Mar 9, 2008

top 10

not been too well... and was tagged by a couple of u good folk there... since i'm running late on all of them... i'm doing this one tag. i think it covers almost all the tags i've been tagged with.

10 things you wish you could say to people right now (don't list names)

1. u need to pay me. NOW.
2. you're a liar. and a cheat. and u're bound to get what you've given around.
3. i wish you were here now.
4. no, i don't miss u. u're not that important!
5. oh c'mon! stop cribbing.
6. if u're so dissatisfied here, why don't u go back to where u came from!
7. learn to be happy with what u have.
8. for heavens sake! stop being caustic!
9. will u really never speak to me again?
10. i'm really really happy for you.

9 Things About Yourself
1. i am more human than i'm given credit for.
2. i am more intelligent than u think i am.
3. i adapt very easily.
4. i'm always content with what i have, but it doesn't stop me from knowing what more i cud do or learn.
5. i can't tolerate people who crib about everything.
6. i believe i was a cat in one of my nine lives.
7. i like bollywood music. and i'm not embarrassed to admit it.
8. i am good with words. and people. i just have to decide i want to be good.
9. i have one life. and i will live it my way.

8 Ways To Win Your Heart / Things that attract me to my best friends
1. a good sense of humour.
2. keep ur word. no matter what.
3. have the substance to justify your attitude.
4. have the ability to remain grounded no matter how much of god's gift to mankind they may be.
5. love food. or willingness to give me company while i eat
6. a strong sense of individuality
7. opinions. or/and the ability to have one's own mind. and use it.
8. love animals. or even better, have adorable pets.

7 Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot
1. is she/he getting what i'm saying?
2. am i in a soup. again..?
3. what do i feel like eating?
4. when will V graduate?
5. when we get doofus...
6. when will i get a job...?
7. will this work out...?

6 Things You Wish You Never Did
1. worked for hungama.
2. bite my nails.
3. peel skin off my lips.
4. argue with my mom.
5. give grief to people i don't like. it's not all their fault they're like that.
6. trusted the boss.

5 Turn-Off's
1. intellectual innocence.
2. hypocrites.
3. dishonesty.
4. attitude with nothing to justify it.
5. giving ur word and not keeping it.

4 Turn-On's
1. intelligence.
2. way with words.
3. good hands.
4. johnny depp.

3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. earn lots of money.
2. travel the world.
3. know that i was well loved by all who mattered to me.

2 Smileys that Describe You
1. :P
2. :0)

1 Confession
it is difficult to dislike me.


alice-in-wonder said...

ohh.."get well soon" wishes from me.

Aryan said...

Even I hate people who crib for everything..Nice to know more about you..

Galadriel said...

FINE, I'll come to TX, I didn't know you wished I was there and all. You're scaring me btw. :P

About your confession: I'm gonna try real hard. :D

Pavi!!!! said...

oh wooow.. An "All-In_One" tag! interesting!

Ps said...

Heh heh--loved the confession! Thi tag seems to be going around--and am happy that 'confession' is not shocking at all.
I too love animals,will go to great lengths to ensure I keep my word and hate arrogance/'attitude with nothing to show for it'
Cheers and have a great day.

Ps said...

And hey--I hate cribbers too.

plush said...

ahemm...ayeaye..(better learn late than never).

Thinking aloud said...

difficult to dislike u???? heh..heh...

but true!!!

i too peel skin off my lips...:( how gross is that!

and u sure do have a good sense of humor...overloaded in fact :)

nice tag!

MAYG said...

Do you still bite nails? I do.. and really want to quit.. any ideas how? I just don't try hard enough...

your pet tiger is SUCH A CUTIE :)

...hope you feel better soon!

Suruchi said...

hey!u want me to come to TX?? u take care babes!will call u today!! get well soon...the confession is genuine...and you have to xplain those smileys to people like...:D!

rayshma said...

suruchi: yeah, u come over to TX! :) i don't explain smileys anymore. 'A' doesn't speak to me anymore :'(. u pls don't even try to dislike me! :P

mayg: yeah, i do. it's not very severe, actly... so haven't tried to stop! :D
kyra purrs happily... she loves being complimented! :D and thanks, i'm feeling better already :)

suma: u TOO? eww! pls stop it... it's really gross! HHEHEHEE..
and of course it's difficult to dislike me... unless i want u to... ;)

plush: :P

ps: after this blog, there's precious little that i can shock anyone with! :D i think i'm gonna like u... :)

pavi: yeah... kewl, eh? :)

galadriel: :P u're a ditcher! :P
keep trying! then maybe i'll hv to poison u when u come over! ;)

AM: thanks :)

alice: thankee :)

La vida Loca said...

I loved it :)
Loved that u did NOT say anything about getting/being skinny :)

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

This post talks what Rayshma is. I am afraid I can never think much about me like this.

Swati said...

Hehehhehe..loved your confession :-)

RADhika said...

It is indeed hard to dislike you... ;)

ah oh, and turns on's :good hands?!?!?!

rayshma said...

radhika: :D
umm... yeah... clean, big, secure-looking hands... esp when the nails are cut well and are clean... i like men with hands like that... :0)

swati: hehe... thanks! :)

NSK: it's quite simple. u have to think u're a third person looking back on the person that is u.

loca: i've made my peace with my body! i think i'm okay for my age and activity levels! :D besides, there are so many things more important... :0)

DotMom said...

absolutely agree with the confession!