Mar 4, 2008

SWOT me, silly!

rather unusual tag. i remember orchid having done a SWOT for her blog long ago... and me having said i'd take it up someday... well, it took pavi to tag me to get down to it!

so here we go... a SWOT for my blog:

- the fact that u guys like to read what i write.
- it's written in simple, basic english. mainly, because i don't like using big words where not required. not because i have a limited vocab. :P
- from the feedback that i've got... the space makes you smile, sometimes think, sometimes worry. perfect formula for a bollywood pot-boiler, wot say?
- people who know me can say that it's written just the way i speak.

- the posts are becoming lengthier.
- i blog too often.
- some of the pieces come across as snooty. used to, rather. been a while since i wrote something really opinionated.
- tends to get too personal, at times.
- if i keep blogging abt my frenz, i'm worried they'll all disown me soon! :)

well, infinite. anybody & everybody who is a part of my life can and will be blogged about.

well, i'm temperamental. someday, i may just wake up and not want to blog anymore.

coming soon... pixie's tag of 8.


Pavi!!!! said...

hey thats simple n straight-forward! n SWOT of ur blog..naah i don mind at all. Thes tag thingys or blogs that matter are a fun thing to do in my no pushing down anything down anyones throat.
nice stuff!:-)

Galadriel said...

you left out 'i do wayyy too many tags'. not sure if that's a strength or weakness, really. :P

Pixie said...

Nice... :-)

alice-in-wonder said...

@galadriel: Threat, maybe? :P Kyun Rayshma...

Anand Sarolkar said...

U really r a TAG QUEEN!

RADhika said...

good SWOT.. :)
but blogs being lenghtier should not be ur weekness. we love your blogs, and that is your strength! :)

Mahogany said...

hey, longer and more frequent posts is NOT a weakness!

rayshma said...

mahog: :) i sometimes get bored reading my own long posts. so thot maybe, so do others! :)

radhika: thank u so much! :) that's really sweet! :)

anand: i know... wot to do...?

alice: thank d lord YOU aren't tag-married to me! :P

pix: picking it up?

galadriel: u do regret asking to be tagged, no? :)

pavi: thx! actly, i was confused... i thot u meant a SWOT for the blog... hehehe... my swot wud've been easier for me, actly! :D let's see will do it in a dry spell...

Preethi said...

hey writing frequently is not a weakness.. I love reading them.. so its a strength :)

Solitaire said...

Blogging too often is a weakness. Wonder what you think of me and my zillion blogs then!

And all those whom you know can and will be blogged about? I am afraid to meet you now!

Aryan said...

As preethi said..writing frequently is not weekness dear..I really enjoy your blog....after reading your post which is so different from other blogs (I mean I ususally vivit mommy blogs), I get to smile..
Aryan's mom

Lavs said...


Homecooked said...

Wow,great SWOT analysis :) And the posts becoming long..why is it under weaknesses?? Its definitely one of ur strengths.