Feb 29, 2008

game to name...

i'm bored of the name of this blog. not the URL, just the name. it's too 'strange'.

and u folk who read this know enough about me and are intelligent enough to suggest them names. without options. u may give me options, however!

so, go on... i'm not going to blog till one of u suggests a name that'll make me go "why didn't I think of that?" & change this one immediately! if u want me to retain this name, please tell me why.

also, this would be a good opportunity for u to remain quiet if u don't really want me to blog anymore! :D


rayshma said...

someone who doesn't want their name - and hence, their comment - to be published - suggests "raison d'etre"
meaning: reason to be.
also points out the sounding-like ray... hmm.. we shall wait to see if anyone else reads this...
but, at least one person wants me to continue blogging! :) thanks, dude!

Preethi said...

hahaha.. I read this.. do you want to name it Urban Legends :P hehe!! You do know my brain is rusting away don't you?? I cant even come up with something interesting to blog about.. and now you want a name for your blog!! :) Keep blogging though..
Non creative blog names topping my mind now

Unchartered Waters (??)
Thoughts/ The Muse Unleashed
Dear Kyra (Kinda like Dear Abby)
and yeah Urban Legends.

Now I will go and think before I come up with a decent and more creative name!!

plush said...

hehe...don't think i can outdo preethi or the "one-cant-be-named" but here goes:
"Raysh says..."
"not so strange anymore!"
....like it? like it? hmm...ok..forget it...
(hey,i atleast tried "thinking" to keep u bloggin!)

alice-in-wonder said...

YOu've covered all bases, 'smart girl' that you are. There, that's my contribution without my thinking-cap put on.:P
But no...will let you know if i am able to think anything up. And hey, don't even threaten about not blogging!!

Galadriel said...

how about "My blog/journal/weblog with daily world news and thoughts from life!"? statistics say that will be an instant hit!

Galadriel said...

P.S: idle threats don't hold much water anyway. i'd like to see you stay away from blogging!

Thinking aloud said...

What a threat...culd u do it...tho..staying away from blogging...:D

i'll be nice and say 'perih teh thought!!!'

now to exercise those lil things they call grey cells...hmmmmmmm
okay, okay thinking...
how about?

Chatpata talkies!
Muses and thoughts..at the speed of light
Spicy..just the way i like it...
Girl unlimited...
rays of _________

phew...rayshma...will be back with more...the minute i get some caffeine cruising thru my bones...:D

La vida Loca said...

Strange Rayshma? :P
Tag lover?
Tag addict?
Drama Queen's Queen?

Solitaire said...

are u giving out any prizes?

rayshma said...

preethi also suggested the follg:
"sunny side up"
thought cauldron,
roses and marshmallows ,
twiddledums (I remember a nursery rhyme about this. do you?),
Rhymes and Reason.
"Tipsy Dooddlez"??
"Spice of life"
"Minty Fresh"

of these, all are open to consideration except tipsy doodlez & minty fresh.
d former bcoz i don't doodle while tipsy (;)) and the latter coz it makes me think of chewing gum... :D
as of now, in terms of sheer quantity & creativity... preethi's winning! :D

rayshma said...

anon 2 has suggested "soul curry".
explanation: *and i quote* "good for the mind & body. helps digest hot & spicy stuff. also, has roots in konkan & i think of u every time i hear/see it. think it goes with what u write."
my explanation: my mom makes excellent soul curry *or sol kadhi, hence d association with me. i don't know how to make it. but i LOVE d name. :)

alice also suggested:
the wild side of life' / 'marathi mulgi in american nagri' (teehee)/'daily destination one'/ 'non-intellectually challenged only' :P

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

I know i am late ... but still .. how about ... "Cynosure of Blogwood"

Solitaire said...

Khatti Meethi

Aryan said...

I really liked alice suggestion...marathi mulgi in americam nagri...
NOw what is the blog name atlast?
I would suggesting.."Vibrating and funny thoughts.".

rayshma said...

aryan: d name's too long, na?
name's 'qui vivra verra' :)

solitaire: hmm... interesting... prizes... well, i name my blog after the suggestion... wot better prize, eh?! ;)

sarfraaz: very flattering. for me. but no re, not true.

suma/galadriel: i'll blog in my private blog! :P hehehee!! :D

loca: strange rayshma? :D LOL! really? :D

plush: i do like. :)

alice: hehe.. i'm right here...! :)

preethi: gurl, u rock!! i mean, those resps... ALL of them... WOW!!! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

hey i want u to keep bloggin..only reason i dint comment was coz im just reading this post..was out of blogsphere for a while!