Mar 28, 2008

april fool, ravan!

a VERY silly, and rather early April Fool to y'all!
thanks to and their awesomely creative team! i'm loving it!

p.s.: the video's in hindi. apologies if u don't understand the language. translation will completely kill the fun for those who do understand. mail me ur id, if u need a translation.


Lena said...

really very creative one :)
thanks for making me understand!! :)
i wish one day i would be able to understand more than just written hindi :) even know my knowledge of written hindi sucks too!

mayG said...

lol! where do they come up with stuff like this!

thanks for stopping by just to ask how im doing, rayshma u're the sweetest!!

yes i'm alive, only not finding the time to sit down and post. have been trying hard to keep up with the unread items on the reader but can't seem to get back with comments :/

hope to get back can't imagine how much your kindness meant.. bless u babes!

Nirmal's Blog said...

ha ha gud 1..

Suruchi said...

:) this one rocks!

Solitaire said...

too funny!!!!!!!!!

Monsieur K said...

rotfl :D

rayshma said...

suruchi: yeah. am i stoopid to feel proud for having worked with such folks?

nirmal: welcome aboard.

mayg: u can check the site at
i used to work there looonnggg ago... they're amazingly creative, aren't they! :0)
as for the blog, take ur time, gurl... as long as u're feeling better :)

lena: u're always welcome! u learning hindi IS impressive, u know! :)

rayshma said...

ketan, solitaire:
u can check the site for regular timepass. and ketan, u can actually participate... ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

hahaha..this was soooooooooo funny!

Prats said...

hey...this was cool....didn't expect Rakhi

Thinking aloud said...

HA..ha...that was so funny....

poor ravan ;)

TheKing said...

Creativity at its best!!

Madhumita said...

damn! i really need to learn hindi...iam gonna ask my wife to translate

rayshma said...

madhumita: welcome aboard! and sorry... i usually avoid posting in hindi.. but HAD to post this one!

king: i know. makes u feel arbitly proud, no? or maybe that's just me! :O)

suma: hehehe!!! :D

prats: kahaani mein twist!

pavi: thanks!