u shud, in fact, let me know when u decide to tie d knot. think abt it! ;)

mayg: welcome aboard. he's denied me permission to blog anymore :D
but i think, someday, i will... :)

suma: hehhee... i'm good at such situations, u know! ;)

solitaire: oh i have friends who've gone through this. or are going through it... also, if it's online, there'll be a lot of people who'd be willing to come up & help...